Build Your Wardrobe Foundation With These Affordable Essentials From Amazon

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Your capsule wardrobe comes with free 2-day shipping.

Trends come and go, but over the years, we’ve learned certain styles have serious staying power. We’re talking white sneakers, blazers, and chunky sweaters — these are foundational pieces every wardrobe should have. Whether you’re creating a capsule wardrobe of only essentials or you use these basics to build upon the latest trends, you’ll find endless opportunities to wear that sleek black turtleneck or those simple gold huggie earrings. Not only can you reach for these reliable workhorses over and over again for years to come, but they provide the perfect foundation for days when you also want to experiment with trends (the ones you want to participate in, that is). 

While investing in your wardrobe is a practical (not to mention sustainable) approach to building your closet, that doesn’t mean you have to invest your actual life savings. No matter what you purchase, it’s always best to be thoughtful about your cost-per-use strategy. In other words, when you can, buy it for life. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised while pursuing Amazon’s vast style section and found fundamental fashion items that won’t empty your wallet. Think timeless coats, everyday accessories, and everything else you need to create a solid base.  

But Amazon can be an overwhelming place to shop, whether you’re looking for steals on Prime Day or scouring the reviews for a dupe to your favorite belt bag. We combed through the hundreds of pages to find deceptively affordable fashion staples that are so chic, you might confuse them for a designer item. Ahead, shop the very best wardrobe basics found on Amazon.

Double Breasted Trench Coat 


With style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Megan Markle both dedicated to the trench coat, it’s clear this design isn’t going anywhere, so it’s time you buy one for yourself. When do you really wear a trench, you ask? Well, unfortunately, thanks to climate change, in many regions the opportunities are endless. A little rain? Throw this coat on. One of those increasingly common chilly but not frigid winter days? This is the outer layer you need. It looks almost identical to its high-fashion inspiration but is listed at a fraction of the price. 

$55 at Amazon

The Drop Blake Long Blazer


A blazer  instantly makes an outfit look polished and put together. You can style it over a midi dress for work, elevate a pair of jeans, or wear it as a suit for when you want to deliver a powerful presentation. This style in particular has ten different colors and fabrics to choose from, with inclusive sizes ranging from XXS to 5X. The options are endless. 

$80 at Amazon

Levi’s Classic Bootcut Jeans


Finding jeans that make you feel comfortable and confident is a lifelong mission, but you might be able to end your search with this pair. Katie loves the timelessness of a bootcut fit, and this darker wash can be worn from day to night. Plus, you can trust Levi’s, technically the oldest denim brand to date, to know a thing or two about a good pair of jeans. 

$37 at Amazon

Ease into Comfort Bootcut Pant


Once you try on the aforementioned jeans, you’ll never want to take them off, but some days, you might have to because, unfortunately, not every occasion is denim-appropriate. On those days, a pair of soft slacks is a no-brainer. This pair has a flat front (in case you’re averse to the shape bulky pleats can create), comes in 15 different colors, and has a wide range of lengths. If a bootcut doesn’t suit you, there’s also a skinny fit available, too. 

$40 at Amazon

Casual Trousers with Pockets


Whether or not you’ve heard these specific brand of bottoms referred to as “errands pants,” you can probably guess what they are. In our humble opinion, everyone should own a pair. To us, errands pants toe the line between sweats and office-appropriate slacks, making them the ideal pant for that one time you dash out to the grocery store and bump into an always on-trend acquaintance. We think this pair nails that exact balance, and they’re made from an easy-to-wear linen blend.  

$34 at Amazon

Casual Long Sleeve Loose Fit Shirt


Button-down shirts have evolved beyond office-only attire. Sure, you can and should still don them to a client lunch, but you can also wear them more casually. So now your investment can work in two ways — as a top layer left open or a buttoned-up blouse. And at $18, it’s hard to say no to this one. Available in classic white and 14 other colors, it’s slightly more oversized for a modern touch. Layer it over a turtleneck for a put-together outfit, or toss it over a bathing suit as a classic swimwear cover-up. 

$22 at Amazon

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt


There’s something irresistible about the simplicity of a white tee. It’s genderless, versatile, and a comforting item to reach for when you’re struggling to create an outfit. This $12 pick is a must-have with over 10,000 reviews. The fabric’s weight helps it keep its boxy shape, and it’s not super transparent. Style it with jeans for a classic Americana look, or pair it with a silk skirt to create a carefree high-brow aesthetic.

$12 at Amazon

Flowy Midi Dress


For days when you don’t know what to wear, owning a comfortable and classic dress is a lifesaver. That exact dress might vary depending on your personal preference, but we think this number might work for the masses. Its wrap silhouette softly hugs your frame, and the neutral taupe shade complements most complexions. Reviewers do warn that it wrinkles pretty easily, so have a steamer handy before you get dressed for the day. 

$33 at Amazon

Elegant Vintage A-Line Dress with Pockets


We all know the power of a little black dress, so why not add this under-$50 option to your collection? This is the upscale equivalent of the “wear anywhere” dress above. Cut in a confidence-boosting A-line silhouette, reviewers praise this for its comfortable fit and airy fabric.

$32 at Amazon

Triple Zip Small Crossbody Bag


There are few items that are as universally accepted as a wardrobe basic as a black crossbody bag. The simple accessory has range, and depending on the style you choose, can present itself as a utilitarian accessory or a statement piece. For simplicity’s sake, we’re going for the former with this affordable bag. Made of softly structured faux leather, it’s a Goldilocks find that lands right in between too slouchy and too boxy.

$20 at Amazon

Madewell Transport Tote


Did you know you could buy Madewell on Amazon? We didn’t! But it was a pleasant surprise because we’ve been eyeing this leather tote for ages, we were just waiting for a free shipping sale. It’s thick, the durable fabric can withstand the most crowded of commutes, and the spacious bag can fit both your lunch and laptop. 

$198 at Amazon

Slip-On Sneakers


We all know the benefits of supportive walking shoes — here’s our roundup of the best walking sneakers — but not every day requires marathon-ready performance features. That’s where a classic white plimsoll comes in. This shoe can be worn with jeans or dresses, running errands, or out to brunch. Note that many customers suggest sizing up, as this pair tends to run small. 

$39 at Amazon

Clarks Linvale Jerica Pump


Regardless of where you stand in the heels versus flats argument, a “fancy” shoe exists for you. Yes, even those who avoid pumps at all costs (did you hear ballet flats are back?). If you land squarely in the middle, we found the right fit. This option has a low, thick heel that provides support while still feeling sexy. If you’re building your capsule shoe collection, opt for a neutral nude or black (or even a pattern in neutral hues), but if you’ve already got that shoe, the burnt orange suede will be a funky addition to any closet floor. 

$80 at Amazon

Amazon Essentials Cotton Bikini Multipack


The comfort of reaching into your top drawer and finding your favorite pair of underwear is unmatched. Finding a laundry-day-only style is the opposite. Make things easier for yourself and find a multipack you love so the chances of finding your best-fitting pair increase. This selection offers colors to go under any outfit and has over 134,000 rave reviews. We have a feeling your top drawer will be filled with these in no time. 

$14 at Amazon

Amazon Essentials Classic T-Shirt Bra


Speaking of underthings, let’s not forget about a great bra. A reliable, hardworking support system can be a bit of an investment — which we’re not opposed to — but this option rings in for the same price as a venti caramel macchiato. And don’t be surprised if you end up loving this $8 bra more than your more expensive ones. As one reviewer writes, it “creates good shape under clothes, has zero gaping, and is comfortable all day!’ 

$10 at Amazon