Partnering with KCM offers an invaluable association with a credible and revered voice whose appeal crosses generational, gender, partisan, and socioeconomic lines.

How KCM works with partners

  • Strategy-Setting and Insights

    We work with brands to define a shared purpose / purposes.

  • Content Creation

    We collaborate on custom content campaigns, from original short-form video franchises to full-scale documentary programs.

  • Media Partner and Influencer

    We amplify a brand’s purpose-driven messages through storytelling on our owned platforms (newsletter, podcast, social).

  • Distribution

    Our access and convening power allow us to create amplification and distribution strategies that full-service production companies, advertising, PR and media agencies cannot match — or accomplish alone.

Partnership Opportunities

Founding Partnerships

Katie Couric Media partners with a small group of brands through ongoing, annual relationships —Founding Partnerships — centered around developing content that amplifies each brand’s purpose-driven marketing goals.

We work with Founding Partners to define a shared purpose and amplify those purpose-driven messages through storytelling on our owned platforms. Leveraging KCM’s owned and operated platforms, such as its newsletter, social channels and podcast, as well as through the development of bespoke, original content concepts for digital distribution, KCM will amplify the Partner’s purpose-driven initiatives to a large, diverse and highly engaged audience.

Content Partnerships

KCM’s model is to partner with brands in an ongoing relationship to create and distribute purpose-driven programming over a one-year period. To give certain brands an opportunity to test the water with a smaller-scale activation, KCM can design a bespoke, project-based offering. These partnerships could have touchpoints in digital video, Katie’s newsletter, Wake-Up Call, as well as her social platforms.

Our Audience

Katie Couric’s reach spans generations, with a potential fan market exceeding 101M adults — Millennials, Gen X and Boomers. Her fans are highly educated, affluent, and reflect U.S. diversity.

Katie currently reaches this fanbase in a number of ways, including social channels, a daily newsletter, podcasts, third-party media distributors, paid and earned media and more.


“We value Katie’s approach to storytelling and have great respect for her journalistic capabilities. Ally signed on as an anchor partner for her Wake-Up Call newsletter because we share the same values. She always wants to focus on the silver linings — and, especially during COVID-19, she has turned her attention to stories of hope and perseverance, which aligns with how the Ally brand views the world.”

Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing Officer, Ally Bank

“A successful partnership starts with people who share a common vision and values. Katie and the entire KCM team lives the values of courage and integrity, two values very important at Sleep Number. We are proud to be a founding partner of “Wake-Up Call” – it has given us a new way to inspire and educate individuals about quality sleep and its impact on health and wellness.”

Kevin Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Sleep Number

“Creating content with news organizations enables marketers to convey points of view beyond what can be said in advertising alone. That’s one of the reasons we’re working with Katie Couric Media. Katie is a brilliant and courageous journalist, and together we’re creating stories that are more useful, interesting and inspiring for the consumers we serve.”

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble

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