How to Start the New Year With New Stuff!

illustration of a store open on new years day

Illustration by Giovanna Pineda/KCM

Believe it or not, there are loads of stores that will be open on New Year’s Day.

We all celebrate the new year differently — some of us stay up until midnight to cheers to a new beginning, others climb into bed early to start the new year well-rested, and some choose to start the new year with their favorite activities, like shopping.

If you’re someone who heads out on New Year’s Day to celebrate the start of a new year (and possibly a new wardrobe), you’re not alone. Turns out New Year’s is a great time to exchange holiday gifts that didn’t fit or aren’t your style, grab some post-holiday deals, and spend time with friends and family outside of the house.

Whether you’re looking to return an item, grab something on sale, or just browse stores to see what’s still available on New Year’s Day, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 10 stores that will be open, perfect for you and all your shopping needs. A small disclaimer though: Some malls are closed on New Year’s Day, so if any of the stores listed below are in your local shopping mall, check the mall’s hours first before heading out. Other stores may have reduced hours, so it’s always best to double check before assuming a store will be open during its normal times.

Stores Open on New Year’s Day 2022


Sephora will be open on New Year’s Day, so you can start planning your 2022 makeup and hair looks now. Whether you’re looking for the perfect lipstick or a new skincare routine, Sephora will have your back. Be sure to check with your local store to see what the hours will be though, as they may be different from normal operating times. We’ll be stocking up on our skincare favorites, like First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream.


Stock up on wardrobe essentials from one of our favorite basics brands. Not only can you get a white T-shirt and hip “mom” jeans that will last you a lifetime from Everlane, but you can snag boots or activewear, too.


The first step of fulfilling your New Year’s fitness resolution is to buy the gear you need, right? Stock up on all your gym and athleisure needs at Lululemon. Thankfully, you can try on those leggings you saw online in-store, so no need to worry about returning them in the mail if they aren’t the right fit. For what it’s worth, we’re big fans of the Invigorate Tights because they have pockets.


Looking to get lost in the best way on New Year’s Day? Head to your local Target. Not only will you be able to stock up on groceries while you’re there, but you’ll probably also find a new outfit, bag, book, movie, and Apple Watch. That is if you don’t get sucked into the home décor section for an entire eternity first. There’s just something about that place, isn’t there? Can Joanna Gaines do any wrong?

Outdoor Voices

For those looking to hit up the gym and start getting outdoors more in the new year, Outdoor Voices is a great one-stop-shop. From yoga pants to baseball hats, the brand has just about anything you could imagine you’ll need for your next adventure.


The whole family will find something at Walmart. Knock out your entire grocery and gift exchange list in one swoop at this place. Maybe you want to swap that TV you got for something bigger or just look into what’s on sale at your local store. Hours may vary from typical days, though, so be sure to check online before heading out to your closest Walmart. You’ll find us picking up some thank you cards to send out to all of our friends and family.


Treat yourself to a little something-something in the start of the new year at Nordstrom. It’s fun to browse their collections on a normal day, but at the beginning of the year, there’s something exciting about being able to see what’s trending and how to style it. Who knows, this could be the time to adopt the whole “new year, new me” thing if you find a piece you can’t go home without, like these fun yet practical Chelsea boots from Tom’s or these ripped jeans from Madewell.


Scoring major deals at TJMaxx is great any time of year, so why not start off the year on that kind of high note? If you were lucky enough to be given a gift card here during the holidays, we know it’s already burning a hole in your pocket. Have fun perusing the racks and imagining how amazing your couch will look with these new throw pillows all while saving some coin and (hopefully) getting yourself a gift or two.


Step into the new year in style — see what we did there? Allbirds’ sustainable shoes aren’t only extremely comfortable, but they’re pretty practical for everyday wear. They can be thrown in the washer when they get dirty, they’re made with eco-friendly materials like wool and eucalyptus, and they come in a variety of styles. If you’re all stocked up on sneakers, you could find some new digs at the store, too, like this cozy sweatshirt.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks will always feel like a magical place to walk into. Whether you’re on or off Fifth, chances are you’re going to find something luxurious the moment you set foot in the store. Even if you’re just browsing or looking for some style inspiration, Saks will be open on New Year’s Day so you can start the year off right. We can’t take our eyes off this fringed bag.


If you need to pick up some medicine cabinet essentials or pop in to replace your favorite mascara, most CVS stores will be open on New Year’s Day. Do call ahead to check the pharmacy hours at your local store before you try to pick up a prescription, though.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Looking to up your organization game after all the holiday madness? So are we. Head to the storage and organization section for all your bin and drawer needs. Last year, most stores were open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and they’re expected to do the same in 2022.


Want to get lost on New Year’s? Head to your local Ikea to wander through their newest room displays and gather some home inspiration for 2022. We can’t stop thinking about refreshing our living rooms at this time of year…


You probably got something from Macy’s for the holidays, and New Year’s Day is the perfect time to either exchange items or return them if need be. Stores will be open their normal hours on the first day of the year.


Forgot to pick up food for Fido during the holiday rush? Run over to Petco for a quick restock. They will be open their normal hours on the 1st, so no need to worry about making it in time. Maybe also pick up a toy or two for your furry friend while you’re there.


Two words: Kohl’s. Cash. Go out and score some major deals during post-holiday sales and with your Kohl’s Cash. Hours do tend to vary by location, so call your local store before heading out to be sure they’re open.


Snag essentials for your new year’s resolution on day one. Most stores will be open normal hours, but some may close early. You can pick up some weights for your home gym or refresh your activewear collection to start the year off right.