I’m Obsessed: Katie’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

Katie Couric surrounded by some of her favorite cooking tools

Cooking at home a lot lately? It’s time to grab these user-friendly tools.

If you’ve been a Wake-Up Caller from the beginning, you might remember that I used to do a series every Friday where I told you about what I was reading, eating, watching, and listening to this week. I missed doing that, so I wanted to share some things I’ve been really into lately. But we’re expanding the idea beyond food and entertainment to share even more of my current obsessions — including Instagram accounts I can’t stop scrolling and products I’m loving. 

In short, I’m obsessed! What have you been obsessed with lately? Write to me at info@katiecouric.com and let me know!

Fall is here, friends! The weather has turned crisp in NYC and it feels surprisingly nice, so I’m going to farmer’s markets and trying to cook some comfort food (see: my apple pie recipe!). To make all that cooking even simpler, I gathered up some of my recent Amazon kitchen purchases to gear up for the cooler months ahead.

Garlic Roller


I swear by this gadget — just put your cloves in the rubber tube (why does that sound dirty?), roll it on the counter, and the peel will come right off! It’s amazing, and you’ll save yourself from having flecks of papery garlic husks everywhere.

Mini Le Creuset Pot


Once that garlic is peeled, you can bake it in this mini Le Creuset dish, soaked in olive oil and rosemary. Can you say yum? It’s only $20, and you could pair it with a bag of nice salt as a hostess gift (see below), for all of your fall dinner parties.

Maldon Salt


Speaking of salt, years ago, Bobby Flay (name drop, LOL) gifted me a container of Maldon salt and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a finishing salt, so it’s best to use If you’re looking to stock up, I just bought this massive bucket, or you can grab a smaller size to gift to a friend.

Nut Chopper


I love nuts in salads, cookies, bars, and granola, and this handy device makes prepping them almost too easy. I’ve been dreaming of whipping up this pumpkin loaf and these granola bars, both of which would require some chopped nuts. I’ll make both and report back! 

Milk Frother


I’ve been trying to be better about making coffee at home — that habit is better for your wallet and the environment — and having a milk frother makes a homemade brew much more enticing. I’ve been adding cinnamon powder to my almond milk in the AM, and it’s a nice (and sugar-free!) treat.

Mini Crock Pot


My other fall resolution is to cook at home more often. It’s usually just Molner and me, so this mini crock pot is plenty big for the two of us. I love putting chicken breasts, salsa, black beans, and taco seasoning in the crock pot in the morning. And when we come home at night, we pour that delicious mixture over rice (I hope you all know about Trader Joe’s frozen bags of rice, which make life even simpler) and sprinkle cilantro and cheese over top at the end. It’s delicious — and good for you, too.