These Essentials Will Freshen Up Your Bed for the New Year

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Graphic by Giovanna Pineda/KCM

Time to live it up with new linens.

Everyone knows that the magic happens in the bedroom — and that magic is getting a full night’s sleep without any interruptions. While it’s extremely important to have a mattress and pillow that help you rest well, it never hurts to have a space that you actually enjoy looking at and crawling into after a long day.

Whether you’re looking to jazz up your own bedroom or redo a guest room, these suggestions will have you inspired. Something as simple as a new set of linens can totally change the way a room feels, making it more moody or cozy with an easy change of the sheets. Adding in throw pillows will add depth and dimension to a bed that feels flat or boring, and even draping a blanket at the foot of the bed can make things feel a little more luxe — without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re ready for a full bedroom overhaul, mattress replacement, and all, or just looking to spruce up your space in the new year, we’ve got you covered. From new sheets to cozy duvet covers to the best weighted blanket, these items will add some pizazz to your sanctuary.

Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt Set

brooklinen lightweight quilt set

Once you’ve made your bed, the comforter or quilt is the first thing you (or your guests) are going to notice, so why not splurge on something functional and beautiful? This set from Brooklinen is made with buttery soft cotton accented with hand-stitched details. It’s lightweight (and perfect for hot sleepers or warmer nights), but can also be layered atop blankets or comforters as an extra heat-holding layer for cooler nights. The set comes with a quilt and two matching pillowcases, so no need to go out and try to find ones that match.


AllModern Frances Lumbar Pillow

frances lumbar pillow

A throw pillow can add a little pizazz to a plain old bed, even if you don’t end up opting for new bedding. This lumbar pillow has a longer shape than your regular old decorative one, giving you some back support when you stay up late reading or scrolling on your phone. The cover is removable, too, so you can easily wash it to freshen it up when needed.


Pliner Queen Tufted Upholstered Storage Platform Bed by Wade Logan

storage bed frame

No matter how many times you purge your linen closet, sheets and towels just seem to find a way to pile up. If you’re short on space, a storage bed is a great option for putting away those items that just float around your home. Maybe you need somewhere to store your winter wardrobe, or maybe you just want to keep your linens in your bedroom. This upholstered frame has four drawers (two on each side), giving you plenty of space for whatever you may need to keep under there.


Buffy Cloud Pillow

buffy cloud pillow

We’re begging you: Please get rid of your old, yellowing pillows and opt for something that’s more supportive. Waking up with a stiff neck is never fun, and your pillows are most likely the culprit. Buffy has created a line of pillows that are soft as clouds. There are three support levels to choose from (soft, medium, and firm), and the filling is made from recycled plastic bottles. Who knew trash could be so comfy?


Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket

white blanket folded

There’s something about the effortlessness of linen that we’ll never get over. This blanket from Parachute is equally as beautiful draped over the edge of your bed as it is wrapped around you while you sit on the couch. It’s definitely thinner than a fleece blanket, but the quadruple-layer weave will still keep you nice and cozy without feeling weighed down.


Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover

brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover

If you’re looking for a simple upgrade to your bed, look no further than a new duvet cover. Simply tuck your old one inside and it’s good as new! This cashmere one from Brooklinen is oh-so-soft and comes in four different neutral shades that’ll go with just about any accent color.


Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

You’ll get a good night’s rest knowing that these sheets are soft on your skin and on the environment. Made from 100 percent bamboo, these sheets are naturally cooling and hypoallergenic. They take 500 times less water than traditional sheets do to manufacture, and they’re even OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that the materials used to create the sheets are free of harmful substances (like certain dyes or bleaches used on the fabric). Did we mention they’re also silky soft? You’ll have a hard time climbing out of bed each morning once you put these bad boys on.


Parachute Shearling Pillow Cover

Shearling Pillow Cover

Another easy refresh hack? Swap out the covers on your decorative pillows. Not only will it save you from having to buy all new throw pillows, but it’ll save you the cost of all new bedding, too. This shearling option from Parachute is über soft (made from 100 percent wool!), and comes in sizes for a standard decorative pillow and lumbar pillow. You may not even want to toss this off your bed at the end of the night — dare we say it’ll help you count sheep?


Bearaby and S’well Weighted Blanket Bundle

s'well and bearaby blanket bundle

If you haven’t tried a weighted blanket yet, there’s no time like the present. They are exactly what they sound like: a blanket that is weighted to help ease anxiety and help you fall asleep more quickly. They work by lightly pressing on your body, which helps calm you down, similar to how a hug feels. This one by Bearaby comes in a beautiful dusty rose and cream color, with a velvety-soft texture. It’s actually made from recycled polyester, which is knitted into a blanket. Because there are no glass beads, the blanket is silent, too — no more hearing those glass beads clank around any time you move.

The set comes with a 25-ounce water bottle by S’well in a limited-edition pattern, which is infinitely reusable and will keep your drinks cold for hours on end. There’s also a little sling to keep your bottle in for easy carrying, too.

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Linenspa 3-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper

linenspa mattress topper

Mattress just a smidge too firm? Consider adding a memory foam topper to soften it up. It’ll add a nice, soft layer to the top of your bed, and it’ll contour to each and every curve of your body. This one, which is infused with gel, is also cooling and breathable. It comes with a cover that will secure it to your mattress, too. On Amazon, it has over 12,000 five-star ratings and it rings in at under $100 for a queen topper. That’s all the proof we need!