Need a Hug? Try a Weighted Blanket

Good luck getting out of bed after you buy one of these!

There are few things more comforting than the tight embrace of a weighted blanket. 

Heavy bedding has been used for decades as a therapeutic aid for children with developmental disorders like autism and ADHD. But in recent years, researchers have been studying whether they can provide any benefits for adults. There’s some evidence it may actually help treat insomnia and anxiety, and can contribute to a sounder night of sleep. One study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders in 2015 found that participants reported less tossing and turning while cocooned in a weighted blanket and felt more refreshed in the morning. Subjects in a 2006 study reported feeling less anxious after a night under a 30-pound blanket. 

Even if you’re not a restless sleeper, weighted blankets are just cozy. They feel like being wrapped tight in a hug for the duration of the night — and make the perfect gift for even the toughest people to please.

That’s why this once uncommon sleep aid has gone mainstream. There are now a ton of options out there from startups like Gravity that specialize in the product to popular mattress brands like Sleep Number and Casper. Most weigh in at between 10 to 20 pounds and are filled with tiny plastic pellets. They come in several sizes too — from a single-person throw blanket up to a king-size comforter — and are made from a whole range of materials. 

We looked at the affordability, comfort, and elegance of products across the market to pick some of our favorites. Whether you’re searching for a weighted blanket under $100, something safe for children, or something stylish for your bedroom, we’ve got you covered!

10 Best Weighted Blankets

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Baloo Living

This best-seller runs in a throw all the way up to a king-size. Its exterior is 100 percent cotton and breathable, which means you won’t overheat overnight.

$179 at Baloo

Bearaby Cotton Napper


Bearaby’s chunky knit weighted blanket is super soft, and unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t contain any fillers. It also looks great on a couch, bed, or just about anywhere in the house!

$249 at Bearaby

Layla Weighted Blanket

Layla Sleep

This blanket has a cotton exterior on one side and a plush, “mink-like fur” that’s oh-so-cozy. It’s also easily machine washable!

$89 at Layla Sleep

Jennifer Adams Premium Weighted Blanket

Jennifer Adams

This option from Jennifer Adams contains glass beads segmented into sections to keep the 15 pounds of weight evenly distributed, and it comes with a washable cover in the brand’s super-soft Lux fabric.

$122 at JA

Luna Weighted Blanket


Luna’s blanket is available in several different sizes, weights, and colors (with some cute patterns that are perfect for kids). And at $85 for a queen-sized comforter, it’s a great, affordable option.

$85 at Amazon

Gravity Weighted Blanket


Gravity makes one of the most popular weighted blankets. It has a fleecy cover that’s machine washable, and comes in a variety of different sizes.

$250 at Gravity

True Temp Weighted Blanket


Sleep Number’s weighted blanket promises to give you that snug, secure feeling without making you uncomfortably warm. It also comes with a removable cover that’s easy to wash.

$200 at Sleep Number

Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

This has the look and feel of a classic comforter, with a luxurious 400 thread-count exterior for a silky feel. It’s available as a 15-pound twin-size, a 20-pound queen-size, or 30-pound king-size.

$249 at Brooklinen

Casper Weighted Blanket


Casper’s blanket has a breathable fabric to keep you cool through the night. 10-pound, 20-pound, and 30-pound blankets are available, and are now 20 percent off!

$99 at Casper

L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Cotton Weighted Throw


Glass beads can be on the noisier side, but they are the only material that can conform to your body’s curves. Made with an ultra-soft cotton cover, this weighted blanket comes in 15- and 20-pound versions, both of which are machine washable (but be careful — that’s a lot of weight in your washing machine!).

$109 at L.L.Bean