We Found Everything You Need to Work Out During the Winter

Winter Workout Clothes

Graphic by KCM

Don’t let the cold hold you back from getting your sweat on.

The hardest part about working out isn’t always the exercise itself. You’ve probably at some point in your fitness journey heard a grateful workout instructor say that getting there is half the battle. The first hurdle consists of getting dressed and delivering yourself to the gym or your in-home exercise nook. And when frigid winter weather sets in, convincing yourself to change out of your warm and comfy clothes to squeeze into a sports bra or running tights can become twice as hard. But what if getting dressed to workout was fun enough that you actually wanted to go for a run, head to pilates, or take a hike, no matter the weather report?

Winter workout clothes can be more than just that sloppy sweatsuit from your college track days. Upgrading your workout wardrobe with new winter-appropriate fitness gear not only braces you for the elements outside, but it helps improve your performance. Plus, who doesn’t love the thrill of new clothing?

No matter if you’re a trail runner, gym class goer, casual hiker, home gym rat, or avid cyclist, we’ve rounded up some of the best winter workout clothes that will actually make you excited to put on your outfit and get your heart rate up.

Best Winter Workout Leggings

Alo High-Waist Warm Airbrush Leggings

Alo Yoga

Sliding into a pair of leggings for a workout (or anything) is almost habitual, but don’t just grab the pair on your chair — certain fabrics won’t keep the cold out. Alo Yoga’s newest style provides the warmth needed without restricting your movement thanks to a brushed interior lining.

$75 at Alo Yoga

lululemon Keep the Heat Thermal High-Rise Tight


lululemon knows a thing or two about leggings. These wool blend tights maintain all the functionality of the the thinner leggings the brand is famous for, including sweat-wicking technology. They dry quickly, regulate temperature, and keep you warm even when wet, so you have no excuse to skip leg day. 

$128 at lululemon

BALEAF Fleece Lined Winter Leggings


Even if you’re just heading out for a brisk walk, the wind can really chill you to the bone. Fleece-lined leggings can keep your thighs from freezing while you take a quick loop around the block or run in the park. A high waist will keep you feeling compressed and supported, while the pockets keep your phone and other necessities in place.

$34 at Amazon

tentree InMotion High Rise Leggings


tentree’s standout leggings are great for anyone who tends to overheat while running, but can’t quite brave sub-40 temperatures in shorts. They’re breathable and super stretchy while staying opaque, and their high waist ensures they’ll stay up no matter whether you’re doing yoga, walking the dogs, or going for a run. They come in a 7/8 length as well for a shorter fit.

$58 at tentree.

Best Winter Workout Tops

Icebreaker Oasis Long Sleeve Merino Wool Base Layer Tee

How is it on the most frigid days of the month that we feel most motivated to work out? A strong layering regimen will prevent weather from raining on your parade. Start with this thin light layer that packs a warm punch thanks to its merino wool foundation.

$105 at Nordstrom

32 Degres Lightweight Base Layer Crew Top

32 Degrees

Whatever feature you’re looking for in a workout top, you’ll find it in this one: It’s moisture-wicking, it can handle the toughest exercises, it’s anti-odor and anti-pilling, and it’s $8. We’ll take one in every color, please!

$8 at 32 Degrees

Uniqlo HEATTECH Cotton Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt


Be warned: Uniqlo’s Heattech collection is known to keep you so warm, you might sweat just standing around. Made of an insulating, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and shape-retaining material, it’ll be what you reach for time after time through the coldest days, whether you’re working out or not.

$25 at Uniqlo

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer 1/4 Zip


Katie Couric Media’s commerce manager Justine Carreon relies on this layer for brisk evenings when camping or backpacking. It’s made of 100 percent merino wool, which magically keeps you warm on cold nights, but cool on hot days.

From $102 at Zappos

Women’s 2 Pack Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Baselayer Tops


Get a two-for-one deal with this set. Both shirts are made of a thermal tech fleece that will keep you toasty, but they also feature a compression fabric that will support you through any high-intensity workout.

$28 at Amazon

CALIA Women’s Performance Cropped Cardigan


Now that it’s getting cold in many parts of the country, even working out indoors in a tank is difficult. Let us introduce you to the exercise cardigan. We know, it’s a weird concept. But it just might work! This one from Calia is fitted and stretchy, two qualities that make great exercise apparel. It’s also moisture wicking. What else could you want in a workout top? It might feel weird to cover up in a class with a cardigan, so if anything, this item is the ultimate pre- and post-workout accessory in the winter.

$45 at Dick’s

Best Winter Workout Outerwear

Arc’Teryx Norvan LT Hoody


If you take winter workouts seriously, you might want to invest in a piece from Arc’Teryx. The brand is known for creating top-quality cold weather gear made to last a lifetime. This lightweight jacket is made of a GORE-TEX shell, so you can venture out for both trail runs and high-output mountain activities regardless of the conditions outside.

$500 at Arc’Teryx

Athleta Altitude Polartec Half Zip Sweatshirt


Polertec insulation fabric was designed to stand up to nasty weather that wants to interfere with your plans. This jacket is exercise-friendly but versatile and comfy enough to wear on days when the weather has successfully sullied your good mood and you’ll be skipping the workout.

$90 at Athleta

North Face Women’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE Full-Zip Hoodie

The North Face

Despite its innovative technology to optimize your body temperature, this fleece jacket weighs next to nothing. Use it as a base layer for a walk or a top layer on a run. It can also pack down easily into a bag if you want to take it with you on a hike.

$149 at North Face

Lululemon Another Mile Vest


The bulk of a jacket can make running uncomfortable. In those cases, try a quilted vest. The sides of this punchy lululemon style are made of stretch knit, so you’ll be able to move with ease.

$168 at lululemon

CALIA Women’s Puffer Vest


Speaking of vests, they also make great companions for that transition to and from your workout class when you know you’ll be working up such a sweat that a full coat will be too heavy to put on after. This one is surprisingly soft, is water-repellant, and comes in fun colors, making it a must-have winter accessory, regardless of your fitness plans.

$99 at Dick’s

Best Winter Workout Accessories

lululemon Run for It All Beanie


If you’re a runner, you know the longterm affects of not protecting your ears on a cold day. That pain can linger long after you hit the finish line. Keeping your ears warm on a winter run is essential — this water-repellent beanie lined in brushed fleece will do the trick, and then some.

$38 at Lululemon

Lululemon Run for It All Gloves


The absolute same can be said for your hands. If you’ve ever forgotten your gloves when going out for a walk or jog on a crisper than expected day, you know the discomfort of trying to get a good stride going with your hands in your pockets. And once you try on that lululemon hat, you’ll be saying, “I wish they made this in gloves.” Luckily, they do, and they feature the same technology as the matching hat.

$42 at Lululemon

Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks


Avoid cold toes and sweaty feet with merino wool socks, which will balance and control the climate within your shoes. This set boasts over 17,000 positive reviews, so you can trust that your next winter hike will be a breeze.

$20 at Amazon

Bombas Antelope Heavyweight Merino Wool Ski & Snowboard Sock 3-Pack


For snow sports, you don’t want to wear just any old pair of socks: Thin or cheap socks will lead to frozen toes that you won’t be able to easily warm up unless you miraculously find taking off those boots a breeze. This extra warm set from Bombas is made for more intense winter athletics with pro-level full cushion performance intended to support you, but are cute enough for your après ski look.

$90 at Bombas

On Running Cloud 5 Waterproof

On Running

If you plan on running or trekking to the gym come rain or snow, you’ll definitely need a waterproof sneaker. But, we don’t blame you for cringing at the idea of exercising in anything but your favorite sneaks. That’s why beloved brand On Running re-engineered their most popular shoe in waterproof materials.

$170 at On Running

Winter Fleece Neck Gaiters


Neck gaiters are like scarves without the hassle. These two are double-layered, promise to stay in place, and can cover your neck and face, making them a match for frigid temps in the snow or on the slopes.

$17 at Amazon

Ugg Ultra Mini Classic Boot


You wouldn’t wear Uggs while working out, but in case you’re heading to a yoga class, there’s nothing better than having something easy and cozy to slip into on your way home. And now that it’s getting darker earlier and dreary days are ahead, why not go for a fun color?

$140 at Nordstrom