Viral TikTok Fashion Trends You Can Easily Work Into Your Wardrobe

images of clothes collaged over a purple and green background.


We scoured the social media app’s style selection so you don’t have to.

Over the past few years, TikTok has cemented itself as a social media behemoth that churns out every type of content you could ever desire. Sure, you can find comprehensive videos breaking down very serious subjects like social justice discourse or harmful trends, but that’s not required. In fact, each TikTok user’s algorithm is eerily specific to their wants and needs. If you desire, you can fill your feed with hours of relaxing content like healthy recipes, trending food hacks, or comedy. Or, you can go shopping.

To start out, it’s important to note that TikTok brought upon the rise of highly specific aesthetics — often called microtrends. These are phenomena like Cowboycore, Clean Girl, or Vanilla Girl that all belong under the overall umbrella of trending fashion but can feel as intimidatingly precise as a uniform. However, you really don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on new duds to completely transform your style. Instead of adhering to the Gen Z-dictated guidelines of one aesthetic, you can take inspiration and pull from the different trends that make you feel happy.

To spare you some time, we dug through TikTok to find fun fashion pieces that are trending around the platform. Some of these styles may have been introduced by a microtrend, but there’s no pressure to toss out old favorites and upend your whole life. Instead, adapt these trends to your current wardrobe to liven up your style.

Pattern Claw Clip


It seems like 2022 was the year of the claw clip, and we’re excited to say that the momentum isn’t dying down anytime soon. We love that these accessories give your hair a little oomph while still fulfilling a practical purpose — plus, they’re magnificently budget-friendly. Playing around with clips of different colors and sizes is fun, but you also can’t go wrong with this sleek, black option.  

$10 at Ulta

UGG Women’s Classic Mini II Winter Boot


We’ve previously written about our love for Uggs and we’re happy to sound off even more. The famous footwear is plush, durable, and surprisingly versatile despite its very distinct look. Though they’re a hallmark of the early 2000s, Ugg boots have been enjoying a recent resurgence among people of all ages. If you’re not sure how you want to use your Uggs — will they be a house slipper or an outside shoe? — we recommend starting off with these classic minis that can be both. 

$89+ at Amazon

Eva Arizona Birkenstock Sandals

Free People

Because we’ve collectively gained an appreciation for cozy footwear, the iconic Birkenstock has taken over TikTok. We’re thrilled because these sandals are notoriously comfy (once you wear them in), long-lasting, and lend a certain effortlessness to any outfit. Because the brand is so established, you can find a pair in pretty much any color or style you can imagine. We like the Eva Arizona style because they’re waterproof so they’re suitable for pool or beach outings.

$50 at Free People

Gem Drop Anklet Set


The anklet is a trademark piece of the recent Coconut Girl aesthetic. OK, the term Coconut Girl sounds…absolutely ridiculous, but the style itself is pretty charming. The Coconut Girl wears casual styles that are reminiscent of sand and surf — she’s basically the coastal grandma’s sunny, carefree niece. The point is to integrate a beachy tone into your wardrobe, which can be wonderfully invigorating if you tend to wear more serious styles. The anklet is a perfect piece to try out since it’s low commitment and can be worn even if you don’t literally live in a tropical paradise.  

$10 at Target

Noni Hand Knit Crochet Poncho

Free People

The Coconut Girls are endlessly ambitious it seems, because they’ve also been able to popularize crochet in a big way. While many viral crochet outfits are extra skimpy and form-fitting, you can still integrate that inspiration into any wardrobe. We love this poncho because it’s bright, eye-catching, and a little retro, but can also work as a layering piece over cold-weather clothes. Reviewers say they receive endless compliments when they step out in this: One buyer says, “I feel like a celebrity.”

$198 at Free People

Mini Vertebrate Drop Earrings


Speaking of the sea, 2023 is poised to be the year of Mermaidcore. How is Mermaidcore different from Coconut Girl, you ask? Mermaidcore is inspired by the iridescent materials and dreamy colors found within the sea. Is the distinction between these trends blurry? Yes. Are they still deliciously fun? Also yes. And we love that the mermaid influence means pearls are beginning to have a big moment. If you feel like splurging, these dazzling drop earrings will look trendy over the next year but are also so classic they won’t go out of style once Mermaidcore floats off into the sunset. 

$375 at Nordstrom

Set of 2 Imitation Pearl Necklaces


If you want to dip your toe into the pearl world, these necklaces are far more affordable but still totally glam. Buyers can’t get enough of this set, saying that “the gold accents go perfectly with the pearls and you have enough adjustable room on both necklaces to hang them as high or low as you’d like.”

$75 at Nordstrom

Sequin Midi Skirt


Since mermaids are beginning to have a bit of a heyday, sequins have started popping up everywhere. After all, the shimmering discs of plastic do resemble scales. Sequins aren’t for everyone, but if the maximalist opulence makes you think, I wish I could wear that, we’re happy to remind you that you can! In the “go big or go home” spirit, we’ve been eyeing this absolute show-stopper of a skirt. The dramatic length is sure to turn heads while the rich pink color complements a huge variety of skin tones. 

$84 at Nordstrom

Notice Mary Jane Platform Pump


If you’re allergic to all things nautical, there are plenty of trending items that don’t involve the ocean. Lately, chunky, strappy heels have been especially popular on TikTok. The source is the grand millennial trend, which favors heightened femininity, luxuriously soft fabrics, and pastel colors. As the trend has risen in popularity, more people have begun investing in pretty, pastel Mary Janes. The straps add a delicate touch while the block heels add some stability for those of us who are nervous about reembracing heels after years of comfy quarantine.  

$100 at Nordstrom

Washable Silk Skirt


Along with the aforementioned unapologetically feminine fabrics, rumor has it that maxi skirts will have a moment in the sun in 2023. If you want to try both trends, this silk piece is the best of both worlds. The shimmering texture and dreamy length lend this skirt a soft, fluttery look, but it’s also easy to layer. Plus, you can skip the dry cleaners and wash it at home. 

$60 at Quince

Women’s Ziva Pleated Balloon-Sleeve Top


If you love the romantic theme of these trends but just want to pair something simple with jeans, this lush top is calling your name. The color and cut are subtle (without being boring) while the balloon sleeve adds an air of glamor.

$88 at Macy’s

Kennedy Flats


If you’re not into heels, we have revolutionary news for you: Thanks to the combined influence of coquette and ballerinacore (and yes, that aesthetic is exactly what it sounds like), flats are officially back. We all got burnt out on these in the early to mid-2000s, but enough time has passed that we can admit they were a cute balance of comfy and chic. When rebuilding your flat collection, we’d argue that a basic nude is the best starter shoe. We love this pair because you can choose from 10 different shades.    

$235 at Kahmune

Leg Warmers


The rise of ballerina influence is bringing back a long-lost layering piece that many of us have missed: The classic legwarmer is here again and we’re happy to have a handy sporty yet feminine accessory on deck. Buyers of all sizes say this pair doesn’t sag — even during ballet workouts (those are optional, by the way).  

$12 at Amazon

Aritzia Refined Cargo Pant


For the past year or so, Aritzia has arguably become the unofficial retailer of TikTok. The brand churns out sumptuous basics that people love across subcultures. If you want to try out trending fabrics in office-ready silhouettes, this pair of trousers will lend your look a luxe mystique that polyester lacks. 

$148 at Aritzia

Motorcycle Jacket


A lot of these trends lean toward a delicate sensibility that some of us don’t love. But edgier trends are emerging as a counterbalance. Namely, indie sleaze is rearing its scruffy head. Indie sleaze is a repeat of the grungier street styles of the 2010s. Since indie sleaze was born during recession years, the styles revolve around fairly trend-resistant, versatile pieces like t-shirts and jeans. A crucial indie trademark is the classic, leather moto jacket that will perfectly top off any of your throwback looks.

$150 at Quince

GAP Flannel Big Shirt


If you’re interested in playing with that indie sleaze influence, you can’t go wrong with a plaid flannel shirt. This quintessential layering piece is warm, easy to pair with other separates, and lightly oversized without being sloppy.

$34 at GAP