Katie Whips up a Butter Board, the Perfect Snack for Your Next Houseguest

Katie Couric makes a butter board


It’s unique, flavorful, and simple to execute.

Got someone coming over who you’d love to impress with your culinary skills? Katie just put together a unique and delicious treat in basically no time, and it’s the perfect menu item for whoever you’re hosting — as long as they’re big fans of butter!

That’s right: It’s a butter board. But butter is just the base of this interesting snack, which is then topped with lots of other goodies to add texture and flavor. We’ll run through all the details in just a second, but you can watch Katie make it herself (and give us her opinion on the final product) in this video that she posted to her TikTok account:


I saw @Justine Doiron ‘s butter board and I had to try it (but had to make it a little more savory!) 10/10 🧈 #butterboard #foodie #cooking #kitchen #foodtiktok

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She got the idea after watching this video from Brooklyn-based cook Justine Doiron, who you may already follow. (Her lip-smacking creations are also on Instagram.) The idea of a butter board is new to most of us, but Doiron has high hopes for the trend, as she explains in her initial video: “I want to make them the next charcuterie board — not to usurp charcuterie, but maybe a little bit.”

Like any great board, this one is totally customizable based on your tastes. In Katie’s version, she starts out by spreading the butter on the board, followed by frying a batch of prosciutto until it’s crispy. Then she sautéed garlic and a few herbs, chopped radishes, and assembled it all together in one delicious-looking spread. The last step is toasting bread for dipping, then chowing down on your masterful creation.

We know that “stuff on a bed of butter” isn’t everyone’s idea of a perfect snack, but for those of you who are interested in giving it a try, let’s find out what Katie thought.

“That is damn good. I love all the herby, smokey goodness, and the radishes give it a bit of a brightness,” she says. “Every bite presents a new taste sensation.”

Well, that settles it — we are so in. And while Katie’s instructions couldn’t be simpler to follow, if you’re looking for more detail about how to execute this feast, you can get Justine Doiron’s full instructions right here. (And for what it’s worth, Doiron herself was pretty impressed with Katie’s take! She left this lovely comment on Katie’s TikTok video: “The fact you made this 😭😭😭😭💞💞💞”)

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