Seven Winter Boots That Are Both Fashionable and Functional


We’ve rounded up our favorite snow and rain boots to get your through the harshest winter weather

For better or for worse, winter is here and it’s not going away anytime soon. We at KCM believe that even if you’re trudging through snow, wading through rain puddles, or bracing yourself against the coldest of winter winds, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love the shoes you’re wearing. So, we rounded up the cutest and comfiest women’s all weather boots for this season — and we guarantee there’s a pair on here that everyone will love!

#1 Blundstone Chelsea Heeled Boots

Blundstone Boots

If you know anyone who owns Blundstones, you’ve probably heard them rave that they’re the absolute best winter shoe. We love this pair, which is a sophisticated take on their classic Chelsea rain boot. These are great for the days when you want to look perfectly polished, even if you know you might step in a puddle. 

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#2 Cougar Vanetta Weather Boots


Who says your winter boots can’t have a pop of color? We love these boots in pink — the fur will keep your feet  toasty while the color will remind you of warm, sunny days ahead. Plus the 1.5” sole will give you just the right amount of lift to hop over any snow drift that comes your way.

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#3 Jeffrey Campbell Hydra Platform Waterproof Chelsea Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Rain Boots

These are the cutest classic chelsea boots we could find for the boot buyer on a budget. They’re waterproof, they’ll match just about anything in your wardrobe, and for just under $40, the price is unbeatable. 

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#4 Sorel Kinetic Caribou Boots

Sorel boots

These are, hands down, the coolest snow boots we’ve ever seen. Whether you’re on your way to spend a chilly afternoon at Prospect Park in Brooklyn or strutting down the grocery store aisles in the suburbs, people are going to be stopping you to ask “WHERE did you get those shoes?” 

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#5 Women’s Bean Boots, Shearling-Lined

LL Bean Boots

There’s a reason why L.L. Bean has been around for more than 100 years — their classic Bean Boots never go out of style. This shearling lined style might be a little pricey, but trust us, you’ll have these boots forever, and you’ll wear them forever.

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#6 DKSUKO Women’s Waterproof High Top Rain Shoes


Do you live in your sneakers, even if it means coming home with soaked feet on a rainy day? Then have we got good news for you… for under $30, DKSUKO makes a pair of rubber rain boots that will delight even the most avid sneaker fan. They come in either high tops or low tops and a variety of colors, so you can keep your feet dry without compromising your personal style. 

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#7 Hunter Roll Top Sherpa Boot


If you’re looking for a rain boot that won’t turn your feet into popsicles in the cold weather, then look no further than the Hunter Roll Top Sherpa Boot. They’re made of the same natural waterproof rubber as the classic Hunter Boot, but the thermal fleece lining is made to withstand temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit. And just in case you get hot… you can just roll them down! 

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