What’s a Shacket? How To Wear the Hottest New Cold Weather Staple

The latest cold weather fashion trends

Shackets, or shirt jackets, are all the rage this season. Let us explain.

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Yes you read that right — shackets, or “shirt jackets,” are all the rage right now. These days,  you’re probably seeing them everywhere, even if you just learned their official name. The comfy, casual combo layering piece that sometimes goes by the more sophisticated name of “sweater coat” (…in which case, maybe it’s a swacket?) has become the go-to transitional piece for women and men of all ages.

The great thing about the shacket is that, as its name suggests, you can wear it either as a shirt or as a jacket. On a cool morning when you aren’t sure if you’ll be outside in a few hours when the temperature might be significantly warmer, throw it over a cute tee shirt and take it off if you get warm. In the winter, you can wear it under a more substantial winter coat and still get the warmth of a chunky sweater. Most shacket wearers prefer to size up so that they look effortlessly oversized — this is really a testament to the return of ‘90s fashion we’ve been seeing so much of lately.

The classic and arguably most popular shacket style is plaid with buttons and looks a bit like a very thick, heavy button-down collared shirt. But as the popularity of this new wardrobe essential has increased, brands have gotten more and more creative, and you can now find shackets in almost every style, color, and material. We’ve rounded up our top ten shacket faves in a variety of styles, colors, and price ranges. We’ve included a couple of more traditional pieces for all of you shacket novices out there, as well as a few really fun patterned shackets if you’re feeling bold or are adding to a growing collection. No matter which style you choose, we know you’ll find yourself wearing this cozy new wardrobe staple practically every day as the weather cools down. 

The Best Shackets to Try This Season

Thread and Supply Shirt Jacket

Thread and Supply shacket

This is what we like to call “the gateway shacket” — it’s got all of the essential attributes of what made us fall in love with shackets in the first place. Since it’s a bit more of a casual piece, if you’re feeling adventurous, pair it with a crop top and high-waisted jeans!

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Plaid Wool Sweater Coat

anthro shacket

This “sweater coat” from Anthropologie is like the more sophisticated older sister of the Nordstrom style. Not only are the colors on this one absolutely gorgeous, but it’s got a hood, which will keep you extra cozy on those chilly November evenings.

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Only Patterned Sherpa Shacket in Brown

Danish shacket

When it comes to this Scandinavian style shacket, the delight is in the details, with its fantastically oversized pockets and sherpa-lined collar.

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The Cinchable Chore Jacket

cinched shacket

If you’re looking for a shacket that’s slightly more on the jacket side, this Everlane style is for you. Even though it looks like a shirt, the cinchable waist detailing makes it perfect to wear over a big sweater or sweatshirt. And yes: it’s on sale!

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Polka Dot Wool Sweater Coat

polka dot shacket

Few patterns bring us more joy than polka dots, and this polka-dotted shacket from Anthropologie certainly delivers on the joy. It’s one of the few shacket styles that features a zipper rather than large buttons, so it’s great for the gal on the go.

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Ronnie Grey Multi Plaid Brushed Long Shacket

Lulus shacket

This shacket is a longer version of the classic style, so is great to wear on those crisp fall days with a skirt or a pair of tights. We love the breast pocket detail, which really makes it feel like a shirt. It’s also a pretty good deal, considering its versatility. 

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525 America French Terry Shacket

gray shacket

This shacket is super chic, and will go with basically anything in your wardrobe. It’s simple and sleek, and the big shiny buttons give it some great character. Pair it with some black jeans and little black booties for a simply sophisticated ensemble. 

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BDG Brushed Melton Shirt Jacket

UO shacket

This fleece shacket is the casual outerwear item we all deserve. The baby blue color is irresistible, as is the beautiful winter wonderland forest scape that graces the midsection. As if it couldn’t get any better, it has snap buttons so it can easily be taken on and off.

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Tie Dye Corduroy Shirt Jacket

tie dye shacket

What are the three hottest fashion styles of the past year? Shackets, tie-dye, and corduroy. This choice from Pac Sun has got all three. What more could you ask for!

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Frayed Corduroy Shacket

forever 21 shacket

For the shacket shopper on a budget, this frayed style from Forever 21 comes at an unbeatable price. Understandably it’s selling out fast, so if you don’t see it in your size, don’t worry: it comes in eight adorable colors.

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