10 Self-Care Products Team KCM Bought — and Loved

self-care products

Treat yourself — we already did.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve all been feeling on edge. With many schools still closed, social gatherings postponed, and remote work now seeming indefinite, we’re in desperate need of some self-care. Team KCM has put together a list of our favorite self-care picks we bought this year. From face rollers and exfoliants, to adult coloring books and journals to store all your deep thoughts, this list will help make the upcoming cold winter months a little more bearable. Need a pair of slippers and PJs to go with your face mask? We put together a list of our favorite pajamas and slippers to keep you cozy, too.

Esarora Face Ice Roller

Julia, KCM’s social-media guru, finally caved and bought a face ice roller. By essentially “icing your face,” an ice roller can help reduce puffiness while soothing your skin. This set comes with a plastic and stainless steel roller. Julia has been using the stainless steel roller each morning, but says both options do the trick.

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Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator

Flo, who sits on our brand team, started using Nécessaire’s body exfoliator. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and has become her go-to product for dry skin as temperatures start to drop. The Body Exfoliator is made with a gentle AHA/BHA trio of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids, which help remove skin cells. This brand is sustainable, clean, and their products are made with high-quality ingredients your body can put to good use. 

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m-61 Power Cleanse

Several staff members recommend this m-61 Power Cleanse cleanser, which is made with glycolic, vitamin B5, and tea tree extract. The glycolic acid deeply cleans your pores while the tea tree helps calm skin, while vitamin B5 replenishes moisture. 

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Bathtub Caddy Tray

Calling all exhausted parents: You deserve some TLC. Treat yourself to this bathtub caddy tray — it’s made from high-quality bamboo wood, and its extendable sides were designed to fit most bathtubs. One Amazon reviewer says her baths are now “a true spa time.” All you need are some OUAI Chill Pill jasmine-scented bath bombs, and you’ll be good to go. 

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Papier Personal Journal

We have lots of dedicated journalers at KCM. Research shows that writing in a journal for just a few minutes each day can help reduce anxiety, ease depression, work through trauma and help set goals. If you’re ready to write your way to a more-contented you, try out this personalized journal from Papier. It comes in eight colors and can be customized to your liking. Choose from hardback or softback — and between lined, dotted, or plain paper on the inside.

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Tocca Hand Cream

Say goodbye to dry hands, thanks to this Tocca hand cream. Stacey, who works on our Audience team, recently discovered Tocca at Anthropologie, and says it’s hands-down the best cream she’s tried. (No pun intended.) “I gave it to my friend over the holidays, and now she’s hooked,” said Stacey. If your hands are all set moisture-wise, try one of Tocca’s candles. The Florence scent is our favorite. 

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque

At KCM, we love a good face mask. This one from The Ordinary leaves your skin feeling refreshed and ultra-clean thanks to the charcoal and clay, which help cleanse the skin and remove facial impurities that otherwise clog your pores. If you want to do a full at-home spa day, we also love this New York Biology Dead Sea Face Mask.

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Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

This is not your average blow-dryer — trust us. Marie Claire rated it one of the best hair-dryer brushes on the market. That’s no surprise: This Drybar model is easy to use, making perfect for anyone who can’t quite figure the hair-dryer-plus-barrel-brush technique. (We get it.) For a more affordable option, try this one by Revlon. You’ll have a salon-quality blowout in no time. 

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Adult Coloring Book

This is the book that started the adult coloring book phenomenon. (Since its debut, it has sold more than 11 million copies.) The coloring book features delicate and highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations — all waiting to be filled with color. It’s perfect for cold winter days when you just can’t get off the sofa. Pair it with these colored pencils, and you’ll be good to go. 

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Baby Foot

Behold, the Baby Foot exfoliator, which has been discussed probably dozens of times in the KCM Slack channels. Stick your feet into the included plastic booties, relax for a bit, then prepare yourself for a few days later, when the dead skin begins to peel off your feet in sheets. (Don’t forget to take some photos, to delight/disgust your loved ones.) Lavender-scented and ultra-powerful, this peel turns dry, cracked skin into soft, supple, truly baby-ish feet. Part spa experience, part science experiment, Baby Foot peel is an absolute must-buy.

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