9 Creative, Cute, and Only Slightly Corny Couples Halloween Costumes

Couples Costumes

Whether you’re dressing up with your best friend, sibling, or spouse, these couples’ Halloween costumes are sure to delight.

Since nothing can come close to how frightening and strange Halloween 2020 was — a Halloween that most of us spent in quarantine or just with close family — this year should be a cause of extra celebration. If you had to miss out on Halloween altogether last year or spend it alone, then there’s no better way to shake off the 2020 Halloween blues than by getting into a really intense, full-on costume with your favorite person, whether that’s your significant other, your best friend, or your sibling. When you’re wearing something that makes you feel a bit out of your comfort zone, it’s nice to have someone else who looks just as ridiculous by your side.

There are so many angles you can take for a good couples costume: the traditionally scary route, the pun that not everyone fully understands right away, the famous movie couple, or the super relevant zeitgeisty costume that nobody will remember five years from now (pizza rat, anyone?).

We’ve covered these categories and more with our couples costume suggestions for this Halloween, and we’ve included where you can buy all of the necessary supplies to make them really pop. Whether you’re looking for a classic funny costume (we’ve got a condiment pairing on here that never disappoints) or something a little sexier (did someone say Daphne Bridgerton?), we want you to let loose this Halloween — and look awesome while doing it. We also don’t want you spending a fortune on a costume that you will (probably) only wear once, so we’ve done our best to find cheap Halloween costumes for two people. So happy trick-or-treating, Halloween partying, ding-dong-ditching, witches-brew making, or whatever it is you’re going to be up to this October 31.

Two Peas in a Pod

Pea costumes

We love this costume because it’s so easy — just throw the suit on over whatever you’re wearing and you’re an instant pea! It’s a great choice for a couple or two BFFS. Extra points if you paint your faces green. The bonus factor here is that the suit covers you from head to toe, so if you’ll be outside on Halloween night, you know that at least you’ll be warm!

Ted and Rebecca from Ted Lasso

Ted and Rebecca

Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton are two of the most delightful characters to grace our TV’s since Schitt’s Creek ended. Dressing up as the two of them isn’t hard, but we’ve got some good tips on how to really nail the characters.

For Ted:

Ted Lasso

Ted spends most of his time on the pitch wearing his AFC Richmond tracksuit, so that’s step one. We suggest getting yourself a similar tracksuit — this one is hopefully something you can wear again — and slapping this AFC Richmond sticker on over the suit’s logos. You’ll also need to sport Ted’s signature white visor, his classic red-tinted aviators, and of course, a yellow whistle. If you really want to complete the look, carry around a new soccer ball…or should we say, football.

For Rebecca:

Rebecca from Ted Lasso

To really embody Rebecca Welton, it’s all about the attitude…plus, wearing a tight-fitting sleeveless dress that shows off your perfectly toned arms (ideally something gorgeous and fabulous, like this one, which you’ll certainly wear again), and of course, a pair of sky-high heels. If you can afford a new pair of her signature Louboutins, then go for it! If not, we think this pair of sparkling heels would get the Rebecca seal of approval. Then you wouldn’t be Rebecca without a perfectly coiffed, bleach-blonde bob. If you’re not willing to commit to a new hairstyle, this wig should do the trick.

Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty costumes

This is another easy costume choice for anyone who just wants to pop on something pre-made and get going. If you’re a Rick and Morty fan and know you’ll be among Rick and Morty fans, these costumes will have everyone around you yelling WUBBA LUBBA DUB-DUB! Both the Rick costume and the Morty costume are under $35.

Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset from Bridgerton

Bridgerton Duke and Duchess

The most coveted young lady to hit London’s 1813 social scene and the gorgeous but emotionally unavailable Duke of Hastings was the hottest couple to grace our Netflix queues last year, and now they’re about to be the hottest couple’s costume for Halloween.

For Daphne:

Daphne Bridgerton

We love the romantic, timeless empire waist dresses Daphne is always wearing. She seems to always be in baby blue, and we found two great baby blue Daphne dresses: one of them sized S-XL and the other sized XL-4XL, both under $25. Just add a pair of white satin gloves and wait for Lady Whistledown’s positive review of your outfit!

For Simon:

Duke of Hastings

This guy seems to be all about the tailcoat and vest, and lucky for you we’ve found an outfit that includes both of them in one. Just put a frilly fancy shirt underneath and watch the ladies swoon! 

Freddy and Jason

Jason and Freddy costumes

Has there ever been a scary pair more memorable than these guys? Someone even decided to put the two of them in a movie together! We love that this is another easy on and off costume: whether you decide you want to be Jason, or if you fancy yourself more of a Freddy

Georgie and Pennywise from IT

Poor little Georgie Denbrough. He just wanted to play with his toy boat and ended up becoming Pennywise’s first victim in the Stephen King thriller, IT. To get this one right, we’ve found a Pennywise costume that’ll scare the pants off even the bravest soul. Then all you’ll need to make a perfect little Georgie is a yellow rain slicker and, of course, a big red balloon.

Tina and Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, then you know that sisters Tina and Louise couldn’t be more different. Channel your inner sex-crazed pre-teen nerd as Tina or your crafty, fearless elementary school legend as Louise. Maybe you’ll even meet up with a Gene at some point in your evening, and become a trio!

Plug and Socket

Plug and Socket costume

The plug and socket costume is an easy one to slip on to help you get powered up for a fun night! Does the plug portion of this couples costume look like a big diaper? Maybe just a little bit, but really that just means that wearing pants underneath is optional.

Mustard and Ketchup

Mustard and Ketchup costume

Besides perhaps peanut butter and jelly, there has never been a more iconic condiment duo than mustard and ketchup. If you’ve got a little wiener dog, make sure to bring him or her along wherever you go! You’ll certainly never lose your partner in a crowd with this costume — just look out at the sea of costumes for the giant red or yellow topper!

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