Last Minute Halloween Costumes You May Already Have In Your Closet

last min halloween

Graphic by Giovanna Chung/KCM

We’ve got some great DIY costumes you can make from materials you probably already have at home.

If you love a reason to plan a killer outfit or get into character, and are a pro at planning ahead, Halloween is probably your time to shine. But if you’re the type of person who leaves everything to the last minute, the Halloween party you put into your calendar months ago might just sneak up on you, leaving you with nothing to wear. Don’t you dare use that as an excuse to skip the Halloween party! We’ve put together a list of fairly easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas that require common items you probably have at home (and if not, they are cheap and easy finds!). 

Easy, Last-Minute DIY Solo Halloween Costumes

Sandy from Grease

CBS via Getty Images

It doesn’t get much more iconic (or easy to recreate) than Olivia Newton John’s iconic role of Sandy in Grease. Honor the late legend with this simple, yet timeless, costume, which you probably already have all of the elements for.

What you’ll need:


Thankfully, the hardest part about nailing this costume is ensuring your hair is voluminous enough. After putting on your outfit, be sure to curl and tease your hair as much as you can (or buy a pre-curled wig), pulling back one side and tucking it behind your ear. Add a swath of red lipstick and some smoky eyeliner and you’re ready to go.


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If you’re really short on time, there’s nothing easier than dressing like a typical tourist. While it’s not the most sultry or on-trend look, it’s one that’s sure to get some laughs (and you’ll be comfortable all night long in your cargo shorts and tropical top). Cram your fanny pack with candy and bring a disposable camera, because you’re sure to make some memories at the Halloween party! Bonus points if you bring a map.

What You’ll Need:


Get dressed! It’s really that easy. Just channel your inner dad on vacation — you can go wrong with those vibes.


Halloween squids

We’re not going to lie and tell you that this is the sexiest costume of all time, but it’s sure to get a laugh, and will work for any gender or age. If you decide to commit to this one, we know all of your friends will be extremely “jelly” — KCM’s Emily Pinto, pictured above with her jellyfish friends, guarantees it.

What you’ll need:

  • Umbrella or shower cap
  • Paper (you can also use anything dangly, like ribbon, tinsel, CVS receipts, whatever you have around that’s long and dangles!)
  • Tape
  • Black marker
  • Matching shirt and pants set (we don’t care what color that is — yours can be a magical rainbow squid if that floats your boat)


Cut out two large ovals from the paper — these will be your squid’s eyes. Then color large pupils into them — the wonkier, the better. Next, cut six long pieces of equally sized paper into strips with a point at the end, like a fence post (you can also use anything dangly). These are your squid’s legs.

Tape the eyes to the front of the umbrella/shower cap, and three legs on each side. Put on your monochrome outfit, pop the umbrella over or shower cap on your head, and make sure to dance all night like you don’t have a bone in your body.

Want to make this into a group costume? Get a few friends together, and boom: now you’re a squid squad. You’re welcome. 

Classic Sheet Ghost

A costume as old as time, and one that never fails to get a laugh at a party. Also, it’s a great way to keep your identity a secret if you’re trying to avoid an annoying neighbor or awkward encounter with an ex! Need we even give directions on this one? OK, we will. 

What you’ll need:


Take a white sheet and put it on your head with the longer end falling in front of your face and down your back, so you have more room to move your arms.  Use the marker to mark where your eyes are. Take the sheet off and cut eye-sized holes where the marks are. Put the sheet back on, and proceed to be super spooky and scary for the rest of the night. 

Pro tip: Make sure to wear some clothes underneath, just in case anyone steps on your sheet and your costume suddenly becomes the emperor with no clothes. 

Where’s Waldo

wheres waldo costume

Another great costume for when you just want to blend into the crowd (or stand out — depends on how you look at it).

What you’ll need:


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re going the masking tape route, just circle the sweater with the tape to create white stripes. Then just put the outfit on, and voila! You’re basically wearing camouflage. 

Brawny Man or Woman

This is one of the simplest costumes to execute, and you’ll be the party host’s favorite person if you’re there when a spill happens. Just don’t let anyone bully you into cleanup duty. 

What you’ll need:


Put on the flannel shirt with whatever pants you want! We have no idea what pants the Brawny man wears! Then make sure to walk around with the paper towels on display at all times so people don’t think you’re just a flannel-loving costume-hating party pooper.

Instagram Influencer

Yes, this one has been done before, but we love that you can take it any direction — do you want to be someone with the dog filter on? Do it! Do you want to recreate an iconic Instagram photo, like that picture of an egg or Billie Eilish’s blonde hair debut? The world is your oyster (or egg)!

What you’ll need:

  • Giant piece of cardboard (just take apart one of the many Amazon boxes we’re sure have been piling up in your home)
  • Color printer
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors


Start by printing out the Instagram logo for the top of your box (dimensions should depend on how big your box is). Next, choose your handle (your own, someone else’s, or one that’s entirely made up!) and print that along with a profile photo, which you’ll cut into a circle and place next to the handle, below the logo. 

Then at the bottom of the cardboard square, give yourself as many likes as you want, and reprint your handle with the caption of your choice next to it. Glue this to the cardboard.

Finally, cut a large square out of the cardboard — this is where you will come in as the picture. Hold up the cardboard to frame yourself and get ready for a fun party and an intense arm workout.

Arthur the Aardvark

Arthur is an aardvark that you probably don’t think about too much on a day-to-day basis, but boy, do you know him when you see him. 

What you’ll need:


Cut the construction paper into “ear” shapes, leaving enough room at the bottom to fold under the headband. Next, color a pink oval into each ear (Arthur’s inner ear) and fill in the rest of the ear with a brown marker. Tape these to the headband by folding the excess paper underneath. 

Put on your Arthur outfit (with the white collared shirt under the yellow sweater), pop the headband on, and get ready to say, “hey, what a wonderful kind of day!”

Easy, Last-Minute DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

Cow and Grass

cow and grass costume

It’s not the most romantic couples costume, but it sure is cute!

What you’ll need:

For Grass

  • A whole bunch of grass skirts or green paper (or fabric/tinsel/anything dangly) and a bunch of belts
  • Green pants and a green shirt

For Cow



Just put those skirts all over you if you’ve got them. If you need to make them, cut long strips of green paper and tape them to each belt so it hangs like a skirt. Fasten the belts up and down your torso over green pants and a shirt.


You’ve got a bit of work to do. First, cut out cloud-like shapes in the white construction paper, and tape them all over the pants and shirt with the double-sided tape until you’ve got a good cow print going. Next, cut out some cute little ears. Color the front of them pink, and on the back make the same cloud-like cow patches but using the black marker. Leave enough room on the bottom to fold under the headband, and tape them on (the closer to the sides of your head, the better). Put your whole outfit on, and tie the piece of rope to your back belt loop and cover it with your shirt — this is your tail, of course. As a finishing touch, paint your nose with pink lipstick, and you’ll be so cute that your grass won’t mind that you’re nibbling on them all night long.

Burrito and Avocado

Has there ever been a more classic duo than the burrito and avocado? We certainly can’t name one.

What you’ll need:

For Burrito

For Avocado

  • Green shirt and pants
  • Big piece of light green paper or poster board
  • Dark green marker or paint
  • Brown marker or paint
  • Scissors
  • Piece of twine or heavy string 



You are going to start by cutting your green construction paper into a beautiful leafy lettuce collar (if you don’t have any green construction paper, maybe if you’re nice, your avocado will share some of theirs with you). This should be easy. Basically just cut a wavy shape from one end of the paper to the other, so the bottom is flat. Next, cut out some little red and yellow rectangles — these are your veggies! Glue them to your lettuce collar. Put on your brown shirt, and then fit the collar around your neck so it’s comfortable. Next, ask your avocado to staple it together for you, and if it still doesn’t feel secure tape the bottom of it to the inside of your shirt using double-sided tape. Finally, step into the trash bag and cut holes for your feet so you don’t trip. Tie the bag at your waist — this is your tin foil. Now you’re all ready to eat!


Don’t think we forgot about you! Cut your green construction paper into a pear shape (or should we say…an avocado shape?) and outline the edge with the dark green marker, to look like the avocado’s skin. Next, draw a nice round pit using your brown paint or marker right in the middle of the bigger part of your avocado. Ideally, this pit should be the size of your waist, with the green areas extending beyond like big beautiful avocado love handles. Hold the entire thing up to you, and cut a circle in the top part of the avocado where your face can comfortably peek out. Finally, make two little holes at the left and right sides of your “pit,” and run the string through them so it acts almost like a belt, holding the whole thing onto your body. Fit the string as needed, and then tie it off with knots on either end so it stays secure. 

You two will be the most delicious duo of the night! 

Prom Queen/King

If you, too, have been looking for excuses to wear all of the fancy clothing that’s been collecting dust in your closet during Covid, here’s your chance. 

What you’ll need:

  • Fabulous gown and/or tuxedo each
  • Two plastic crowns or some scissors, tape, and yellow construction paper
  • Sashes, or white paper or fabric (cut up an old sheet!)
  • Marker
  • Stapler


We think you know where we’re going from here. Cut out your paper crowns if you don’t have plastic ones, and then fit your white construction paper or fabric into sashes. Write “Prom King,” “Prom Queen,” or Prom whatever you want on each, and staple them at the end. Put on your gowns n’ crowns and you’ll be the belles of the ball! 

Bank Robbers

Do you both own a black and white striped shirt and a black sleeping mask you won’t be too upset to ruin? Then this is the costume for you.  

What you’ll need:


Cut eye holes into your sleeping masks, and then draw giant dollar signs onto your burlap bags using the black permanent marker (we never said these were the two sharpest criminals in the world). Then just put on your outfit, slip on your gloves, and proceed to spend your night stealin’ candy! 

Double Stuffed Oreo

This one is almost too easy — and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. It’s also great for any pair who just can’t stop hugging each other. 

What you’ll need:


Cut two large, equally sized circles into the black paper and write “OREO” with the white paint pen on each one. Cut two little holes at the top of each circle and run the string through it, tying each end so it will stay secure. Put on your white outfits and then put the “OREO” signs on so they hang down your back, like a backward necklace. Now you’re two sides of a double-stuffed Oreo!

Castaway Couple: Chuck and Wilson

We’re sorry, Wilson…sorry we’re NOT sorry that you’ll be the most popular costume of the night! Tom Hanks and his iconic volleyball is one of the best duos out there, and we think you and your partner or BFF are the perfect people to recreate it. This one is going to be particularly easy if one member of the couple already has a very long, straggly beard. If not, no worries. We’ve got a plan for that.

What you’ll need:

For Wilson

  • Large white plastic trash bag
  • Lots of paper (for stuffing)
  • Red paint
  • Stapler
  • White sweatband
  • Little sticks

For Chuck

  • Big fake beard (bonus if you’ve got a real big beard)
  • Brown shorts
  • Tan T-shirt (unless you’d prefer to go shirtless!)
  • FedEx box
  • Big walking stick



You know what to do. Put on that beard (if you’re lacking in the facial hair department, feel free to use an eyebrow pencil to draw in bushier eyebrows if it suits you) and hold onto that FedEx package for dear life. 


Let’s get started. Before you draw your Wilson face, we suggest a trial run to make sure you’ve got a proper volleyball shape. Cut two holes in the bottom of the trash bag, fill it with paper, and staple back and edges until it looks round. Once that’s done, take the paper out and the trash bag off, and lie it flat on the ground. Using your red paint, draw your very best bloody handprint face on the front of the bag. Let it dry, and then put it back on and stuff it up. For your finishing touch, put the sweatband around your head and stick the little twigs in it— we can’t forget about Wilson’s hair, right?! Then proceed to spend your evening slowly floating away from your distressed partner. 

Dog or Cat

If you’re really short on time, perhaps the easiest costume to create is a dog or cat. Even if you don’t have ears to wear, adding some whiskers and a nose with makeup will get your point across. Bonus points if you want to add a collar or name tag.

What you’ll need:

  • Black face paint or eyeliner
  • Choker necklace or collar (optional)
  • Ears (optional)


Don your favorite black, brown, or white T-shirt. If you have a headband with ears on it, put that on. Otherwise, go ahead and draw a nose and whiskers on your face. Easy peasy!