Stand on Your Own Two Feet: Katie’s Pilates Instructor Returns with Footwork Advice

A close up of someone's lower legs and feet as they do footwork with a small black ball with a foggy beach in the backgound.


For when you’re dealing with the after-effects of a night spent dancing in heels.

Maybe you’ve been hiking a lot or traversing a new city on a big vacation. Maybe you’re getting your steps in on your daily “hot girl walk” (we’re proud of you!). Maybe you spend most of the day on your feet — it’s pretty likely, considering that the average American stands for 57 percent of their workday (unsurprisingly, those in hospitality and retail actually stand for a whopping 97.6 percent of the day). Whether you’re performing mundane day-to-day tasks or having a special night out, the world abounds with opportunities for foot pain. One study actually found that up to 77 percent of Americans above age 18 have experienced foot pain, but few seek help.

With that in mind, Katie’s Pilates instructor Ashely Patten has come to the rescue. She confirms that “the feet are so important and can really affect how we walk” (which, as much as we’d like to tiptoe around the issue, is very true). With relief in mind, she’s designed a short foot class using a lacrosse ball. Of course, while she says a lacrosse ball is best, “any other firm ball works, too” — if you have a tennis ball lying around, that will work perfectly fine.

Patten says these methods can mitigate pain: “This class is great after a long day of walking, or wearing uncomfortable shoes.” Once again, we’re happy to say that these exercises are Katie-approved: “I’ve done this kind of work with Katie after a night out and it really helps to counterbalance the effects of heels for her.” If you’ve had your own adventure in stilettos (ouch), clear a little bit of space at home and play the video below — and invest in some comfy dress shoes.

If you’re having hip or back pain, we have hacks for those, too!