Bobbi Brown’s Guide to 4 Fall Beauty Trends — and How to Make Them Your Own

jones road fall makeup

Graphic by Giovanna Chung. Photos courtesy of Jones Road.

The founder of Jones Road Beauty talks seasonal makeup trends and how to handle them.

Leaves are falling, temps are dropping, and new beauty fads are trending. The change of seasons is always a welcome excuse to change up your makeup, polish color, or brand selection

To find out what’s swirling around the beauty world for fall, we asked Bobbi Brown, founder, and chief creative officer of Jones Road Beauty to weigh in on some of the new fall makeup trends and give us advice on how to make them work for us. 

As always, Bobbi’s tips — from how to choose a new bold lip color to the best way to apply a new blush — will demystify your makeup routine and help introduce a sweep of autumn color to your everyday look.

Her favorite perennial tip, however, is useful all year round. “As much as I love seeing new beauty trends, I’m so consistent and always prefer a natural, effortless look,” says Brown. “I like trying new styles and sometimes I’ll work it into my existing style for a modern look. The trick is just to play around and see what you like best. Whatever makes YOU feel the most confident is the best trend there is to follow.” 

Below, the makeup maven shares how to make four fall makeup trends your own. Plus, she lets us in on her secret to figuring out the right brush to use for different, creams, balms, and foundations.

Bobbi Brown’s Fall Makeup Tips

Fall makeup trend #1: Jewel-toned eye makeup

Bobbi Brown: I’m not one to focus on trends, especially if it doesn’t work with my style. Instead of jewel-toned eye makeup, I like to think about using a deeper eyeliner shade in similar colors like emeraldnavy, or plum. The most color I personally like to use on the eyelid is either warm or cool blush-inspired shades like pinks and almonds. They’re flattering on everyone. 

Fall makeup trend #2: Bright, bold lips (and polish)

I love the combo of minimal makeup paired with bold red lips (think Grace Kelly or Angelina Jolie). Here are some tips on how to pick the best colors:

And don’t be afraid to mix your own shade using two or more of your favorite colors. I personally don’t do a statement lip on myself. But, I do rock statement nails all the time! I love to keep my nails short and rounded, and always painted in a beautiful shade like Essie Geranium or Clambake

Fall makeup trend #3: Lots of blush!

Blush makes everyone look pretty. It can warm up your skin tone with bronzy or tawny tones or brighten your face with a pop of color. Look for a shade that matches the color your cheeks turn when they naturally flush or when you pinch them. Then, apply to the apples of your cheeks and up toward the hairline. Cream blush can do double duty on the lips, as you can use it as a stain. You can also add a dash of color over muted shades for an extra pop.

Fall makeup trend #4: Use the same color on your cheeks and lips

I love cream blush because it leaves the skin with a dewy, sheer finish. But I also love powder because it’s long-lasting and easy to blend. The new Jones Road Beauty Lip and Cheek Sticks are the perfect multitasking tool for this — they’re creamy yet lightweight, making it easy to blend and build while still delivering beautiful color. They come in eight shades to match every skin tone and they look as beautiful on your lips as they do on your cheeks. 

Bonus tip: How to pick the right brush, and when to use your fingers, for different products

Using your fingers versus a brush is all a personal preference. I use my hands when doing my own makeup and I use brushes on others. When picking a brush, consider the end result you’re looking for. If you just want a wash of color, use a fluffy brush with looser bristles and, if you want intense color, use a dense brush. Cream and balm products work best with a dense brush. Good brushes make a difference! This is the one I love to use. Not only does it blend beautifully, but it’s made in Italy with hypoallergenic, vegan fibers.