9 Fall Fashion Trends and Where to Find Them

black and white dress, wrap coat, green and white jumpsuit and kate spade bag on blue background

Credit: Giovanna Chung

It’s almost fall, y’all. Here’s how to greet the season in style.

Pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu. The sun is setting earlier. It’s official: Fall is upon us. But for those dealing with absurd temperatures in much of the country and around the world, the promise of cooler temperatures can be a welcome change. So instead of reading the latest gossip mag while you soak up the last precious days of summer at the beach, sift through our recommendations for the must-have items to keep you looking fashion-forward this fall.

Sick and tired of the masculine, ‘90s grunge look that’s been dominating clothing racks across the country for the past year? We’ve got good news: This season is all about a return to more feminine silhouettes and diaphanous, flowy materials that feel distinctly pre-pandemic.

The color palates we’ll be seeing this season are, frankly, all over the place: You’ll see everything from softer and muted tones like ivory and baby pink, to highlighter tones like hot pink and neon green, to an all-black goth aesthetic. There’s really something for everyone this fall.

In terms of styles, you can say goodbye to the comfy sweatpants and all-day athleisure outfits we’ve gotten used to over the past few years. We’ll be seeing a return to over-the-top details like ruffles and even sequins, as well as a rise in sophisticated, more-conservative styles that are perfect for a return to the office.

Whatever tickles your fashion fancy, we’ve rounded up a few fabulous items from nine of the most prevalent high fashion runway-inspired categories we’re sure to be seeing everywhere this fall. But don’t fret about the price tags — as always, we’ve got items to fit every budget, and pieces that will fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.

Feminine detailing

Break out the floral applique and chiffon, because this season is going to give us a lot of looks that suggest a fairytale romance — which is part of the grandmillenial fashion trend.

Ruffle Tulle Mini-Skirt


If it’s true that ghosts spend the afterlife wearing the clothes they died in, we would happily die in this skirt. It’s serving major Carrie Bradshaw in season one of Sex and the City vibes, when Big was a mere player in her life and not the focus. 

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Abercrombie and Fitch Puff Sleeve Poplin Midi Dress


If you’re looking for a nap dress but want to avoid looking like you’re heading to bed (or playing an extra in The Handmaid’s Tale), then say hello to this gorgeous little number. The poplin breathable and comfy, and it’s tight/loose in all the right areas. We applaud Abercrombie for making a dress that’s perfect for people of any age.

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Eva Franco Halter Swing Mini Dress


We know some people are biased against white after Labor Day, blah blah blah, but if J.Lo could pull off winter white in January then darn it, you can too. Plus, this dress is a design dream: The bow! The adorable little flower detailing! The way it looks like if you twirled around in it, you might just sprinkle the room with fairy dust! Yes, yes, 1000 times yes.

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All black everything

Goth teens (and goth teens at heart) rejoice — your favorite color is back and bigger than ever. To be fair, the head-to-toe black look has never actually gone out of style for some, but this season, the fashion Gods have deemed that black is extra stylish. Enjoy.

Super High-Rise Vegan Leather Pants

Pistola Denim

If there’s one item of clothing that’ll make you look feel good about being slightly uncomfortable, it’s a pair of leather pants. But if that’s not worth the comfort sacrifice, opt for vegan leather pants, which are statement-making without being sticky.  In fact, you might not want to take these off. And luckily this pair isn’t skin-tight, so if you do want to take them off, that process won’t require the jaws of life.

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Everlane Tiered Maxi Dress


I mean…just look at how cool this model is. She’s simultaneously serving “don’t mess with me” and I’m down-to-earth and approachable.” You, too, deserve to be that contradiction. This is also one of those perfect seasonal-transition dresses that can easily be worn during the last days of summer, or when the weather gets chilly (just throw a little coat over top).

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Linston Combat Boots


The people have spoken, and what they said was, “Give us combat boots.” So give we shall. This pair is reasonably priced, and maybe sturdy enough to wear to an actual construction site? (We haven’t actually tried out this theory, but they look like they are, and that’s half the battle.)

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Highlighter colors

On the literal bright side, the other big trend this fall is highlighter colors. We know what you’re thinking — First you’re telling me to wear all black, and now you’re telling me to wear the opposite of all black? Are you gaslighting me? All we can say is, fashion is confusing. We don’t make the rules.

Puma ProFoam Feline Running Shoe


Maybe you’re not ready to fully commit to a full highlighter-yellow maxi dress. We understand. That’s why we suggest dipping your toe into the brightly colored waters via these accessories. Katie says a bright shoe can add a pop of color and fun without making you visible from space. These running sneakers are a great place to start.

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Snapdragon Compressive High-Rise Legging

Girlfriend Collective

If you’re looking to stylistically pop (and snap, and crackle) this fall, these Snapdragon leggings are for you.  Put a little bit of sass into your workout (or your walk around the house) in these comfy, compressive, and very supportive leggings.

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J.Crew Crystal and Pearl Earrings


Do you believe in magic? Well, poof! With just a click of the mouse, you can have these gorgeous earrings that will make everyone who sees them green with envy.

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We know, we know…sequins have historically been relegated to New Year’s Eve parties and Elton John concerts. Well, in the biggest fashion shock since the return of Crocs, sequins are now acceptable for, well, whenever. So break out your jazz hands, channel your inner Liza Minnelli, and throw on a sequined top for your appointment at the DMV.

Bali Beach Blazer in Black Lace

Walker and Wade

Don’t let the name fool you — this blazer is not just for the beach (because honestly, who wears a blazer at the beach?). In fact, it ticks all the boxes of trends for this fall: It’s subtly sequined (check), has beautiful feminine detailing (check), it’s black (check), it’s long (spoiler alert: check), and it’s perfect to wear with a white tank. (Double spoiler alert! Also check!) 

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BB Dakota Sequin Show Stopper Duster


This iridescent little number also kills two of our fashion birds with one stone — it’s both sequined and super femme. Think of it as two trends for the price of one — what a deal. It’ll dress up a T-shirt and jeans for a night out, or you can toss it over a black dress for some added sparkle. 

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White tank tops

Does this even count as a trend, or is it just a necessary clothing staple? That’s for you to decide, but think about it this way: The white tank is a blank canvas. Trust your instincts and do with it what you will.

Boody White Tank


You might be thinking that if you’ve seen one white tank top, you’ve seen ‘em all. But not all tanks are created equal. This one is made of bamboo, a fabric that is incredibly easy, breezy, and beautiful, And most importantly, the breathable fabric won’t have you sweating like a mad woman if you wear it under a sweater. 

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Tentree Basic Fitted Cami


This cami is an essential basic for fall, but not in the “Ugg boots and pumpkin spice latte” kind of way. Wear it with jeans. Pair it with a skirt. Traipse around your room in it just wearing a pair of undies like you’re Tom Cruise in Risky Business. However you wear it, you won’t want to take it off.

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Lucky Touch of Lace Tank


Sometimes you want a white tank top that sends the message I may be a white tank top, but I’ve got something to say. Well, what this white tank top has to say is, I’ve got a touch of lace. The subtle detailing on this tank is the perfect way to elevate the white tank trend to give it your own spin.

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Extra-long everything

We’re talkin’ skirts, we’re talkin’ slacks, we’re talkin’ gowns, we’re talkin’ sweater dresses: If you’re not tripping over it, you’re not wearing it right. (That’s an exaggeration — stay safe, folks.)

Farm Rio White Monstera One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Farm Rio

Oh hello there, jumpsuit of our dreams. It’s so nice to make your acquaintance. We assume you’re all already obsessed with Farm Rio, but if you’re not, welcome aboard. Everything the brand makes is unequivocally gorgeous and unique, and this jumpsuit is no exception. Plus, it’s long, long, long.

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Significant Other Wrap Maxi Skirt


Imagine a dinner outside, with this skirt making your body look like a beautiful Doric column. (That’s the one that’s tall and regal with no frills, for those of you who are a bit rusty on your Greek column classifications.) Love the color, love the simplicity, and look forward to wearing it with love.

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‘80s business lady

Thinking about finally throwing away that blazer with the big ‘ole shoulder pads you bought for your first job in 1985? Think again, my friend! Slap on a suit and crank some Dolly Parton, because it’s time to dress for your nine to five.

The ’80s Blazer from Everlane


If this blazer could talk, it would say, I own 51 percent of this company. That’s the energy we’re looking to bring to the boardroom, the classroom, and heck, even the bedroom. The exaggerated shoulders on this blazer will make you feel like the big bad boss you are, and the check print is perfect for the woman who was born to stand out.

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City Chic Eva Long Sleeve Blazer Dress


If you’re looking for an outfit that says, “Don’t f*ck with me, fellas,” well have we got the dress for you. This dress has got the perfect poker face: It’s all black. It’s professional and it’s classy. This dress means business. This dress demands to be taken seriously. And this dress won’t take no for an answer.

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The robe coat

If you’re devastated by the idea that it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear your pajamas 24 hours a day, we get it. Luckily there’s a lone fashion holdout to evoke that pandemic-wear nostalgia: The robe coat. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Wonderland Sherpa Robe Coat


At first glance, it appears that we’re looking at a straight-up robe here. But don’t judge a book by its cover. “Couldn’t any robe be a coat?” you may ask. And that’s especially true of this one, which will make you feel like you’re nestled into a warm, cozy blanket. This robe/coat (coabe?) has a quilted lining, a toggle closure, and a big ol’ hood. 

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Wrap Coat in Double-Face Wool-Cashmere


Picture this: It’s a crisp, autumn day, and you’re on a stroll in the park, admiring the changing foliage. Someone approaches you, a look of deep admiration in her eyes. “I am obsessed with your coat,” she says. This is that coat.

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Wool Cashmere Short Wrap Coat


This is the coat that a coastal grandmother wears during shoulder season. She loves this coat. She drapes it over her as she walks along the rocky beaches of Maine, feeling the refreshing chill in the air. Even if her fingers get cold, that’s OK. There’s no zipper to fumble with. She wraps the soft, cashmere lapels around her chest, and wonders if Nancy Meyers just magically appears to film a scene like this, or if you have to send her an email or something.  

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Big bold bags

It’s almost 2023. You’re making up for years of lost travel and social activities. You, my friend, are going places. Let the people know with a bag that says, look at me. Tell me something that won’t fit in here, I dare you. We’re looking for a bag so big and bold that you could fit a small studio apartment inside of it.   

Large Zippered Downtown Tote in Electric Blue


It’s hard to imagine how a color this beautiful exists in the world, but here it is. This bag is big enough to fulfill all of your Mary Poppins dreams, and the color will most certainly stand out in a crowd. If this blue isn’t exactly your color, no problem: The bag comes in 13 other colors. If you’re looking to stay bold, we also love it in scarlet.

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Old Navy Corduroy Tote Bag

Old Navy

Big and bold? More like brown and fuzzy. This classic corduroy tote (which is on sale, by the way!) features a canvas lining with pockets. The exterior pattern reminds us of a cozy jacket — perfect for fall.

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Kate Spade Manhattan Stripe Woven Tote

Saks Fifth Avenue

To quote the classic film Bring it On, this bag is sexy, cute, and popular to boot. Plus it’s large enough to fit anything you could ever need. But don’t worry: It has several pockets, so you won’t have to root through it for 20 minutes to find your keys. If you want a bag that’s big, beautiful, and unique, this is the one for you.

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