Get a Look Inside Barbara Corcoran’s Stunning New York City Apartment

Barbara Corcoran

Getty Images

It costs $10,000 a month just for maintenance.

Barbara Corcoran is no stranger to a great deal, as fans of Shark Tank know well, but her jaw-dropping home is proof that she knows how to create something truly fantastic.

It’s no surprise that this businesswoman would have an incredible living space, since she got her start in real estate, but we got a peek inside thanks to a new video from Caleb Simpson, an online content creator who regularly goes viral for his clips that ask New Yorkers how much they pay in rent — and then for a tour of where they live.

In Corcoran’s case, that famous question isn’t exactly relevant. That’s because she owns the apartment and doesn’t pay rent at all. But she does pay maintenance fees on her sprawling Manhattan abode, and the total is gulp-inducing: a stunning $10,000 per month. For maintenance!

Corcoran says she’s lived in the apartment for four years, and it’s clear she’s still working on making it her own, judging by the scaffolding that sits out on her terrace. Not to worry, though — she’s still got the gorgeous views of Central Park that initially sold her on the unit. And that’s not all: The apartment also boasts a library, butler’s pantry, and an interconnected design that she says makes for “a great party floor” allowing guests to flow naturally around the space.

Perhaps the biggest show-stopper is the kitchen, which features floor-to-ceiling windows (it’s really more of a wall made of windows) that includes more of that highly desirable view of Central Park. “Who wouldn’t love this kitchen, right?” Corcoran says. “I love it. I sit here every day and think to myself, How lucky am I? Never, ever did I think I would have such a pretty kitchen.”

This piece of real estate heaven is deeply impressive, but even more shocking is the story of the full-circle moment that happened when Corcoran purchased it.

“I was working as a messenger 26 years ago. I came [to this apartment] and I delivered a package. I saw the view and I said [to the owner], ‘If you ever sell this, ma’am, would you sell it to me?'” Corcoran recalls. “She called me 26 years later.”

We’ll just be over here fantasizing about what it must be like to purchase such a jaw-dropping home. But for the rest of us, there are ways to jazz up your living space without breaking the bank, like picking up some fantastic seasonal decor that’s priced just right or sprucing up your bathroom on a DIY budget.