7 Ideas For A Covid-19-Friendly Outdoor Space

We rounded up the best ways to warm up your space this winter.

Depending on where you live, winter may bring frigid temps — making it difficult to get outside and enjoy nature right now. However, if you’re aching to see family and friends as we get through the final stretch of the pandemic (hopefully!), the safest way of doing so remains outdoors, per the CDC. 

So what to do? We’ve rounded up a few ways to make do with whatever outdoor space you have, in whatever climate you live in. Happy decorating and safe socializing! 

1. Get cozy 

Now’s the time to embrace the Danish term, hygge. Deck out your patio furniture with some comfortable, colorful pillows, and fill a basket with thick throws your guests can wrap themselves in on cold nights around your fire pit. We love these washable wool blankets and these more budget-friendly, oversized plush ones.  

2. Set the tone 

For good vibes all around, you can easily equip your patio or backyard with a sound system. These wall-mount outdoor speakers are water-resistant which make them “tough enough to handle blistering heat or deadly cold.”

3. Get fired up 

A silver lining: Nothing’s stopping you from sitting near a fire and roasting some marshmallows during the pandemic. Luckily, there are so many different types and styles of fire pits to fit whatever vibe you’re looking for. If you’re going for a woodsy feel, we love this gas fire pit that can double as a dining table for your patio. If you live in more of a moderate climate, this hand-crafted clay chimenea is a steal — and offers some ancient, old-world charm. 

If your space isn’t equipped for a fire pit, there are a ton of functional outdoor space heaters available right now. We found this mountable one, and a tall option that covers 200 feet with its heat.

4. Use hydrotherapy 

If you have the luxury of living somewhere that stays generally warm in the winter, you can always turn your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis. Water has been scientifically proven to be calming. This small tabletop water fountain is perfect for balconies and other small spaces, while this larger three-tier fountain has Italian charm. Another option? Maybe it’s time to invest in a hot tub, if you’re living in frigid temps, or a small pool for your kids or pets. 

5. Get green

You don’t have to ditch greenery, even during the winter. Try draping a green garland or some fake vines around your space for a whimsical feel. And if you’re trying to keep certain plans alive, a portable greenhouse can help. 

6. Set the table 

If you have a large enough space and live in a moderate climate, expand your backyard with an outdoor kitchen. We found a sleek, classic Weber grill, a charcoal smoker for those who like experimenting with cooking techniques, an outdoor table, and some outdoor wicker barstools.

7. Mood lighting 

Lighting is an inexpensive way to spruce up any type of outdoor space you have. (Plus, if you live somewhere cold, there’s nothing as picturesque as twinkly lights on a snowy night!) You can turn towards a classic choice like these outdoor string lights, or go with a bit more of a refined accent, like these solar-powered wall sconces. If you already have similar lighting installed, check out these cute, unique solar-powered lanterns.

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