9 Products to Help You Adust to Daylight Savings

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These products can help prepare for Daylight saving time this weekend.

It’s hard to believe Daylight saving time (DST) has come around once again. On March 14th, we will set our clocks forward an hour — springing forward, thus “losing an hour of sleep.” The bright side is our days will gradually become longer, as we slowly wade into long, light-filled summer days. To help put some spring in your step, we’ve rounded up a variety of products that will help get you ready and excited for spring. 

#1 Sleep Number Sleep Set

Sleep Number Sleep Set with essential oils and earplugs

Essential oils can promote deep-sleep when used right before bed and help energize your day upon waking up. We keep this Sleep Number sleep set, which includes a trio of essential oil-based products and comfy ear plugs, on our bedside. Relax at bedtime with the Sleep Rollerball and Rest Linen Spray, and pop in the earplugs before falling asleep. Energize with a mist of Refresh Spray in the morning.

BUY HERE: $29.99

#2 Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker

A trick to help you wake up in the morning is to start your day with an invigorating shower! Blast your favorite playlist, album, podcast, or radio show from a waterproof bluetooth speaker while you get ready for your day. We found one that even has a removable suction cup and LED light ring that dances along with your music. 

BUY HERE: $14.88

#3 A houseplant

The Sill Snake Plant

Taking care of house plants has been proven to improve mood, concentration, and productivity. House plants can even help keep indoor air clean and eliminate harmful toxins in your home. What’s a better way to freshen up for spring than to buy a new houseplant (or six?!). We love this snake plant from The Sill, because it’s one of the easiest plants to care for (and not kill), and it’s the perfect minimalist aesthetic for your home.


#4 Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

KCM’s Emily recommended this wake-up light in her review of the best products to help you start your day, and we definitely agree. The Philips Smartsleep clock is a giant smart light that simulates the sunrise, so it’ll wake you up gently and gradually. 

BUY HERE: $99.99

#5 Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

Have you thought about your pillow setup recently? Our friends at Sleep Number created a True Temp pillow that includes temperature balancing technology that continuously adapts throughout the night. Its unique active-particle technology attracts and removes moisture vapor to resist heat and humidity buildup. It’s even hypoallergenic for sensitive sleepers. The True Temp pillow comes in three shapes so you can find your ideal fit.

BUY HERE: $99.99

#6 Park Blanket

JJ Cole Outdoor Watermelon Blanket

Invest in a park blanket that will last you through the spring and summer. We love this cheery watermelon print that screams warm-weather vibes. We recommend grabbing a fun two-sided waterproof park and beach blanket like this one from JJ Cole. We’re also eyeing this printed blanket from Anthropologie that’s “both classic and trendy at once”!

BUY HERE: $39.99

#7 Sleep Number Silk Pillowcase with Sleep Mask

In our opinion, silk pillowcases are one of the most slept-on bedding products out there. The silk helps keep hair tangle free and helps the skin retain moisture. Sleep Number created a high-quality silk ‘case and sleep mask,’ made of 100% mulberry silk, that is gentle on skin and hair. Sleep masks helps block light to promote melatonin production for deeper sleep, while protecting delicate eye area. The Sleep Number set includes one silk pillowcase and one silk sleep mask with a covered elastic strap.

BUY HERE: $99.99

#8 New Pair of Bike Shorts

Outdoor Voices Ivy High-Rise Bike Short

We’re betting the bike shorts trend from the last two summers won’t go away in summer 2021, so we suggest you go ahead and upgrade now. If you only have one pair and it’s in the laundry, you’ll definitely want a spare for those seemingly random good weather days.


#9 Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, HP01 HEPA Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, HP01 HEPA Air Purifier

If you’re living in a city, or an area with high pollution or spring allergens, you might want to consider investing in a top-notch air purifier. This one from Dyson purifies, heats, and cools helping to create a cleaner, healthier home. If you’re living with a pet it’s almost an essential item to keep air fresh and clean and bacteria at bay.

BUY HERE: $468.00

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