Build Your Home Gym With These Essentials

Turn to Walmart for resistance bands, mats and more

Wary of returning to the gym just yet, due to new Covid-19 variants? Hate venturing out into wintry conditions to get your workout in? Luckily, Walmart has a large selection of home workout equipment you can choose from, so that you can build your own home gym — on a budget. 

Whether you prefer cardio, strength training, yoga or a mix of all three, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best deals on workout gear. (Once you’ve decided what equipment you want, don’t forget to check out our round-up of the best workouts you can find for free on YouTube.) 

All-Purpose Yoga Mat

Grippy, thick and durable, this mat, which comes in a variety of pretty colors, offers some bang for your buck if you practice yoga consistently. Can’t seem to get into yoga? This is just as useful for gym rats who prefer high-intensity interval-training or other circuit workouts. 

Buy Here – $19

Resistance Stretch Band Kit

Resistance band workouts are all the hype right now. The bands take up so much less space than traditional dumbbells, so they are the perfect, effective solution if you don’t have a ton of space to work with right now. This three-pack comes with light, medium and heavy bands, so you can adjust based on how you’re feeling in the heat of your workout. 

Buy Here – $10

Weighted Stability Exercise Ball

Want a rock-hard core? You should definitely incorporate a stability ball into your workout routine. You can use this ball, which comes in three different sizes, in virtual yoga and pilates classes, or as an addition to more traditional strength workouts. 

Buy Here – $15

Yoga Bolster

Reducing stress is one of the main benefits of exercising right now. If you’ve ever taken a restorative yoga class, you know how great it feels to prop your spine up on a yoga bolster. This cotton bolster comes in a few different colors and offers just the right amount of support for your back. 

Buy Here – $30

Kettlebell Set

Similar to resistance bands, kettlebells are great additions to your home gym if you want a dynamic workout, but don’t have a ton of space. (In fact, hear why personal trainer Hunter Crine calls the kettlebell the “swiss army knife of exercise equipment.”) This set of three different sizes comes with a rack, which is great for storage purposes. 

Buy Here – $60

Speed Jump Rope

If you want to get more cardio in, but don’t have space for a bike or a treadmill in your home, look no further than a jump rope. This nine-foot rope is adjustable and weighted, so it doesn’t tangle when you’re jumping.

Buy Here – $11

Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

The holy grail of indoor cardio equipment is most definitely the exercise bike. This is a solid and affordable option that has really great reviews. It uses Bluetooth to monitor your workouts and track your progress through the Echelon Fit app. 

Buy Here – $497

Aerobic Step Deck

When leg day comes around, you’re going to want a step deck on-hand to work your calf muscles. This step deck can adjust to three different levels and offers an incredibly simple, but effective way to burn calories and build strength. 

Buy Here – $25

Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbells

Earlier in the pandemic, there was a bit of a dumbbell shortage, as people raced to to build home gyms. If you don’t already have a pair, snag some now. These come in a variety of different sizes, and have contoured handles that are easy to grip.

Buy Here – $38

Premium Print Yoga Mat

If you want your home gym to have a bit more personality, this Gaiam yoga mat comes in a selection of pretty patterns. Although it’s more lightweight than our option higher on the list, it’s still cushioned enough to support your joints for low-impact workouts. 

Buy Here – $29

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