Molner's Table

Why the Kettlebell Is the Swiss Army Knife of Exercise Equipment

Trainer Hunter Crine shares the three pieces of equipment you need for your home gym

For part two of Molner’s Table, KCM CEO John Molner is joined by New York-based trainer Hunter Crine. Crine calls himself a “minimalist” when it comes to working out. “I don’t need much equipment,” he says. “Give me a jump rope, a kettlebell and occasionally, a medicine ball, and I can train anyone from 7 years old to 90.”

Crine, who is the Director of Strength and Condition for Reload PT, believes there are easy ways to work movement into your daily routine. In part one, he shared several stretches you can do to break up your back-to-back Zoom meetings.

In this episode, Crine walks John through five exercises that you can do right in your living room — from the Half Kneeling Halo to the Plank Saw. Crine refers to these exercises as body weight training. “This type of training is perfect for someone who is trying to exercise more in the new year,” Crine explains. “You can do a ton of stuff.” Watch the full episode to see Molner and Crine talk about the importance of body weight training and exactly which size kettlebell each person should use. 

#1 The Kettlebell


Hunter Crine calls the kettlebell the “Swiss Army Knife of exercise equipment.” It’s incredibly versatile and engages all of the larger muscles of the body. This kettlebell from Walmart is built-to-last, featuring high-quality solid cast-iron construction and a colored vinyl covering. For women, Crine recommends buying a kettlebell anywhere between 8-12 kg and for men, try the 16-24 kg.

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#2 The Cross Rope


If you’re looking to splurge on a piece of gym equipment, try the Cross Rope. It’s one of Hunter’s go-to products for all of his clients. This $100 jump rope will transform your workout routine. It’s built for all fitness levels and includes a fast clip connection system that allows you change the rope weight quickly. This jump rope is tangle-free and perfect for weight loss, cardio and strength changing.

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#3 Medicine Ball

medicine ball

For a total body workout, try the medicine ball. This one from Walmart will help you develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability and joint integrity. From lifting to tossing or slamming, this piece of equipment will work the entire body from arms to core to lower body. It comes in color-coded weights from 8-12 lbs — perfect for your home gym. 

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