The Best Gifts of 2022

9 Thoughtful Gifts For the Hero In Your Life

Healthcare Hero

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With all of the challenges we have endured in 2020, we wanted to dedicate a special section of products that focuses on frontline workers, first-responders, and our healthcare heroes. Their bravery and commitment to helping others is unmatched in the fight to find a cure for the coronavirus, and they deserve memorable and thoughtful gifts that will make things just a little bit easier. From bath bombs to hand remedies to the perfect eye mask, we hope these bits of joy make their day.

#1 Avocado Face Cream

Who said avocados and green tea were just for your inner health? This delicious smelling hand cream is like a healing spa for your hands. If you want to give the feeling of a fresh, botanical garden trip in one tiny bottle this is the perfect gift.

Buy Here – $11

#2 OUAI “Chill Pills”

All you need is a tub, the OUAI Chill Pills bath bomb, and one free hour. Drop one of these babies in warm bath water, light some candles, and you’ve got yourself an oasis! You can even use the whole pill for an extra sudsy time.

Buy Here – $30

#3 “Thirsty Hands” Hand Mask

Our hands deserve their own facial after this year! Due to our constant hand washing (you’re still doing that, right?!) our hands can get dry and cracked pretty easily, but this Nail Inc. hand moisturizing mask— that slides on just like gloves!— smoothes and rejuvenates in just 15 minutes. You don’t even have to look away from your phone while you soothe and scroll.

Buy Here – $8

#4 BRAVE Definition Keychain

Gift a daily dose of inspiration with The Giving Keys, a company aiming to end homelessness through employment. Each key is stamped with an inspirational word like Let Go, Brave, and Joy, where you can purchase and embrace your own word, then pay it forward by giving your product to a person who needs the message. Every product you purchase supports job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness.

Buy Here – $30

#5 Weighted Eye Mask

Just like a weighted blanket, our eyes need a little extra love when we sleep too. Nodpod’s weighted eye mask is perfect for relieving stress, soothing migraines, calming anxiety, or easing into restful sleep. It’s coated in a cozy, fleece material and we’ve never been so excited to sleep before.

Buy Here – $32

#6 Lollia Hand Cream Gift Set

Life is like a box of hand creams… you never know what you’re gonna get. When you can’t decide which hand cream to gift— give a whole box! Each mini hand cream features a beautiful scent— grapefruit, white tea and honeysuckle, vanilla, water lily, or sugarcane and jasmine— and an iconic Lollia pattern. Each is handcrafted in the USA and includes six bottles to devour.

Buy Here – $46

#7 Sydney Hale: Woodsmoke + Amber Candle

Huckberry’s Sydney Hale Woodsmoke and Amber Candle, handcrafted in Virginia, helps you journey to a cabin in the woods right in your own home. The best part is when the candle burns down the glass doubles as a drinking glass or container. Burn this baby for 50 hours and you’ve got yourself your own whiskey mug.

Buy Here – $30

#8 Life is Good: Grateful Tee

Life Is Good’s 100% USA Grown Cotton tees are the best thing to throw on after a long day at work. Gift one of these comfy Thankful & Grateful tees to your hero for a perfect loungewear look for their day off.

Buy Here – $28

#9 SU2C Wristrock Bracelet

ElyseRyan is proud to support Stand Up To Cancer’s innovative research programs with the SU2C STANDING STRONG, SU2C WRISTROCK and SU2C ROCKS OF HOPE bracelets. Each stone is as unique as you. Stack them, love them, gift them!

Buy Here -$50

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