Molner's Table

Stay Active at Home with These Six Exercises

New York-based trainer Hunter Crine shares easy ways to work movement into your day

The pandemic has forced many of us to move our workout routines from the gym to our living room. For this episode of Molner’s Table, John is joined by New York-based trainer Hunter Crine. In case you missed it, Crine talked to KCM earlier this month about the best equipment to buy for your at-home gym. Here’s a hint: it’s not a Peloton bike.

In this episode, Crine talks John through six at-home exercises that can help work movement into your daily routine. His secret ingredient? Look no further than the jump rope. (Crine recommends splurging on the Crossrope jump rope.) By dedicating a few minutes each day to these exercises, you will not only feel better but also perform better, Crine says. “You cannot separate physical and mental health.”

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