You May Actually *Enjoy* Wearing These Comfy Bras

most comfortable bra brands

Graphic by Giovanna Chung/KCM

Including Katie’s go-to bralette.

There’s nothing quite like the sweet relief of taking off an uncomfortable bra. We can all agree it’s a highlight of the evening — or afternoon, because, let’s be honest, we don’t always last as long as we intended when we first put it on. Once you’re free from a too-tight bra band or a poking underwire, anything is possible…or at least, comfort and relaxation finally are. 

Unfortunately, wearing a bra can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you don’t wear a standard size and have one that either is too tight or gapes, but finding a bra that fits and is comfortable is becoming more attainable. Online stores are finally expanding their size ranges and offering fit help through quizzes or online stylist meetings, and some even have extra lenient exchange and return policies. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new bra or just want something that won’t pinch and gape in all the wrong places, we’ve rounded up a few that we wear daily. From soft bralettes to supportive underwire styles, here are the most comfortable bras you can buy right now. 

The Most Comfortable Bras 

Parade Longline Plunge Bralette


If being naked is the most comfortable for you, wearing this bra is the next best thing. Soft, ribbed fabric is slightly compressive, and it feels like a gentle hug around your torso. Katie is a huge fan of the longline silhouette of this bra because it offers support without uncomfortable underwires. She has the bra in a rusty color that’s no longer available, but the good news is there are six other colors to choose from!

$12 at Parade

Uwila Warrior Braless Ribbed Cotton Tank

Uwila Warrior

In an ideal world, we’d all be braless, but that’s not the reality we live in. However, this bra-tank hybrid may be pretty close. Ciara Hopkinson, Senior Associate at Katie Couric Media, is a huge fan. “It’s supportive enough for me to wear solo, is super cute by itself or layered under something, and it’s really comfortable,” she says. It comes in six different colors, and reviewers say it’s great for both large and small chest sizes.

$48 at UW

Harper Wilde Everyday Plunge Bra

Harper Wilde

Mesh may not seem like a super supportive material, but it kind of functions like a hammock for your boobs. Stay with us here: Subtle stretch allows the fabric to mold to your natural shape, but it’s still sturdy enough to give you support. This bra from Harper Wilde disappears under clothing, and an extra mesh panel at the side of the bra adds lift to create tasteful cleavage.

$60 at Harper Wilde



Not everyone can (or likes to) close their bra in the back. Front closure bras are not only easier to put on, but they can be more comfortable, too. AnaOno creates bras for every body, especially those who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. This front-closure bra has pockets to hold modesty pads, prostheses, or breast forms, and it’s made from a soft, supportive material that doesn’t irritate incisions and can help hold bandages and dressings in place post-op.

$59 at AnaOno

Thirdlove 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra

thirdlove second skin bra


You ever find a bra so good that you force all of your friends and loved ones to try it, too? Commerce editor Katie P. bought this unlined wonder for her mom, sister-in-law, and some friends after falling in love with it herself. The cups are made from double-lined microfiber that’s soft against skin and smoothing under clothing, the wide straps don’t dig into your shoulders, and the thick side wings don’t cause any back bulging. Magic? We think so.

Natori Understated Underwire T-Shirt Bra


Don’t let the skinny straps on this one fool you — they may be tiny, but they are mighty! Because of their spaghetti-like width, they won’t show under strappy tops, but they are still strong enough to provide some lift. “At my ripe old age I actually look perky,” one reviewer wrote. “The underwire (which I always avoided) doesn’t bind and I love the light give of the soft elastic back,” they continue. Sounds like a win to us.

$70 at Natori

Lively Low Back Bralette


Bralettes have a reputation of being unsupportive, but we’re here to tell you they’ve changed — unlike that past flame of yours. This one from Lively is made from a silky smooth fabric that won’t leave lumps and bumps under clothing, and the band sits lower than a traditional bra band to ensure it doesn’t show under tank tops or dipping necklines. Right now it only comes in sizes XS to L, but Lively does have a comfortable busty bralette that offers a lot of coverage for those with slightly curvier cups.

$38 at Lively

Wacoal Comfort First Underwire T-Shirt Bra


Seamless bras tend to roll or bunch because they don’t have the structure of a seam, but not this one. Reviewers love the thick band that stays in place but doesn’t leave lines or squeeze too much, and one reviewer mentioned that even though her “boobs have a mind of their own, they fit perfectly inside and there’s no spillage.” 

$68 at Nordstrom

Soma Enbliss Bralette


No hooks, no problem. While you may enjoy the stretch and shoulder cracking you get when struggling to clasp your bra in the morning (kidding!), slipping this supportive bralette over your head is certainly easier. According to reviewers, the band will be a little tight at first, but it’ll loosen up as you wear it. 

$48 at Soma

Thirdlove 24/7 Perfect Coverage Bra


When Thirdlove named this the Perfect Coverage Bra, they knew they had created the Goldilocks bed of bras — not too much cup, but not too little. While we love a sexy half-cup number, it’s just not comfortable for day-to-day wear. The slightly padded (think a thin layer of foam to cover you in cold rooms) cups stay smooth under shirts, eliminating bra lines, and the thick straps help lift your chest without feeling like backpack straps.

$72 at Thirdlove

Cuup Demi Bra


If a bralette and a traditional underwire bra had a baby, this would be it. The cups have a slightly translucent double-layered mesh that shows off your natural shape (but doesn’t show too much if you know what we mean), yet is supportive enough to give you some lift without padding. Cuup also has sizes up to 38H with select cup sizes also available in band sizes 40-44, making it more size-inclusive than other brands.

$78 at Cuup

Skims Mesh Bralette


You’ve probably caught on by now, but boob sweat is our arch nemesis. Not only is it uncomfortable, but seeing that sweat stain in the middle of your shirt when you least expect it is annoying. Opting for a bra made with a breathable fabric, like this mesh one, may be the difference between going on with your day or having to opt for an unexpected wardrobe change. 

$20 at Skims

Knix Catalyst Zip Front Bra


If the warm-up to your workout is rearranging your chest to fit into a sports bra, it may be time to look into a different bra style. Similar to a vest, you slide this over your shoulders and zip it in the front to secure your chest. Despite having a front closure, you still have an adjustable band in the back, so you can customize your fit. 

$89 at Knix

lululemon Like a Cloud High-Neck Longline Bra


Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to wear a “real” bra, and who are we to force you? This tank top-bra hybrid is comfortable enough to wear on its own as a top, but it’ll also disappear under shirts because of the silky fabric and high neck. 

$68 at lululemon

Negative Underwear Stealth Mode Bra

Negative Underwear

Because it’s been named the best T-shirt bra by Real Simple and New York Magazine, we’re pretty confident that you’d be pleased with this everyday bra. The cups have light padding to enhance your shape and provide some smoothing action without feeling like overkill, and the minimal style doesn’t show under tops like lace would. It really is a stealthy bra.

$75 at Negative