The Best Art Supplies For Beginner Painters

The best acrylics, canvases and more

Even though vaccine distribution is ramping up, we’re still embracing hobbies many of us cultivated during quarantine. We recently talked to an amateur candlemaker, and today, we’re spotlighting some of the best tools for amateur painters. 

Painting is a fun, accessible outlet for creative expression. From an acrylic paint set to the right canvas, here are some of the best products to invest in to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. 

Liquitex BASICS 8 Tube Acrylic Paint Set

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Become the artist you always wanted to be with Liquitex’s acrylic paint set. A recommended brand by artists worldwide, Liquitex’s paint set is perfect for beginners who are looking for high-quality paint at an affordable price. The basic set is versatile, easy to clean, and offers a wide variety of ranges that will add depth, texture, and different tones to your painting.

Buy Here: $30

Mont Marte Signature Brush Set

What is an artist without their paintbrush? It’s the most important tool that brings an idea to life, and makes a picture worth a thousand words. Team KCM loves Mont Marte’s signature set that comes with 17 brushes for all forms of paint. 

Buy Here: $23

Academy Art’s Stretched Canvas

This is one of the highest-quality canvases for artists of all levels. In this value pack of 4, these canvases come pre-primed, acid-free, and friendly for all types of paint!

Buy Here: $32

T-Sign Artist Easel Stand

What did painters like the late Bob Ross and Michangelo have in common? They painted their canvases at eye level. With so many easel stands in the market, T-Sign’s Easel stand is perfect for artists who are just starting out. (Plus, it’s adjustable for any height and width.)

Buy Here: $23

Art Supply Painting Palette

 Palettes are essential for every painting session especially if you love mixing colors and creating different shades and tints. Say goodbye to blending colors on paper or cardboards, this palette has space for it all!

Buy Here: $8

Winton Oil Colour Paint Basic Set

Ready to take your paintings to the next level? Try this oil color paint set, which has a high level of pigmentation. At an affordable price, you can create a piece of artwork that looks like it belongs in a museum.

Buy Here: $40

Cotman Watercolor Paint

Watercolors are one of our favorite art supplies! It’s easy to use them to cover larger areas. Plus, they are quick to dry and easy to blend.

Buy Here: $40

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Written by KCM intern Bryan Tenecela.