Where to Buy the Best Chinos, and Why They’ll Never Go Out of Style

collage of chinos

Find your next timeless pair of year-round pants.

Ah, chinos: An easy, breezy wardrobe staple that we truly couldn’t live without. As a trusty chameleon of the clothing world, chinos are a comfy yet flattering option for both dressy and casual occasions. Are you a member of the uninitiated? Or are you afraid that chinos might be too blah to act as the foundation of a cute outfit? We’re here to fill you in on how this wardrobe staple can change your life.

Chinos are pants constructed from chino cloth — a twill fabric made of cotton or a cotton-poly blend. The result is a clean-cut, breathable, elegantly simple pair of pants that look great in a wide variety of situations. Seriously — you can wear chinos to a dinner party, on a fun night out, to a low-key lunch, or on a simple, sunny stroll around town.

A pair of these lightweight, versatile pants are a must-have for traveling, too, as you can create endless outfits with them, they won’t take up too much space, and once you wear them, they’re super comfy.

Also, we should mention that while chinos are similar to khakis, they can come in a range of colors, instead of only — well — khaki. We’ve found chinos in tons of different shades — from the classic (and never out of style) warm beige to a poppy, saturated green to a sweet, pastel pink. Whether you’re searching for a timeless pair or something a bit bold, you’ve got a lot of easy shopping ahead of you.

15 Best Women’s Chinos 2023

J.Crew Capeside Chino Pant


Timeless doesn’t always translate to trendy, but thankfully there are wide-leg chinos for those who appreciate subtle style evolution. This high-waist pair from J.Crew has an easy fit without looking too oversized.

$89.50 at J.Crew

Madewell Griff Tapered Fatigue Cargo Pants


Leave it to Madewell to engineer the curvy chinos of our dreams. The Griff Tapered Fatigue Pant is specially made for those with an “hourglass” shape. Because these chinos have an adjustable waistband, there’s no need to un-puzzle the benefits of sizing up or down. One reviewer praises the fit while also assuring us that we can stop stressing about waist gaps: “It’s genuinely tough to find a pair of bottoms that look good on a pear-shaped body, but these pants are IT!”

$88 at Madewell

ASOS Hourglass Chino Pants


We’re all familiar with the waist gap struggle: Finding pants that fit in the thighs and hips is hard enough, then you have to hope there isn’t so much extra room in the waist that you can’t ever wear them without a belt. This pair from ASOS is specifically made to suit those needs, eliminating the dreaded loose waist so many of us encounter.

$32 at ASOS

O’Neill High Waist Cotton Chino Pants


For those of us who prefer a high-waist to a mid-rise, this is the pair of chinos to go with. The rise will go above your belly button, giving you some extra support and eliminating any chances of your underwear peaking out over your waistband. If you’re on the taller side, these may look more cropped on you, as the inseam is only 27 inches.

$60 at Nordstrom

Abercrombie and Fitch Relaxed Cargo Pants


Abercrombie is back and better than ever, and we can’t stop adding their classics to our closets. Consider these a chic take on the utilitarian cargo pant. They have a tailored trouser shape, but pockets on the sides of the legs add a relaxed feel (hence the name of the pants).

$77 at Abercrombie

Amazon Essentials Stretch Chino Pants


Adding a pair of colorful pants to your wardrobe can be daunting, but it’s certainly easier to do when they cost less than $20. These coral beauties only cost $19, and if you prefer something more muted, they also come in olive, khaki, navy, white, and black.

$33 at Amazon

J. Crew Slim Boyfriend Chino Pant


Sometimes, all you need in a pair of pants is the ideal amount of slouch. If that’s what you’re after, we’ve got a pick from J.Crew. Their Slim Boyfriend Chino Pant is “a chino version of our best-selling slim boyfriend silhouette.” This casual pair sits right on your hip, and, according to one reviewer, is the best pair of lightweight pants they’ve ever owned.

$72 at J.Crew

Gap Straight Up Khaki with Washwell


We always look to Gap for the classics, and we’re very pleased that they — as usual — have delivered. Their Straight Up Khaki features an elegant high waist that provides both structure and stretch. One reviewer commends the versatility of these pants: “Very casual with a tee or preppy for work with a blazer or cardigan.” You’ll find a stunning selection of neutrals alongside some lively pastels. Bonus points for this pair: These chinos are in Gap’s “water-saving Washwell program.” This program “has saved millions of liters of water since 2016.” What’s not to love?

$70 at Gap

Caslon Stretch Cotton Chino Pants


These Caslon Stretch Cotton Chino Pants are nicely fitted while also maintaining a generous amount of stretch. They come in four solid neutrals that will complement any top, sweater, or bodysuit. According to one reviewer, this light pair of chinos were utterly perfect for “a very hot vacation.” If you’re going out of town for a warm trip, consider taking these chinos along for the ride.

$49 at Nordstrom

L.L. Bean Lakewashed Chino Pants

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean’s Lakewashed Chino Pants are made for those seeking a subtle, classic, straight leg chino. One happy reviewer purchased these as a slightly dressier alternative to an everyday pair of jeans: “I got them as something comfy to wear that’s a bit more ‘upmarket’ from the jeans I wear most of the time.” Another bonus point: Because this pair has narrower leg openings, these pants are very easy to cuff.

$60 at L.L. Bean

Everlane Relaxed Chino


When seeking out minimalistic, flattering clothing, it shouldn’t be surprising to see Everlane on the list. The Everlane Relaxed Chino is constructed from buttery soft, 100 percent TENCEL Lyocell fabric so you’re guaranteed to feel comfy while achieving a crisp, tailored look. Everlane stocks a nice range of neutral colors, alongside a bright, stand-out Key Lime shade. We also love the asymmetrical back pockets — it’s a unique, precise detail.

$118 at Everlane

Sara Campbell Sheri Pant

Sara Campbell

This is a KCM MVP! Wake-Up Callers can’t get enough of these pants. The Sara Campbell Sheri Pant is a great option for those who want to indulge in cute statement chinos. While this pull-on pair comes in some great neutrals, you can shake things up by trying out the bright strawberry shade, the oceany azure, or the buttery chamois. Regardless of your chosen color, one reviewer assures us that these pants remain super versatile: “Can dress them up or down — they are incredibly comfortable.”

$168 at SC

Alex Mill Boyish Chino

Alex Mill

If you want to experiment with more masculine silhouettes, the Alex Mill Boyish Chino might be the choice for you. Per Alex Mill, this pair was “inspired by our men’s Flat Front Chino.” The inspiration really shows: One reviewer points out that these pants “invoke a vintage military chino feel.” You can easily balance out the severe, straight-leg look by wearing a more feminine top — or you can lean into the boyishness with a white button down or black blazer. Did we mention that this pair has a separate pocket just for your phone?

$145 at Alex Mill

Pistola Tammy High Rise Trouser


If you’re looking for a very structured pair of chinos, the Pistola Tammy High Rise Trouser will suit your needs. This pair is made of 100 percent cotton — so keep in mind that these chinos have less stretch. The high rise is accentuated by four neutral yet eye-catching buttons. You can also play around with the fit near the ankle. We love being able to adjust the structure of these chinos, customizing them so that they perfectly flatter our footwear.

$128 at Pistola