Style Star Stacy London on What to Wear, Eat, and Read Right Now

Stacy London headshot

The former What Not to Wear stylist extraordinaire and State Of CEO shares her recent obsessions.

For over a decade, Stacy London’s mission was to help women (and those who identify as women) feel good in their own skin. As a stylist on TLC’s hit show What Not to Wear, she doled out fashion and beauty tricks to help people look and feel their best. 

Today, this style star continues to uplift women’s spirits as the CEO of State Of. Except now, she’s cultivating a supportive community for women going through perimenopause and menopause. Inspired by her own rocky road entering this new life stage, State Of’s mission is to create a more comfortable conversation around the natural “change” while selling safe and natural beauty products that help to ease common symptoms like hot flashes and dry skin. (We love keeping this peppermint Cooling Spray in our purse for instant calming relief). 

Below, dive into London’s recent obsessions — from the clothing brand she loves to rock to her favorite cookbook, and one delicious breakfast recipe we can’t wait to try. 

What to watch: I love Dr. Lisa Mosconi’s TED Talk on how menopause affects the brain.

What to listen to: My favorite podcast is Hot Flashes & Cool Topics, which is about women in midlife and beyond. [London joined co-hosts Colleen Ricci Rosenblum and Bridgett Biagi Garratt on an episode about her journey to becoming the CEO of State of and her goals to remove shame around aging and menopause.]

What to wear: All I wear these days is Daryl K and vintage!

What to cook: I love starting my day with scrambled Handsome Brook Farms eggs drizzled with Brightland’s chili olive oil and a gluten-free Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit with Miyokos vegan butter.  

What to read: Dressing on The Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked): 11 Science-Based Ways to Eat More, Stress Less, And Feel Great About Your Body by Jaclyn London. I wish I could say I’m biased because she’s my sister, but I’m biased because it’s the best nutrition book out there.