Candace Bushnell’s Mid-Life Dating Tips

Author Candace Bushnell

You know Candace Bushnell as the mastermind behind one of our all-time favorite TV Shows, Sex and The City. Now, over 15 years after the show ended, Candace has written a new book, whose title addresses an important question for middle-aged women re-entering the dating world: “Is There Still Sex in the City?” As someone who personally dove back into the dating pool later in life, I couldn’t help but wonder…does Candace have any tips for how to get back out there? Turns out, she does! Take it away, Candace…

I never thought I would still be giving dating tips at 60, but like a lot of women, I found myself single in my 50s and had to figure out the brave new world of dating. I tried it all — from Tinder, to stalking guys on bicycles. I dated men old enough to be my father, and young guys who didn’t like dating apps any more than I did — and along the way, I learned a thing or two. FYI: I met MNB (my new boyfriend) through a mutual friend, IRL. Here goes:

  • Your mom was right, looks don’t matter nearly as much as personality.
  • Watch out for Mr. Bigs  —  at this point in your life it’s better to focus on being Mr. Big yourself, rather than looking for a man to fill that role.
  • Know what you want!
  • Pay attention to your emotions when you’re dating. If it starts to feel like a job, take a break. If it feels good, keep going.
  • Most people have better luck on dating sites when they are specific. For example, dating sites like “over 50 in your area” or “dating sites for people who like dogs.”
  • Figure out a plan for what to do if your date wants to have sex and you DON’T!
  • Pay attention to your first interactions with someone. If a person can’t seem to make a plan, they probably won’t change.
  • Make sure you have a good relationship in real life, not just one online. The biggest things that happen in relationships happen IRL, like marriage, children, taking care of someone when they are ill, sharing a meal, etc.
  • SMELL GOOD. Smell is important. The nose knows things before we do. Up the odds by smelling great.
  • Look for someone you can change with, because people do change.
  • Avoid people with money troubles — they usually bring those troubles into your life.
  • Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a relationship. There’s nothing people love more than to connect people they think will be a good match. It’s a blessing to all!!

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