How Katie Stays Cozy in Winter (With These Picks, You’ll Never Want to Leave the House Again)

robe, socks, tea, and mug on purple background


From snuggly slippers to essential humidifiers, here’s what Katie can’t live without during the cold winter months.

It’s the chilliest time of the year, and most of us are really starting to feel it. From a record-setting snowstorm in Virginia that left hundreds of cars stranded on the highway for hours (and left many drivers strategizing about how to be prepared in case this happens to them!) to a rare cold snap causing snow to fall in Florida, 2022 must have heard about how mild the weather was in 2021 and taken it as a personal challenge. No matter what your star sign is, we have an inkling that your horoscope for this month might read, “stay indoors and stay warm.” 

Even though Katie is a big fan of the snow — she is officially a New Yorker by now, after all — she’s ready to hunker down inside to escape from the chilly weather just like the rest of us. And if you know anything about Katie, you know she loves to be comfortable. So we asked her to share some of her favorite cozy clothes and home goods to help us create the perfect ambiance for a cheerful, snuggly evening at home.

The Danish actually have a specific word for this type of safe, warm comfort that comes from snuggling up at home — it’s called hygge, and is associated with feelings of contentment, comfort, and well-being. With their cultural emphasis on this special type of self-care, it’s no wonder Denmark is consistently ranked on the list of happiest countries in the world. So let’s take our cue from the Danes and get ready to hunker down til Spring — with these recs, we don’t see any reason for you to leave your home until then!

UGG Shearling Slippers

When your feet are cold, your whole body feels chilled, which is why Katie opts to wear these snuggly slippers from UGG while she’s inside. They’re easy to slip on and off whenever, but the rubber sole keeps you from slipping and sliding around on hard floors while you walk around the house. The shearling lining keeps your feet toasty warm all day, without making you feel sweaty.

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L.L. Bean Organic Terry Cloth Robe

On those extra cold days, we wish we never had to leave the hot shower. Those few seconds between opening up the curtain and wrapping yourself in your towel are brutal. Spare yourself a few freezing seconds by putting on a terry cloth robe straight out of the bath. It not only helps dry you off, but it covers more than your typical towel, keeping you warm and dry with minimal effort involved.

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Canopy Humidifier

Dry winter air wrecks havoc on your skin and sinuses. Not only can it contribute to dry, flaky skin, but it can actually cause you to have nosebleeds or other sinus discomfort. Adding a humidifier is a great way to restore the moisture levels in the air in your home. Most humidifiers are bulky and ugly though, and need to be cleaned often to ensure they aren’t blowing out mildew or mold into the air around you. This one from Canopy has a dishwasher-safe tank, making cleaning it regularly a breeze. It’s also whisper-quiet, a quality Katie appreciates for keeping it close. 

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Bearaby Weighted Blanket

Katie is officially a weighted blanket convert! A weighted blanket feels like wrapping yourself up in a hug, but the glass beads they’re often made with make a pretty annoying racket when you move. This weighted blanket by Bearaby is made from breathable Tencel fabric that wicks away moisture if you tend to get hot under the covers. The weight mimics deep pressure stimulation, working to relax your nervous system and allowing you to rest more easily.

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Shit That I Knit Motley Beanie

Did you know that you lose a majority of your body heat through the top of your head? Even more of a reason to don a cute beanie during frosty weather. Not only will you disguise any bad hair days, but the soft knit of this beanie will help you hold on to some extra heat, keeping you and your noggin nice and toasty. Speaking of disguises, don’t be surprised if someone mistakes you for Katie in this hat, since she wears hers all the time. 

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Frères Branchiaux Green Lavender Candle

Breathe in the relaxing aromas of lavender, lemongrass, and bergamot after lighting this candle. The scents will help you unwind after a long day or set the mood for a chill day at home. Made with soy wax, the candle burns longer than other wax blends, and it will also burn soot-free. When you’re done with the candle, you can clean out the beautiful amber jar and use it for storage, too. Katie likes a lavender scent for its relaxing effect. 

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Caire Beauty Face Ritual Rose Quartz Roller and Theorem Serum Boost Set

Katie loves a spa day, but it cold weather, it’s easier to DIY! And treating yourself to a relaxing facial is easier than you think. This serum and roller set allows you to moisturize your skin and depuff at the same time, all while also giving yourself a mini face massage. The roller is made of rose quartz, which doesn’t absorb any product and is cooling to the touch, allowing you to really make the most of any serums and creams you apply. When you’re done, simply wash the roller with some soap and water so it’s ready to use for next time.

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LAKE Pima Long-Long Weekend Set in Winter

Matching pajamas always feel fancier for some reason, almost like a special outfit for a night in. Katie is a major proponent PJ sets, especially from LAKE. She’s a fan of these pima cotton ones because they’re soft to the touch and stretchy, making them a great choice for chilly nights or cozy days on the couch. Katie’s into the simple stripes on this pair; the pattern jazzes up the set without feeling too busy.

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Ginger Peach Cobbler Tea Drops

Wrap your hands around a warm mug of tea and enjoy the flavors of peach cobbler with these tea drops. Unlike bags, you drop a heart-shaped tablet into hot water to make this tea, allowing it to dissolve completely before enjoying. Despite being just as sweet as your favorite dessert, this caffeine-free tea is only 25 calories, making it a great after dinner drink that will also satisfy your sweet tooth. Katie relied on Tea Drops a lot while on her book tour to help her relax after a show. 

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Pottery Barn Fireplace Tools

Snuggling up next to a fireplace with a good book is Katie’s definition of a good time. You can’t keep the fire burning without the proper tools though, so why not make sure they’re just as beautiful as they are functional? These brass fireplace tools are adorned with wooden handles and leather hangers, adding an extra touch of class to the normally plain tool set. Plus, they make restocking the fire and cleaning up any ashes a little more luxurious feeling.

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Yeti Rambler Mug with MagSlider Lid

We’ve all forgotten a cup of freshly made tea or coffee immediately after making it, and we’re all too familiar with the walk to the microwave to heat up the now cold drink. With a thermal mug like this one from Yeti, your drink will stay warm for hours. That’s why John and Katie can’t live without theirs! It comes with a top that you can slide closed to prevent spills and hold in heat, making it great for keeping at your desk while you work or taking it on the go for a winter stroll. 

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Bomba’s Lightweight Calf Socks

Keep your toes nice and warm in a pair of soft socks. Bombas creates crew socks that are cute and cozy, and they also donate an item to someone experiencing homelessness for each item you purchase from the brand, which is one of the reasons Katie and John are fans of the brand. So far, they’ve donated more than 50 million clothing items to those in need. 

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