Summer Beauty Series: Wedding Hair and Makeup That’ll Look Fresh All Day

KCM's Summer Beauty Series

How to fight frizz and make an updo last, and this season’s “it” nail color.

It’s no secret that we’ve had weddings on the brain since Katie’s daughter Ellie got hitched. If you’ve got a wedding coming up, you probably know about all the things to look forward to, including picking an outfit, the first dance, the cake-cutting, and cutting it up on the dance floor. But what you might be dreading is the idea of keeping your hair and makeup looking fresh and polished throughout the day.

Heat and humidity can be murder on your style. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks for keeping your look in line during a hot, sweaty day. We asked Bliss and Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore for her thoughts on how to maintain your hair and makeup during a long, lovely summer wedding day (into night).

What are your favorite products for keeping your foundation/blush/etc. looking good during a summer wedding day-to-night?

First of all, let’s not rule out taking a minute or two to refresh your makeup during the day. It doesn’t just perk up how you look, but how you feel, too. (We call it “beauty snacking.”) At a luxury makeup lab in Italy, we found this ingenious Mascara Reviver+. It’s specifically designed to give your lashes some oomph if they start flagging by mid-afternoon. Also a cream blush is small enough to carry in your pocket, and it delivers an instant, fresh-faced transformation. Plus, you can dab a little extra on your lips.  

It’s about individuality, wearing what you love, and having fun. And of course, working your skincare really hard, because makeup always looks better on a healthy face. Bright nails work for everyone and can be fun and playful. I’m so into this summer’s bright blue polish, which looks amazing on fingers or toes — I love it with a tan sandal. Plus, cream eyeshadow sticks are so easy for summer. You can just glide them along your eyelids, or under your lower lash line, and get that extra bit of depth to shape and frame your eyes. I love a sheer matte lip: Take any bright color, dab it on, then blot. And a little shimmer or brightener in the inner corners of your eyes makes your whole face come alive. Listen, even blue eyeshadow is doable, if it’s paired with a nude lip

Which hair products or tools would you recommend for keeping an updo from flopping or getting fuzzy after a long, hot day?

Having short hair, an updo is one of the few beauty challenges that I don’t grapple with. But flopping and fuzzing hair? I can relate. To tame frizz and fuzz, you have to lock moisture into the hair cuticle and keep your hair well-hydrated. Beauty Pie’s incredible Coconut Water Heat Shield Blow Dry Spray does exactly that. Trying to keep an updo in place in the heat? Use a densifying mousse or a dry shampoo to add body and a bit of “grit.” Then layer on a strong holding spray. (And if you’re at a special event, like a wedding, maybe keep it in your handbag for touch-ups as needed.) 

Which lipsticks or glosses do you love for special occasions?

I don’t leave the house without lipstick, so for me, a great lipstick can make every occasion a special occasion. Of course one always needs to balance their lip color with their eye makeup. If you’re doing smoky eyes for an evening, a nude or neutral lip is always the best partner. But if you’ve gone relatively fresh-faced, a slick of mascara and a bit of liner with a bright red or deep red lip is quite lush!

My favorite “like nothing but better” lipstick is called Cowboy Nude and it works no matter what eye I’ve got on. For a bolder statement, YSL has some incredible reds. That’s what I love about working in the beauty industry: When you give a girl the right lipstick, she feels like she can take on the world.

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