10 Products to Help You Go Pegan

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Join Katie and Dr. Mark Hyman on their 21-day health reset

Dr. Mark Hyman, health expert and author of The Pegan Diet, has been guiding us through our 21-day health reset. The Pegan program combines the best aspects of the paleo diet with the vegan diet. Hyman’s food-is-medicine approach, which he outlines in his book, is not only good for your brain and your body, but also the environment.

Team KCM is a little more than a week into our 21-day health reset. We’ve rounded up a list of products to help make this health journey a little bit easier. From products to help with your meal prep to the perfect knife set, we have it all. In case you missed it, check out Dr. Mark Hyman’s grocery store list to make sure you have all the essentials for your reset.

#1 Stackable Egg Storage Container

egg storage crate

If there’s one thing we know about going Pegan, it means a lot of eggs. Get your fridge organized with this egg tray. It holds 14 eggs and is made of durable, clear plastic. Not only will your fridge look good, but your eggs will stay safe and secure. Next time you are whipping up one of Dr. Mark Hyman’s recipes, you’ll thank us.  

Buy Here: $12

#2 GreenPan 2-Piece Fry Pan Set


KCM’s Eliza loves using her GreenPans in the kitchen. Upgrade your frying pans with this 2-piece nonstick set. These pans are made with hard-anodized aluminum which ensures a quick, even heat distribution — perfect for any Pegan-friendly meal. This set comes with one 8” pan and one 10” pan. Speaking of frying pans… Team KCM has our eyes on this egg frying pan we spotted on Amazon. Make the perfect sunny-side-up eggs with this aluminum 4-cup pan. 

Buy Here: $39.99

#3 ‘The Pegan Diet’ by Dr. Mark Hyman

mark hyman the pegan diet

Are you looking for some mouth-watering pegan-friendly recipes? In The Pegan Diet, Dr. Mark Hyman shares 30 recipes that combine the best aspects of the paleo diet with the vegan diet. He also shares tips and advice to help you get, and stay fit, healthy and focused.

Buy Here: $16.80

#4 32 oz Hydro Flask Water Bottle with Straw Lid

water bottle

Dr. Mark Hyman says you need to drink one thing and one thing only to be healthy: plain water. It’s tough, we know, so set yourself up for success with a water bottle that will last you. This one from Hydro Flask is made with professional-grade stainless steel and features an easy sipping straw. Your cold drinks will stay ice cold for 24 hours, while hot beverages stay wickedly hot for 12 hours. 

Buy Here: $49.95

#5 Cusinart Salad Spinner

salad spinner

There’s nothing worse than soggy, wet greens. This Cuisinart salad spinner can wash and dry greens, fruits, and veggies using an easy-to-turn spin knob. It’s perfect for individual or two-person servings and will make your meal prep much easier. 

Buy Here: $14.99

#6 Baggu Reusable Grocery Bags


How many trips to the grocery store have you taken since we kicked off our 21-day reset? Answer: a lot. Team KCM loves Baggu’s reusable grocery bags. They come in tons of fun colors and can hold about 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff. These bags are made with 40% recycled material and are both functional and affordable. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags with Baggu. (Psst… Don’t forget to check out our Pegan-friendly grocery list before your next trip to the store.) 

Buy Here: $12

#7 Ninja Personal Blender


KCM’s Julia L. decided to buy a new blender before her 21-day reset. She’s been using Ninja’s Fit personal blender and couldn’t be more satisfied. “I was worried it would be too small to juice everything, but it gets the job done,” Julia said. This blender is small but mighty. It can crush through ice and frozen fruit in a matter of minutes, and it’s dishwasher safe. 

Buy Here: $49.99

#8 Henckels Forged Premio 14-piece, Knife Set

knife set

If there’s one thing you should splurge on in your kitchen, it’s good knives. KCM’s Stacey loves her Henckels knives. This 14-piece knife block set from Zwilling is currently 54% off. These knives are perfect for chopping up all of your veggies for your next Pegan-friendly dinner. 

Buy Here: $169.99

#9 Large Ice Cube Tray

ice cube tray

Spice up your beverages with giant ice cubes. This silicone ice tray easily pops out ice cubes and keeps your drink cooled for hours. Amazon users pointed out that these trays can be used for much more than just ice. You can use them to freeze juices, smoothies, leftovers and more.

Buy Here: $7.95

#10 Stasher Food Storage Bag, Pack of 4

stasher bags

Get rid of single-use plastic in your kitchen with these reusable silicone food storage bags. This set from Stasher comes with one half-gallon size bag, two sandwich size bags, and one snack size bag. As an added bonus: Stasher bags contain no BPA, no PVC, and no latex to keep your food safe from contaminants. Each bag features a pinch-lock seal to keep food fresh to store. They also come in a bunch of fun colors and can put straight in the dishwasher when they need a rinse. 

Buy Here: $67

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