11 Products That Will Make Your Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

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You can thank us later

We can all agree it’s been a long year of staying holed up inside. If you’re struggling to remember what your home looked like pre-Covid, it’s probably time for a refresh. Whether you’re clawing yourself out of a year of accumulated clutter or you happened to notice a layer of dust over everything but your bed and microwave, we have just the products to help make your home recognizable again. In case you missed it, read our conversation with Go Clean Co.’s Sarah McAllister, who shares cleaning tips and the one product she can’t live without. Read on for the KCM staff’s favorite cleaning and organizational finds.

#1 O’Cedar Spin Mop

spin mop

Sarah McAllister of GoCleanCo. swears by this spin mop, which includes a foot pedal on the bucket for hands-free wringing. The mop works for hardwood and tile alike and is designed to fit in tight spaces. Sarah recommends using one teaspoon of Powdered Tide ($19) in the bucket with very hot water to achieve top shine, and to change your water often for the best results. “This mop is a game-changer for your floors,” she told us.

by here: $38.99

#2 Cobweb + ceiling fan duster

Cobweb and ceiling fan duster

This handy tool is perfect for reaching high corners, fan blades, or the tops of shelves without pulling out a stepladder. One head has stiff bristles perfect for picking up cobwebs, and the other one is made of microfiber for optimal dust-trapping. The telescoping handle allows for both 20 feet of reach and easy storage, making this the perfect item to add to your broom closet.

buy here: $61.25

#3 Blueland cleaning products


This female founded and led company is striving to cut down on the billions of single-use plastic bottles – many of which come from cleaning products – that end up in landfills or oceans every year. Blueland’s kits come with reusable bottles and tablets that dissolve in water to become soap or cleaning solutions. Try The Clean Suite ($83) for the total package, from hand soap to glass cleaner to laundry detergent, or start with something smaller, like the multi-surface starter set ($16). Blueland also offers subscription services for its refills to ensure you always have the supplies you need.

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#4 Decorative Storage

storage cube organizer

Do you ever feel like you have too much… stuff? We love this sleek 6-cube storage organizer that will look great in any and every space. It comes in six different finishes and fits storage baskets to keep your toys, papers, you name it in one place. You can mix and match the different styles of bins on Walmart, here.

buy here: $57.99

#5 Scrub Daddy, Set of 8

scrub daddy sponge

There’s a reason we’ve recommended this sponge time and time again. Why? Because it’s not just a sponge. It’s a high-tech scrubber that stays odor-free for up to eight weeks. It’s time to toss your old, smelly sponges. This set comes with eight Scrub Daddy sponges and will last you many dirty dishes to come.

buy here: $27.99

#6 The Laundress Kit

laundering products kit

If you’re swapping out winter coats and jackets for your summer tees and shorts, you might need to run a load of laundry… or two. Treat yourself to the ultimate laundry experience with this laundry kit from The Laundress. (You may have read about their founders in our female founders spotlight.) Each kit comes with their top sellers, including their signature detergent, wool and cashmere shampoo, delicate wash, and sport detergent. Say goodbye to pricey dry cleaning bills with these plant-based formulas that can tackle any laundry load. As an added bonus, The Laundress offers 20% off your first order.

Buy Here: $74

#7 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Magic eraser

There’s really nothing a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can’t do. Order this set of 10 pads to scrub away marks on your walls, doors, bathtub and more. Just add a little water, squeeze, and erase the stains that have been around your house for years. You can thank us later. 

Buy Here: $12.48

#8 OXO Squeegee

stainless steel sqeegee

Get your bathroom sparkling clean with this Stainless Steel Squeegee. It’s the perfect little gadget to wipe down tiles, mirrors, shower doors, windows, and more. Pair it with this Rain-X shower door cleaner and your show will look spotless in no time.

buy here: $15.59

#9 Organizational Items

organization and storage items

Channel your Home Edit organization skills with cabinet organizers. You can shop Clea and Joanna’s collection of bins and other organizational items at the Container Store. We love their freezer bins to keep our frozen meals and ice cream organized. (Pssst: It’s on sale!) We also love this cabinet organizer from Walmart. It features a slide-out wire bin that will fit perfectly under your sink or in the pantry. It’s durable and will help you get the most out of that small cabinet.

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#10 Dyson V7 Vacuum

Dyson vacuum

You’ve likely heard your friends rave about the Dyson vacuum. But is it really worth the hype (and the price tag)? Answer: Yes. Splurge on the Dyson V7 this spring and you’ll actually look forward to vacuuming. It’s cordless, easy-to-use, and is engineered for all floor types. Like all Dyson cord-free vacuums, the V7 quickly converts to a handheld for cleaning those more difficult spots around the house. Dirt, dust, pet hair… you name it, be gone!

Buy Here: $293

#11 Home Diffuser

Fragrance diffuser

We spotted this Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser online and added it to our wish list. What is it exactly? Pura is an app-based fragrance diffuser that fills your home with the best-selling scents. You can schedule, swap between scents and adjust fragrance intensity straight from your smartphone. This one comes with some of NEST’s signature scents, including Bamboo and Grapefruit.

Buy Here: $85