Going Camping This Summer? Here’s Everything You’ll Need for a Perfect Trip

From tents to water filters to bug spray, we’ve got your camping list covered

No matter where you live, there’s always somewhere at least relatively close by where you can camp. For many of us, the thought of camping evokes happy childhood summertime memories, but there’s no reason why kids should have all the fun! Whether you’re planning on hiking to a site for a multi-night trip or just having a sleepover in the backyard, we’ve rounded up some of the best camping gear for all of you kids at heart.

Best Camping Tent


If you’re camping with the family (or just a big group that’s happy to sleep under the same polyester roof), we suggest the Coleman Montana 6-Person Tent. It’s a bit heavy so it isn’t the greatest choice if you’ve got a long hike ahead of you, but if you’re not planning to stray far from your campsite, it’s the best. For a lightweight backpacking tent, try the BISINNA 2 Person Camping Tent.

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Best Sleeping Bag for Camping

Sleeping Bag

For a good night’s sleep (or, as good as you can get while sleeping on the ground) the Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag is absolutely the best bang for your buck. You’ll obviously need to upgrade to something a bit more heavy-duty if you’re planning on winter camping or if you’re going to be at a high altitude, but this one is perfect for a warm summer night. 

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Best Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad is one of the most important things to remember when you’re packing, or you might as well be sleeping on the bare ground. The Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad is super lightweight and inflatable, so it takes up minimal space in your bag for maximum comfort.

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Best Camping Chair

Crazy Creek

There’s a reason why campers have gone crazy for The Crazy Creek since 1987. It’s lightweight, portable, comfortable, comes in a ton of colors, and is so much fun to rock back and forth on the ground in. Just make sure one of your buddies doesn’t sneak up behind you and unclip the straps because you’ll wind up lying in the ground! 

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Best Hiking Boots for Camping

Hiking Boot

Hiking boots can be a huge investment, and one you might not be willing to make if you’re not planning to climb Everest anytime soon. That’s why we recommend The Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Shoe. They’re incredibly reasonably priced, super comfortable, require very little breaking in, and are perfect for the beginner to intermediate hiker.

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Best Backpack for Camping


If you’re going to be the one lugging the tent, the cookware, and all of the food, you’re going to need a backpack that can handle the load. The TETON Sports Hiker 3700 Ultralight Internal Frame Backpack is as intense as the name suggests — it’s light, thickly padded for comfort, has a rain cover, and all of the space you could ever want. 

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Best Camping Water Bottle

Water Bottle

If you’re going to be doing an intense hike, a CamelBak reservoir (which is basically just a big plastic bag full of water that you put into your backpack and drink directly from) is your best bet. For the less intense camper, the Albor Insulated Water Bottle is a product we’d recommend time and time again. It’s a little bit heavy, but it can hold an enormous amount of water and will keep it cold (or hot) for as long as you need. 

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Best First Aid Kit for Camping

First Aid Kit

You never think you’ll need a first aid kit…until you need a first aid kit. This is another essential packing item we highly recommend you add to your list. The Survivewear Small First Aid Kit is specifically designed for hikers and campers and includes everything from bandages to an emergency blanket. 

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Best Camping Cooler


For the casual camper, you need someplace to put your hotdogs, your s’mores materials, and maybe even a few beers. The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler comes in multiple sizes, depending on how many hotdogs you plan to eat or beers you plan to drink on your trip. 

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Best Headlamp for Camping

Head Lamp

When the campfire’s gone out, you don’t want to be left in total darkness — especially if you want to tell ghost stories in your tent, or more importantly, if you’re taking a trip to the bathroom! That’s where a headlamp comes in handy. We like this two pack, so whoever you’re camping with can have one too.

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Best Camping Stove

Camping Stove

The MSR PocketRocket Ultralight Travel Stove is so tiny you’ll forget you’re even carrying it…until it’s time for dinner. That’s when you’ll be thankful you brought this little guy, who can boil a liter of water in just three and a half minutes.

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Best Camping Cookware


The GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist Outdoor Cook Set sort of reminds us of Mary Poppins’ bag — weighing in at just over a pound, this little sack contains a .4-liter pot with locking handle, a nylon strainer lid, two 14 fl. oz. bowls, two 14 fl. oz. insulated mugs, 2 sip through lids, and 2 telescoping “foons” (or “sporks” for the 90s kids).

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Best Water Filter for Camping

water filter

If you’re going to be taking a long hike to your campsite or will be cooking there, a water filter is a must. The Sawyer Gravity Water Filter is a favorite among hikers and campers alike, because you can easily fill it up anywhere for clean, drinkable water.

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Best Soap for Camping


Once you’ve finished eating, it’s time to clean up. The biggest rule of camping is “carry in, carry out,” and harsh dish cleaners can be awful for the environment. Campsuds is the perfect environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner…and we mean all-purpose! From your dishes to your hair, this cleaner does it all, and comes in a leak-proof bottle. 

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Best Sunscreen for Camping


Don’t let your vacation turn into a nightmare by forgetting sunscreen. Finding the right sunscreen for your skin is super important, and we love Supergoop Play Everyday Lotion. Just make sure you get the right level of SPF for your skin!

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Best Bug Spray for Camping

Bug Spray

Like ants at a picnic, mosquitos at a camping trip can be a real bummer, so make sure to place some quality bug spray before you head out. Try Bug Soother Spray, a DEET-free option that’s safe for your whole family.

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Best Charger for Camping

Solar Charger

If you’re useless with a compass and addicted to your Instagram, you might want to think about bringing a portable charger with you on your trip. The Sunjack Portable Solar Charger is perfect for all of you tech-addicted hikers and campers out there. If it runs out of battery life, no worries! The sun will recharge it.

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