The Ten Things Every Adult Should Have in Their Medicine Cabinet

Woman looking in medicine cabinet

You don’t want to run to the store every time you need a Band-Aid. Keep these items, all available at Walmart, stocked at home

Not all of us are prepared enough to have every type of over-the-counter remedy at the ready in our medicine cabinet. (Having that much space does sound luxurious, though.) Still, even if your bathroom has more of a Marie Kondo vibe, there are certain items that are ideal to have on hand, just in case. We’ve chosen ten we think you’ll be very glad to have at home if and when you need them — and they’re all available at Walmart!

Pain Reliever


Whether you’ve got a sudden headache or muscle ache, or you come down with a fever, you’ll be glad you’ve got an acetaminophen like tylenol or ibuprofen like Advil in your arsenal. 

Allergy Meds


There’s no worse feeling than when an allergy attack sneaks up on you. That’s why having an antihistamine like Zyrtec or Allergra can be a game changer for anyone who suffers from sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, or sore throat during allergy season.

Q- Tips

Q tips

From cleaning your ears, to removing nail polish, to wiping away gunk from between the keys on your laptop keyboard, Q- Tips can do it all. They’re an essential multipurpose item that everyone should have handy.  


Band Aids

No matter how old you are, you’ve probably gotten a nasty little cut or scrape sometime in the past couple of months. And there’s nothing worse than having to stick some toilet paper over the cut and hope the bleeding stops soon. That’s why we love a good box of assorted size Band-Aids, so whether you scrape your knee or paper-cut your finger, you’re covered. (Literally.)

Pepto Bismol

pepto bismol

Pepto is something you probably don’t think too much about needing… until you really need it. If you don’t have it on-hand already, we recommend buying some ASAP. Next time you’re suffering from an upset stomach and aren’t sure if you can even make it to the store, you’ll thank us, we promise.



Got a splinter? Need to tame a unibrow? Suffering from an ingrown hair? A good set of tweezers will get you out a pinch more often than you’d think. 

Nail Clippers

nail clippers

There’s a distinctly gross feeling when your nails — especially your toenails — have gotten just a little too long. It’s worth buying a good set of nail clippers for your medicine cabinet, which should last you for years of clipping and trimming during at-home manicures, and getting rid of hangnails.



Katie swears by Theraflu, and she’s made a number of the KCM team loyal converts. If you’re feeling generally crummy or can sense a cold coming on, there’s something uniquely soothing about drinking a warm cup of tea to help ward off your symptoms just before bedtime. (Especially when the other option is plugging your nose and downing a tablespoon of cough medicine.)

Period Products

Always pads

No matter your age or gender, it’s always polite and gracious to have period products available in your bathroom for anyone who needs them. We love Always pantyliners or a tampon variety pack to cover the needs of everyone who gets a visit from Aunt Flo. 

SPF Face Lotion


Any dermatologist will tell you that wearing an SPF during the day is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Whether your skin is dry or oily, a facial moisturizer is also a crucial part of any skin regime. So why not combine the steps with an SPF lotion? We love CeraVe because it’s so gentle, suits any type of skin, and doesn’t feel greasy.