The Dad in Your Life Will Love Molner’s Workout Essentials — And Here’s Why

Molner's Favorite Workout Gear

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Here’s everything helping John achieve his fitness goals.

Molner here! While I’m not a fitness freak, I do live an active lifestyle and appreciate high-quality, functional workout tools and attire. I’ve compiled some of my favorites to share with any like-minded individuals. And, if you’re on the hunt for a great Father’s Day gift for the active man in your life, chances are he’d love this gear, too.

I’m pretty selective when it comes to what I wear during a workout (or anytime, to be honest — which you know if you’ve read through my workwear suggestions and golf picks), and what equipment I use to help me break a sweat. I have some old favorites like lululemon’s versatile Great Wall pants and my go-to sneakers. But I’ve also stocked up on some new gear to help me elevate my workouts.

The past few years of working out in isolation have given me time to test-drive products and apparel and find what works best for me. That can be an arduous (and expensive) process, so, since I’ve already done the research, hopefully, my picks will help you find gear that helps elevate both your workouts and your man’s workouts. 

Whether you’re a runner, a weight lifter, or a workout improviser, read through my favorite workout gear and let’s get to work! After all, no one can have too much gear, right?

Best Fitness-Themed Father’s Day Gifts for the Active Dad

Athletic Greens

Step one to any good workout is ensuring you have the energy you need to fuel your body for exercise. I’m a huge fan of Athletic Greens, a drink mix that contains more than 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients in one glass. It helps fill nutrient gaps in my diet, and it also tastes pretty good.

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S’well Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while working out is important, too. A stainless steel double-walled water bottle keeps my drinks cold (or hot, if I’m using it for something other than a workout) for hours, and it keeps the bottle from sweating, meaning no funky drink rings left behind on tables. This one from S’well comes in a myriad of different colors and patterns, and holds just the right amount of water.

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Cloud Lightweight Shoes

Source: On

The Cloud lightweight shoe gets its name because you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds when you’re wearing them. They have a mesh top, which makes them breathable, and a durable, supportive sole, great for running or whatever type of workout you have planned. Plus, they look great — perfect for the active guy who prioritizes both style and comfort.



Source: Crossrope

Jumping rope is an incredibly efficient full-body exercise, and something I do almost every day. I’ve tried a lot of jump ropes, and I’m convinced that the Crossrope is the best one on the market.


Onnit Kettlebells

Source: Onnit

A good set of kettlebells is a must for any home gym. I prefer the 8kg, 12kg, and 20kg weights. But Onnit has a wide variety you can choose from, so pick the ones that work best for your fitness routine.


SPRI Medicine Ball

Source: Walmart

The medicine ball is another home gym essential. I like these from SPRI, because they’re easy to grip and bounce.


Whoop Strap

Source: Whoop

The Whoop strap is a fitness tracker that does a whole lot more than count your steps. It measures how well you’re sleeping, how intense your workouts are, and can even track your blood oxygen levels. A monthly membership even comes with personalized recommendations to help you take your training regimen to the next level.


Rhone Shorts

Source: Rhone

It’s time to throw out that ratty pair of gym shorts and upgrade. These Rhone shorts are comfortable, flexible, and stylish.


Kentwool Socks

Source: Kentwool

I’m a big fan of Kentwool socks. These are designed specifically for golfing and everyday activities. They’re breathable and provide some cushion where you need it. 


lululemon Metal Vent Tech Shirt

Source: lululemon

We all need a healthy supply of workout shirts. This one from lululemon fits great, comes in a bunch of different colors, and is made to last.



Source: Therabody

After a tough workout, there’s nothing better than a massage. The theragun is a great tool to help with a tight hamstring or relieve muscle soreness to help you recover faster after a session at the gym. It also works wonders for everyday stiffness too.