Reintroduce Yourself to Oatmeal With Jennifer Aniston’s Odd Yet Enticing Hack

jennifer aniston eggs


Creating fluffy, filling oatmeal has never been easier.

If you’ve ever spent an evening searching for the best overnight oats or savory oatmeal recipe, then you’re already familiar with the age-old question of how to make oatmeal feel indulgent. Many of us have frantically experimented with fussy amounts of chocolate, peanut butter, banana, or cinnamon in the hopes of enhancing and adding pizzazz to this often lackluster but healthy and easy breakfast staple.

Luckily for us, however, Jennifer Aniston has a simple tip that requires just one healthy ingredient that you probably already have in your fridge: An egg white.

She explains this odd hack in a shockingly vintage Elle interview that’s here to remind you that 2016 was almost 10 years ago. In the article, Aniston gushes over her then-husband Justin Theroux (they divorced a year after this feature but are still friends) and professes that she got her egg white trick from him.

Chatting about her quick breakfast staples, she says, “Sometimes, I’ll have a puffed millet cereal with a banana or I’ll do oatmeal with an egg white whipped in at the end.” She explains, “Justin [Theroux], my husband, taught me that little move to get extra protein! Right before [the oatmeal] is finished cooking, you just whip in an egg white and it kind of gives it this fluffy texture that’s delicious.”

That’s right — separate a raw egg white and use a fork or whisk to whip it into your morning bowl of oats. Don’t worry about salmonella: The hot oatmeal will lightly cook the egg white.

If you’re grossed out, remember an egg white is indeed quite neutral. If you’ve ever had a cocktail or mocktail served with a lush layer of beaten egg white froth, for instance, you probably get the picture.

Keep in mind that since egg white is neutral, you can still personalize Aniston’s take on the dish with additions like maple syrup or diced apple. And if you need ideas for using the leftover yolk, poaching it and adding it to a salad will make your lunch extra luxurious.