Dr. Sanjay Gupta On What To Watch, Read This Weekend

As CNN’s Emmy-winning chief medical correspondent and neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has a ton on his plate. But he found some time among his other responsibilities to write a new book. Called Keep Sharp, it offers plenty of advice on how to keep your brain in tip-top shape as you age. He recently sat down with Katie for an episode of Next Question and gave us some special recommendations on what to do this weekend…

What to Read:

One of the best books I read over the last year was Miseducation. It really helped me understand our educational systems and how they evolved into what they are. I also re-read The Great Influenza and The Hot Zone, just to get my head in the game.

What to Watch:

I don’t really watch a lot, but I watched Katie hosting Jeopardy!, and I loved it.

What to Cook:

I make a great vegetable frittata. That’s my thing, my go-to dish. Two of my girls love it, and one hates it, so it’s pretty good odds for me. I also make berry smoothies, which I highly recommend.

What Podcast to Listen To:

I like Hidden Brain. I also listen to a lot of virology podcasts. Celine Gounder has a great podcast; Michael Osterholm has a great podcast, and so does Andy Slavitt. 

What Music to Listen To:

We listen to a lot of music in the house. We all like Tame Impala, Imagine Dragons, Train, and my girls love Dave Matthews Band. It’s less about the band and more about the fact that we could all be standing around the kitchen counter and a song comes on and the five of us might just start to spontaneously go into a dance party. It’s the dance music that brings us all together.

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