Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

30 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love for Mother’s Day

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Because shopping is self-care.

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Even if it’s not your main love language, receiving a gift probably still brings a smile to your face. If you ask us, however, buying yourself something is just as enjoyable: You can pick out exactly what you want, you can receive it whenever you need a pick-me-up, and it’s a way to show yourself love — and goodness knows we could all use that.

Of course, we’re big supporters of the myriad other things you can do to take care of your mental and physical health, like going to therapyreading a new book, or releasing endorphins through exercise. But if shopping’s your thing, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a mother — or just a mother figure for someone — now is the time to spoil yourself. After all, raising kids (or cats) is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and you deserve some recognition for your work, perhaps in the form of luxurious skincare or a designer handbag. To get you started, here are 30 great excuses to exhibit self-love with our roundup of the best gifts for yourself for Mother’s Day — or any other day, really.

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30 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Yourself

Spanx The Get Moving Easy Access Square Neck Dress


We can’t think of a better way to treat yourself than with an upgrade to your everyday wardrobe. And when that item acts as a soft and supportive hug, you’ll feel the love every time you put it on. If you’re like us (or Katie), you’re also obsessed with athletic dresses: This one from Spanx works on the court or when running errands — we’d even wear it to a casual dinner. And in case you’re wondering, it does have built-in shorts for comfort and coverage, but you don’t have to totally disrobe to use the bathroom, because the shorts are only connected in the front.

$128 at Spanx

Hoka Bondi 8


In order to best protect your feet, knees, hips, and lower body in general, you should replace your running or walking shoes every 300 to 500 miles. If an upgrade is in order, both Katie and our staff suggest Hokas. These bad boys will give you maximum comfort, which is our main concern, but it doesn’t hurt that they look this cute and provide extra inches of height.

$165 at Zappos

Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies

Cornbread Hemp

Boost your relaxation levels during a night in, with CBD gummies. If you’re intimidated by all the hemp-y options that have flooded the market in recent years (some of which can seem a little sketchy), we found a brand you can feel trust: Cornbread Hemp products are Kentucky grown, manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, and tested by a third party to ensure you’re getting great quality. One reviewer wrote that “they bring my shoulders down and help me relax even when I don’t feel tense.” Relaxation we didn’t know we needed…where do we sign up?

$40 at Cornbread Hemp

Quince Carry-On Hard Shell Suitcase


Whether you’re venturing out on your first solo trip in ages, or traveling with the whole family, you need reliable luggage that eases your travel anxiety. Quince makes some of our favorite suitcases, in a wide range of sizes and hues. This one has a secure locking system and comes in vibrant easy-to-spot colors, like this lavender. 

$130 at Quince

J.Crew Wren Slim Shirt


Do you need yet another blouse? While we haven’t seen inside your closet, we’re going to go ahead and say yes, because you always need another blouse. You’d look worthy of a cameo in Barbie in this hot pink shirt, that’s classic enough to wear to work. Feeling more Malibu Barbie than corporate Barbie? Wear it as a swimsuit coverup once summer rolls around.

$60 at J.Crew

Kate Spade New York Essential Large Work Tote

Kate Spade New York

Sure, a designer handbag is a welcome gift, but wearing it will be much more satisfying when you put your own hard-earned money into it — literally and figuratively. (Plus, a handbag is so personal, it’s nearly impossible for someone to pick out the perfect one for you.) This classic work tote can operate as your everyday bag, but if you’re a new mom and feeling fancy, its multiple compartments mean it can double as an elevated diaper bag.

$398 at Kate Spade

Merit The Box Set


It sounds cliche, but sometimes all it takes to boost your confidence is a swath of red lipstick. Studies have shown that the color is universally appealing, and it’s been a sign of implied poise for decades. (Think of celebrities like Taylor Swift and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who often don the bright shade — don’t they just seem fierce with the bold lip?) Merit’s popular red is aptly named “Power,” but there are three extra hues in this beautiful set to suit whatever mood you’re in. 

$82 at Merit

Breville the InFizz Fusion


There’s nothing quite like a tasty, fizzy beverage after a long day. And while you could stock up your fridge with cans galore, owning your own carbonator is a much more environmentally and budget-conscious choice that’s just as tasty. Breville’s InFizz Fusion has the power to carbonate juice, tea, cocktails, and wine. Oh and you won’t have to worry about wasting flat pop anymore, because this machine can do what you thought was impossible: Re-fizz flat soda. 

$299 at Breville

MasterClass Subscription


No one should ever stop learning, but finding the time to go to a class can be tough, especially with kids or grandkids on your schedule. Thankfully, you can expand your mind from the comfort of your own couch with MasterClass. When you sign up for a membership, you can log on to make shakshuka with James Beard Award–winning chef Yotam Ottolenghi, perfect your backhand with Serena Williams, or learn how to build deeper connections with Esther Perel

Starts at $10

Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle Canvas


Birkenstocks have a reputation for being a little “crunchy,” but if you want an upgrade from the pair you wore in the 70s, you’ll be happy to hear the brand has some new designs that don’t sacrifice comfort. With a single strap and an oversized buckle, this slip-on is surprisingly chic and supportive for your soles.

$120 at Zappos

Gorjana Diamond Pavé Huggies


As lovely as it is to receive jewelry, we’ve probably all been gifted something that’s not quite to our taste. Purchasing it yourself means you’ll actually be able to incorporate it into your style with ease. So if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we should also be our own best friend, it only makes sense to snag these beautiful hoop earrings immediately. 

$360 at Gorjana

Hill House Home Cosima Dress

Hill House Home

Nobody needs a nap more than moms. Hill House makes the iconic Nap Dress, which is essentially a nightgown you can wear outside the house. They just introduced this Cosima style, which is a sleeveless, boatneck version of the OG dress that’s just as cozy and possibly even chicer, with a preppy and versatile silhouette.  

$218 at Hill House

Act + Acre Cold Processed Mini Essentials

Act + Acre

Finding hair solutions that work with your strand type is a journey that’s best left to you (or your hairdresser), but figuring out what works for your needs can be ultra-tricky. Act + Acre is all about getting your hair to its healthiest state, and this set had everything you need to get that started. Both the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-, silicone-, paraben-, phthalate-, and petrolatum-free (say that 10 times fast), protecting your crowning glory from harmful chemicals. 

$48 at Act + Acre

Coach Tabby Chain Clutch


Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you need to carry a massive “mom bag.” The convenience of a small crossbody means you can roam hands-free with all your essentials safely kept in a compact purse. It doesn’t get much better than this Coach Tabby, which is a practical riff on the brand’s puffy top-handle style that’s popular with Gen Z.

$295 at Coach

lululemon Dance Studio Mid-Rise Pant


A pair of new joggers isn’t only an excuse to lounge, but a reminder to start prioritizing comfort in your life. This sleek pair from lululemon went viral on TikTok, with reviewers claiming the pants frame the bum beautifully. They come in 11 colors and you can choose from a short or regular inseam. 

$128 at lululemon

Augustinus Bader The Retinol Serum

Augustinus Bader

Buying retinol for someone else isn’t a great idea unless you really know them — the formulas can be strong and dry out the skin if misused. (Plus, handing a skin-improving cream to someone else can come across as an unwelcome message.) Since no one else will be getting buying this powerhouse product for you, splurging on it for yourself is a no-brainer. But if you’re going to make the investment, make an informed choice. Augustinus Bader is a high-tech skincare brand trusted by stars — including Katie — and our editors, and this formula is designed to address lines, blemishes, and pigmentation. While any item from the collection will make a welcome gift, every time you pump this gentle, luxurious serum into your palm, you’ll be reminded of your worth.

$195+ at Augustinus Bader

Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator


If you’re anything like us, you probably cherish any and all alone time. Wind down with this clitoris-stimulating vibrating wand, whenever you want. It’s made by women, for women, with a surprisingly lightweight feel, making it easy to maneuver with one hand. Vibration patterns range from a low rumble to intense suction, and you can use this solo or with a partner to find out exactly what gets you going. And if you prefer your ~personal~ time in the bath, Womanizer also collaborated with Hansgrohe to create a stimulating shower head that’ll make your steam more satisfying than ever. 

$99 at Lovehoney

Dusen Dusen Ring Bathrobe


Kids these days love to “say the weird thing,” but we say you should wear the weird thing, especially if it’s soft and ignites your inner artist, like this plush robe covered in big red dots. Enter your kooky mom (or grandma) era in this artsy wrap.

$138 at Revolve

Gobi Unisex Cashmere Jersey Knit Bed Socks


Two words: bed socks. Whether you’re trying to stay warm during unexpectedly cold nights or just prefer your toes enclosed while you nap, owning a pair or two of bed-only socks can be a total gamechanger. They don’t restrict blood flow like the ones you wear inside a shoe would, they feel warm and fuzzy through the night, and since they’re dedicated for sleep, you won’t be tracking anything unwelcome into your bed. These are made from a cashmere blend, so they’re supple but durable — the synthetic materials keep them from losing their shape over time.

$69 at Gobi

L.L.Bean Wicked Good Slippers Squam Lake


In this house, we wear slippers year-round — and our reasons for such are documented in multiple places across this website. This all-shearling pair will save your toes if you struggle with colder limbs…especially if you’re padding around without bed socks. Since it’s a full clog style, you’ll be able to slip them on and off with ease, and they have a thick, cushioned sole that’s sturdy enough to last you years (unlike those cheap pairs you buy in bulk).

$89 at Zappos

Cushion Lab Seat Cushion

Cushion Lab

We’ve all caught ourselves doing the discomfort dance after a couple of hours in the car. It starts when your lower back begins to ache, and then you wriggle around trying to find a position where the dull pain doesn’t distract you from the road. Living with a sore body is never ideal, so try a spine-aligning car cushion to make driving more enjoyable. Reviewers say they’ve survived 10-hour-long roadtrips without pain thanks to this product, while others claim they can’t live without it for even the shortest of commutes.

$65 at Cushion Lab

Diptyque La Droguerie Odor Removing Candle


This isn’t your average candle, and it deserves a spot on your mantle, coffee table, nightstand, etc. Unlike scented candles that overwhelm a room, or just lightly mingle with dank odors, this one is made with ingredients that specifically target molecules responsible for nasty smells, leaving your room scented with the natural aromas of basil and tomato leaf.

$75 at Nordstrom

Alex Mill Standard Zip Jumpsuit

Alex Mill

Who said jumpsuits have to to be shapeless? This utility-style design from Alex Mill is a favorite of Katie’s, and it’s made of 100 percent cotton for a breathable, one-step summer outfit.

$255 at Alex Mill

Self-Love Journal for Women


Journaling is a proven way to boost your mental health, but looking at a blank page and feeling stuck on what to write can increase anxiety. Make it easier on yourself with this self-guided workbook, which includes prompts that help you delve deeper into your psyche and shake off any internalized beliefs of unworthiness or shame.

$11 at Amazon

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Walnut 4-Pack

Levain Bakery

You deserve a sweet treat, always. These drool-worthy cookies from one of New York’s top bakeries are so good, you’d typically need to wait in line for hours just to get a bite, so having them delivered straight to your door is so much more satisfying. The brand carries an assortment of flavors, but this chocolate chip and walnut combo is their bestseller.

$29 at Levain

Jones Road The 101 Kit

Jones Road

We’re all about simplifying beauty routines, especially if it means you can get every one of your basics from the same place. This Jones Road kit includes some of the brand’s bestsellers, like mascara, blush, a brightening eye pencil, and a spot-concealing pencil — and you can pick and choose your favorite shades for each product. Your morning makeup routine has never been easier.

$97 at Jones Road

Apple AirPods Pro


Sometimes, tuning everyone out of your auditory field is the ultimate gift. For those who need a little help focusing or have multiple kids under the age of five, a pair of Apple’s noise-cancelling AirPods is just what you need to help you zone in on your true-crime podcast or dance to your favorite Stevie Nicks song.

$225 at Amazon

Cotton Boatneck Sweater by Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne

We’re nearing the end of Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan season, and this lightweight sweater is the perfect addition to your coastal grandma ensemble. It’s made of 100 percent cotton, with an elegant boatneck and breezy sleeves for a look that balances chic and casual.

$325 at Jenni Kayne

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Wrap


Cashmere season is technically over, but a wrap is something you can wear all year. We’re especially fond of this affordable Quince option, which clocks in at under $100 but feels just as soft as its designer competitors. This is also a great travel accessory that you can wear while exploring a new town, or as a lightweight blanket on your next red-eye.

$99 at Quince