15 Unique Gifts To Impress the Person Who Has Everything

These will wow even the most difficult recipient.

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Shopping for someone who has everything can seem like an insurmountable task. Maybe he or she already has a closet full of clothes (and it can be plenty awkward trying to guess someone’s clothing size, anyway), is super picky about jewelry or accessories, and already has enough self-care products to fill three bathrooms. You could opt for a gift card but those often feel too impersonal.

Your instinct might be to put off shopping for this person until the last minute when inspiration might strike, but with back-ordered products keeping so many packages delayed, there’s no time like the present to strike this tough giftee off your shopping list.

It’s time to get creative, and we’re here to help. We picked out unique gifts that will wow any recipient. Some of these items are gender-specific, but the majority of them will make a great gift for any gender or age (although a few items on here are for the 21-plus crowd).

From foodie favorites that would get anyone’s mouth-watering to some simple, sleek, and classic treasures that look twice as expensive as they actually are, we picked out the presents we’d be elated to receive.

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Unique Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Winky Lux Dessert Bar

Winky Lux

We’ve all gotten chapstick in our stockings, but we bet you’ve never received lip balms quite like this. Essentially three colors in one, this set comes with a trio of dessert-inspired lip balms. From Neapolitan ice cream to Affogato to sorbet, these delicious balms blend beautifully into a neutral color that also hydrates the lips.

$29 at Winky Lux

TRUFF Variety Pack


Turn up the heat this holiday with this spicy trio of truffle-infused hot sauces. Made by celeb-favorite brand TRUFF, these three classics will please anyone who deserves their own episode of Hot Ones.

$68 at TRUFF

Photo Bubble Bracelet


Charm bracelets are great, but the jingling and jangling can become a bit much after a while. If you want to give an accessory that’s even more personal than a new charm, opt for this customizable photo bracelet. The bead in the center is actually made from glass and houses a tiny photo inside that your giftee will see when they hold it up to their eye or shine a light through it to project the photo on the wall. Simply pick the bracelet color, upload a photo, and watch the magic happen.

$19 at Amazon

Alcohol infusion set

Uncommon Goods

Sometimes the best gifts allow the recipient to choose their own adventure. This infusion kit can be used with any kind of spirit, and it will impart whatever flavor you choose into their favorite drink or syrup. There are five flavors to choose from: spiced orange, blueberry lavender, strawberry jalapeño, spicy pineapple, or raspberry rose.

$25 at UG

Likha Baby Hippo Plant Pot


Plant parents will love this adorable planter. Made from natural coco coir, this tiny hippo can house a small plant or succulent. Each animal is hand-crafted in the Philippines by community-based artisans in a fair trade environment, and there are a variety of animals to choose from if you know your giftee has a favorite.

$45 at Likha

Golde Superwhisk + Matcha Kit


Whether you know an established matcha master or someone who wants to try making their own, this kit makes for a great gift. It has a rechargeable frother/whisk and includes ceremonial-grade matcha that’ll make for a delicious, vibrant-hued drink.

$45 at Golde

CushionLab Deep Sleep Pillow

Cushion Lab

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, which is why Cushion Lab set out to make the perfect pillow for everyone. Made from dual-density memory foam, this pillow has bolstered sides to support the neck in all positions, whether you tend to sleep on your side, back, or belly.

$94 at Cushion Lab

Foria Relief Bath Salts


Aches, pains, and long days are unfortunately unavoidable, but a hot bath can help make them a little less agonizing. Most bath soaks are just Epsom salts, but this one from Foria also includes soothing CBD to help maximize relaxation.

$27 at Foria

Fly By Jing Mini Spice Set

Fly by Jing

Add some literal spice to your recipient’s life with this trio of kitchen sauces and spices. Perfect for drizzling, dipping, mixing, and topping, each savory concoction has a unique, smoky flavor that can go with just about anything. This set includes Fly by Jing’s famous Sichuan Chili Crisp sauce, Mala Spice Mix, and Zhong Sauce, all of which pair deliciously with the brand’s equally tasty dumplings.

$18 at Fly by Jing

Canopy x Laneige Humidifier Bundle


This isn’t your average skincare gift set. Instead of creams and lotions, this comes with a humidifier, three essential oils, and a small face mask that will help hydrate and soften skin. Made in collaboration with Laneige, makers of the cult-favorite sleeping lip mask, this bundle is meant to help hydrate the air around you, which can lead to softer, plumper skin — and the essential oils will release some pretty delicious smells, too.

$125 at Canopy

Furbo Dog Camera


Everyone who has a pet wonders what they get up to when they’re away. This rotating camera allows you to take a peek into your pet’s daily activities, even if you’re miles away. Monitor, talk to, and take photos of your furry friend via the Furbo app, and if they’re being a good boy or girl, toss them a treat — because the device can do that, too. If you’d prefer, you can also snag this at Amazon.

$210 at Furbo

Olive and June Mani System

Olive and June

If your giftee’s mani “system” is just a bottle of nail polish, then it’s time for an upgrade. This manicure in a box includes a brush grip, cuticle serum, a clean-up brush, a polish remover pot, a nail clipper, a buffer, a file, a top coat, and the polish color of your choice. They’ll be feeling extremely glam in no time.

$55 at Olive & June

Wild One Walk Kit

Wild One

This one is as much for furry friends as it is for their parents. Wild One is known for its aesthetically pleasing pet supplies, but they’re also extremely functional. This set comes with a gorgeous leash, harness, waste bag holder, and bags, making walk time a breeze.

$80 at Wild One

Avaline Wines Intro Set

Avaline Wines

Sommeliers and casual wine drinkers agree: This stuff is delicious. Founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, Avaline set out to create tasty, organic wines without any unnecessary additives that enhance meals and bring people together. This intro set comes with six different bottles, each from a core category (red, white, rosé, and sparkling.)

$135 at Avaline

Custom Pet Embroidered Sweatshirt

Uncommon Goods

What if you could wear your heart not on your sleeve, but on your chest? This sweatshirt features a custom embroidered photo of your recipient’s fur baby (or babies). It’s available in a variety of colors, and you can even have the pet’s name added in script if you’d like.

$135 at UG

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Small and Sweet Treats Perfect for Hanukkah, Stockings, and Gift Exchanges

Graphic by KCM

Belt and socks, begone!

Products you buy through our links might earn us a commission. We update links when possible, but please note that all prices are subject to change.

We say some of the best gifts come in small packages.

Whether you’re shopping for stocking stuffers, prepping for holiday gift exchanges with friends or colleagues, or need eight small but mighty gifts to get you through Hanukkah without going broke, you’re probably in need of a few compact picks that pack a punch this year.

That’s why we rounded up affordable and small gift ideas that are creative and versatile — and most of them are appropriate for anyone in your life. Forget socks for everyone around the dinner table or another batch of gelt for all the little ones — you can gift small specialties without being bland or overspending. (We’ll take the gelt, though.) Pro tip: Even if you’re not sure when you’ll need them, it’s smart to stock up on some affordable gifts to keep in a closet for when you do need a last-minute goodie for someone — these all take up very little storage space.

For more gift ideas, visit our complete 2022 holiday gift guide.

The Best Small Gifts for the 2022 Holidays

Graza Olive Oil


Almost anyone can use a new bottle of olive oil, but these two are exceptional in flavor and function. A squeezable bottle makes these Graza oils easy to use, but they’re also separated intro “Drizzle” and “Sizzle” varieties: One is for finishing off salads or breads, and the other is for cooking. They’re actually made from olives picked at different ripeness levels, so one has a stronger flavor than the other. (The Drizzle is a bit punchier than the Sizzle.)

$35 at Graza

Bombas Lightweight Frilly Sock 4-Pack Gift Box


OK, we know we said no socks. But these aren’t any old socks — these are Bombas. Every item purchased from Bombas results in one item donated, and this set of four is a real treat. They have all the qualities of the Bombas socks we’ve come to love — including the built-in comfortable support — plus a frilly detail at the ankle that’s very in line with the grandmillenial trends we’ve been seeing lately. We know it feels like a lot to spend on socks, but you can split them up and give one pair to four different people. And you can save 20 percent right now using the code BIGSALE20.

$78 at bombas

Warmies Neck Wrap


If you can’t literally wrap your arms around a loved one, this shoulder wrap is the next best thing. The furry fabric is filled with lavender-scented beads that can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the fridge to deliver soothing relief to sore shoulders or painful headaches.

$30 at Warmies

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12


This smart purchase offers two gifting strategies: You can spoil one lucky recipient with 12 bath bombs, or you can divvy up the set and hand individual bombs out to a a dozen people. That makes each gift less than $3 a person. And each ball packs a punch: It moisturizes the skin while making their bath a little more colorful.

$27 at Amazon

lululemon The Hot/Cold Bottle


The gift of hydration is pretty priceless. Not only will this bottle encourage them to drink more, but it’s so chic they’ll want to carry it around everywhere they go. And if they already have a water bottle they rely on, this can also act as a thermos.

$38 at lululemon

Maude burn no. 1 Candle


Maude is known for their amazing sex toys. If gifting a vibrator is too personal for you but you still want to give a sensual gift that encourages exploration and excitement, we suggest this massage candle. It’s made with skin-softening jojoba and soybean oils, so you light it up for 15 minutes, let it burn, then blow it out and use the melted product as massaging oil.

$30 at Maude

Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

Here at Katie Couric Media we love multi-purpose beauty products, and it doesn’t get much better than this Alleyoop tool. It combines four essential makeup applicators — a concealer sponge, blush, brow, and eyeshadow brush — into one wand, making it ideal for someone who loves to travel but packs lightly.

$20 at Alleyoop

The Good Patch B12 Awake

Good Patch

This time of year, we could all use a little pick me up, and this little patch will do just that. Made of plant-based ingredients like caffeine, green tea, and vitamin B12, these sticky patches can be worn for 12 hours, giving the wearer an added boost of energy. Right now, you can get 25 percent off everything on the site with the code FESTIVE at checkout.

$12 at Good Patch

Papaya Resuable Paper Towel 4-Pack


Transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle can be hard. Make things easier for them (and the planet) with this gift of reusable towels, where each compostable sheet is the equivalent of 17 paper towels.

$36 at Papaya

Welly The Must-Haves Bundle


Sometimes, the most practical gifts are the most cherished. This first aid set by Welly includes bandages for all types of afflictions, from acne blemishes to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. The best part? They all come in fun, colorful, yet totally sophisticated patterns.

$37 at Welly

Bellroy Market Tote


Everyone has a million canvas totes, but we’d wager that none of them are built like this one. With a sturdy, stand-up base, this bag can support itself and easily be filled with groceries, books, or whatever your recipient needs to schlep. There are two bottle sleeves and a slip pocket inside the bag, which keeps water bottles (or wine) from spilling or falling over.

$39 at Bellroy

Birdie Safety Alarm


If you’re a recent empty nester, you might find yourself wondering where your children are at all times of the day and night. Let this keychain alarm offer you some peace of mind: If your kids ever find themselves in a situation they need out of, they can pull on this small and discreet gadget to activate a loud alarm and strobe light. Both won’t turn off until the top of the alarm and base are put back together.

$30 at Nordstrom

Dagne Dover Micah Crossbody

Dagne Dover

Not all crossbody bags are created equally, and the thoughtful design of this Dagne Dover one is what sets it apart. Made from water-resistant neoprene, this phone sling will survive whatever life throws at it, from drinks to dirt. If it does start to look grimy, it can be tossed in the wash and will come out looking good as new. On the inside, there are plenty of pockets to keep you organized and a key leash to keep them close.

$110 at Dagne Dover

Wild One Dog Toy Set

Wild One

Furry friends want gifts, too! This nearly indestructible toy set from Wild One is great for big and little four-legged friends. Or, if you know multiple pet parents, you could easily split this set up to share the love.

$27 at Wild One

Anthropologie Latte Bowls


The beauty of buying a set like this is that it can be given as one gift, or four. These tiny bowls can be used as latte cups, spice bowls, or even bedside table jewelry dishes.

$34 at Anthropologie

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Eye Mask


Sure, cucumbers over the eyes is fun, but these eye patches are much more luxurious. (They’re also definitely more effective, just not edible…sorry.) They’re packed with hyaluronic acid to visibly plump and moisturize the under-eye area, and also deliver a cooling sensation that feels divine upon application.

$55 at Sephora

Loops Beauty Fall Travel Pack


For an at-home spa night or a routine you can take on the road, opt for this set of sheet masks that come in a reusable toiletry bag. This kit comes with eight different options, six that cover the entire face and two for under the eyes. These masks have a jelly-like texture that’s cooling and ensures that all the active ingredients are in contact with as much skin as possible while working their magic.

$40 at Loops

Brooklyn Candle Studio Escapist Mini Set

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Why go for one big candle when you could gift three different scents? These travel-sized candles come in reusable vessels, and they’re handmade with 100 percent soy wax in Brooklyn, New York.

$50 at BCS

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25 Gifts for Those Who Live and Breathe Athleisure

Graphic by KCM

Give the priceless gift of being comfy yet ready for anything.

Products you buy through our links might earn us a commission. We update links when possible, but please note that all prices are subject to change.

Athleisure came into our lives in a big way in 2020, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Leggings, sweatsuits, and even sports bras are go-to styles regardless of your destination, and sneakers are as common in the workplace as dress shoes. If you’re looking for a gift someone will actually use, athleisure might be your best bet: While you might feel ridiculous buying yourself yet another pair of leggings, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll appreciate receiving them from someone else. 

Whether you’re shopping for a gym rat or a friend who dresses like they are, we have you covered. We carefully picked 15 athleisure and fitness gifts that will fill the gaps in anyone’s home gym or comfy clothes drawer…which has expanded to fill an entire dresser at this point. 

It’s hard to pick favorites off an already hand-picked list, but there are a few items that rise to the top: For the avid runner, we found a pair of running gloves from Gaiam that keep out the chill but still work with touchscreens. You can’t go wrong with a massage gun for just about anyone, but it’s especially essential for those prone to sore muscles. We also highlighted the perfect belt bag that can carry all the necessities without weighing you down.

Read on for our list of athleisure and workout gifts designed to make life more comfortable, which is basically priceless.

For more gift ideas, visit our complete 2022 holiday gift guide.

Best Athleisure and Workout Gifts

32 Degrees Packable Puffer

32 Degrees

For those who travel often, suitcase space is a precious commodity. This puffer jacket will keep them warm in the coldest of environments, but it can easily be compressed and packed away in a tiny pouch when not in use. Plus, it rings in at under $30, so it’s a great stocking stuffer (literally).

$22 at 32 Degrees

SPI Belt

SPI Belt

Running with your hands full (for exercise or not) is a recipe for disaster. Prevent shattered phone screens and lost items by keeping everything in one place. This expandable belt is small, but the main pocket is stretchy, so it can hold a phone, keys, and other small items without any issues. The belt itself is adjustable, so it can be worn a variety of ways, and it’s made to be bounce-free while running to reduce chafing.

$27 at SPI Belt

Gaiam Running Gloves


First, we applaud those who get out of bed to drag themselves outside for a run in the winter. Second, we fully acknowledge you don’t have to be a runner to don these gloves. They’re on the thinner side, but the plush interior keeps your hands and fingers warm, all while also being touchscreen compatible. You don’t have to take them off to send a text or change a song.

$15 at Gaiam

lululemon Run for It All Earwarmer


While beanies are great for covering up a bad hair day, they can also cause one because of how much static they create. This headband keeps your ears warm and protects your hairstyle by not touching much of it. An added plus for runners: It has a hole in the back you can put a ponytail through to help keep it in place.

$28 at lululemon

CALIA Women’s Long Eyelash Cardigan


If your post-workout plans require something cozy or if there are no workout plans to begin with and you need a big soft sweater for lounging, opt for a loose, soft cardigan instead of a tight, stretchy one. The eyelash yarn of this sweater gives it a fun, whimsical texture and appearance. But it might be the softest sweater that ever grazed your skin.

$89 at dick’s

Megababe Bust Dust


Many of us know the torment of boob sweat, especially while working out. This powder, aptly named “Bust Dust,” helps absorb perspiration and odor, so your bosom will feel fresh and sweat-free.

$16 at Megababe

Bumble and Bumble Post-Workout Dry Shampoo


Viral on TikTok, this dry shampoo works wonders between wash days and after workouts. Unlike aerosol formulas, this one is a liquid-powder mixture that you shake up before application. It sprays like a normal dry shampoo, but it’s specially formulated to soak up sweat, add volume, and leave behind a light floral scent. Some reviewers say it’s the best dry shampoo they’ve ever tried, saying they’ve gone up to six days between washes.

$31 at Sephora

Mindful Magnesium Bath Soak


Whether they’re the type to always go, go, go or they’re all about mindfulness, they’ll appreciate this gift. This bath soak will soothe their sore muscles, help them relax, and turn their tub time into a productive recovery session (for those who have a hard time sitting still). By now, you all know the benefits of magnesium when it comes to winding down, so we couldn’t think of a better accessory for those who’ve earned a good rest and reset (all of us).

$33 at Alo

Theragun Mini


Perhaps the next best thing to having a massage therapist on demand is this powerful massage gun. Despite its small size, a powerful motor delivers some serious percussive therapy wherever you need it. We highly recommend it after a hard workout or for days when you wake up with a sore neck from sleeping funny — this can help work out knots and limit soreness.

$159 at Therabody

CALIA Women’s Performance Cropped Cardigan


Now that it’s getting cold in many parts of the country, even working out indoors in a tank is difficult. Let us introduce you to the exercise cardigan. We know, it’s a weird concept. But it just might work! This one from Calia is fitted and stretchy, two qualities that make great exercise apparel. It’s also moisture wicking. What else could you want in a workout top? It might feel weird to cover up in a class with a cardigan, so if anything, this item is the ultimate pre- and post-workout accessory in the winter.

$45 at Dick’s

Oofos OOcoozie Shoe


Combine the support of a running shoe and the softness of a slipper, and you get this amazing recovery sneaker. The footbed is made from Oofos’ patented foam, which absorbs more shock than other shoes, keeping your joints happy and your feet happier.

$120 at Oofos

Pattern Claw Clip


Sure, holding your hair back during a workout is important, but it’s just as crucial to have it out of your face while you’re watching your favorite show. This claw clip is wider than most, and the teeth are farther apart, meaning it won’t smash your curls and waves, causing flat and lifeless locks.

$8 at Pattern

lululemon The Towel


We know — a towel is an odd gift idea. But not this one! Does anyone really have a towel reserved for workouts? No, we use old dingy towels that otherwise collect dust in our linen closet or we risk wearing out a good towel meant for luxuriating in after a shower. This high-tech absorbent microfiber towel is designed for everything. You can take it to class to place on top of the supplied yoga mats instead of lugging your yoga mat around and you can use it to dry off after a good sweat or shower.

$38 at lululemon

Belt Bag


Katie loves her lululemon belt bag, but it’s constantly sold out online. This one is nearly identical in style, costs less than half the price, and comes in a variety of colors.

$15 at Amazon

Bala The Power Ring


Last year the Bala bangles were a popular gift pick. This year, we’re all about the Bala power ring. And if you already gifted your exercise buddy the Bala bangle weights, consider your search for this year’s gift done — gift them (or yourself) the next accessory they need in their collection. According to Bala, the ring is what you’d get if “the kettlebell and the dumbbell had a baby.” Use it as a weight and an exercise ring in weights ranging from 5 to 15 pounds. You can press it, hold it, or swing it to increase strength, agility, endurance, and balance.

From $49 on Bala

Sportsnew Gym Bag


Gym bag, weekender, carry-on — the only thing this duffle can’t do for you is a burpee. It boasts a separate compartment for shoes in the bottom, which keeps them from touching clean clothes (and from stinking up your bag), an exterior wet pocket holds damp towels or gear, and there are even elastic cup holders on the side to keep your water safe and secure. There’s a trolley sleeve you can slip over your suitcase handle if you choose to take it on the go, and the roomy interior is large enough to hold a few days worth of clothes.

$18 at Amazon

lululemon Align Leggings with Pockets


lululemon’s Align leggings are a cult-favorite because they feel like butter and fit so well. When we thought they couldn’t get much better, the brand added pockets. Turns out the perfect pants do exist — and it’s these.

$128 at lululemon

Cozy Karma Asym Pullover


Athleisure is all about embracing the comfort of athletic clothing without sacrificing style, and this asymmetrical sweatshirt embodies all of that. A tulip-style hem adds a flattering wrap detail to this top, and the diagonal zipper at the neckline adds visual interest and ensures you don’t mess up your hair or makeup while pulling this on.

$88 at Athleta

Recess Pickleball Paddle


It may be too cold to get outside and start a game of pickleball now, but come spring, you’ll want all your friends to join you on the court. Recess creates artsy paddles that you’ll be excited to pull out of your bag and show off during games. This gift isn’t just a piece of equipment, it’s also an invitation to play together.

$86 at Recess

lululemon All Night Festival Bag Micro


Sometimes you need just a little more room than a typical belt bag can offer, which is why this fanny pack-crossbody hybrid makes a great gift. It opens similarly to a regular purse, and a fold-down flap offers extra storage for those who tend to overpack.

$68 at lululemon

Lululemon ABC Jogger Warpstreme


A pair of tailored joggers can do it all: They’re comfy enough to wear around the house on lazy days, sleek enough to wear out to drinks and date night, and they can easily be worn year-round depending on what shoes you pair with them. This pair from lululemon comes in 11 different hues and three inseam lengths, too.

$128 at lululemon

Ultimate Oarsman Kit 12 Reviews

Oars + Alps

This all-in-one skincare kit is basically a ready-to-go dopp bag. Not only does it come with a carrying case, but it’s filled with skin-loving goodies like a shine-free lip balm, charcoal face wash, energizing eye cream, and more.

$100 at Oars + Alps

Pact Studio Quarter Zip


We believe a quarter zip sweatshirt looks sleeker than your typical crewneck. This one from Pact is made from organic cotton and produced in a fair trade factory, so you’ll look good and feel good while wearing it.

$67 at Pact

Vuori Seaside Hoodie


Upgrade his hole-filled hoodie with something more stylish. This one from Vuori is made in a timeless cut and is lined with brushed fleece to keep him warm.

$148 at Vuori

Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie


For days full of lounging, this super soft hoodie will do the trick. It’s made with Vuori’s DreamKnit fabric which feels like a cloud against your skin.

$96 at Vuori

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Molner-Approved Gifts for Men in 2022

Graphic by KCM

We asked Katie’s right-hand man for advice.

Products you buy through our links might earn us a commission. We update links when possible, but please note that all prices are subject to change.

There are a couple of things we know for sure about John Molner, Katie’s husband and co-founder of Katie Couric Media: One, he’s an incredibly supportive partner, and two, he’s got a wicked eye for fantastic products. Whether it’s perfect picks for back-to-the-office attire, the best gear for hitting the golf course, or thought-provoking reads that’ll keep you turning page after page and help you learn something new, he’s got a knack for finding just the right thing to bring someone a little joy.

Sometimes it’s easy to know exactly what will make your loved one smile as they tear into your present. If he’s a techie, that might be the gadget he’s been dreaming of. If he’s loves aged spirits or adventurous cocktails, one of our favorite bar cart essentials or gift baskets for men might do the trick. But sometimes the perfect gift isn’t so obvious.

Enter Molner. When we started thinking about holiday gifts for the men in our lives, we knew we had to pick his brain. He shared some of the items he’s given friends and family — plus some of his personal favorites. From apparel like comfy shoes and gorgeous sweaters to men’s skincare must-haves to personal grooming tools, his suggestions run the gamut.

For more gift ideas, visit our complete 2022 holiday gift guide.

lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant


The best way to describe these slacks? The masculine equivalent of traditional leggings. They’re stretchy, soft, and comfortable, but also look nice enough to wear to work or dinner. They even come in five different lengths and 14 different colors — talk about adaptability. 

$128 at lululemon

Peter Millar Crown Sweater Fleece Quarter Zip

Peter Millar

Part sweater, part sweatshirt, this quarter zip is as soft as his favorite collegiate crewneck, but certainly more elevated. He can pair it with a basic T-shirt for casual days or layer it with a collared shirt for a dressier look.

$158 at Peter Millar

Bushnell Wingman GPS Golf Speaker

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Aside from missing a shot you thought you had in the bag, golfing in silence can be the worst. This powerful speaker not only puts out some serious sound, but also has a built-in rangefinder and easily mounts to a golf cart, so you won’t lose it between holes.

$100 at Dick’s

On Cloud 5 Waterproof Running Shoes

On Running

No matter what kind of workout he favors, these supportive shoes will ensure he’s comfortable while doing it. This version of On’s Cloud shoe is Molner’s favorite, especially because it’s waterproof and doesn’t require fiddling with laces. 

$170 at On

Golf Lovers Whiskey Set

Uncommon Goods

Combine their love of the game with their love of spirits with this gift. It may look like your average whiskey glass and coaster, but each glass has a half-dome indent on the bottom that nestles perfectly atop a real golf ball situated in the wooden coaster. 

$45 at UG

Dagne Dover Large Landon Carryall

Dagne Dover

We all know a man who brings a weekend’s worth of clothing to a getaway in a Trader Joe’s bag. Don’t let your guy be that guy. Not only will this duffle withstand water and wear (unlike a paper grocery bag), but it has plenty of compartments to keep him organized, all while also looking sleek. It’s also 25 percent off right now with the code TRAVEL25.

$215 at Dagne Dover

Perfect Practice Putting Green XL Edition

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Practice makes (putting) perfect. Enhance his game with this narrow putting green that he can roll out in the living room or office when he wants to practice, or stash it away easily once he’s mastered his hole in one. 

$200 at Dick’s

Weatherman Golf Umbrella


Mother Nature can change her mind in an instant (whether you’re experiencing extreme sun or intense rain), which is why Molner keeps a compact umbrella with him while he golfs. This one is large enough to cast a generous shadow on especially bright days, but it folds down into a slim profile when not in use.

$67 at Weatherman

Grant Stone Boots

Grant Stone

A pair of leather boots will last a lifetime, especially when they’re handmade and meticulously crafted. This pair from Grant Stone is made from a vintage-inspired waxed leather, so they get better with age. These are available in three different widths for ultimate comfort, too. 

$340 at Grant Stone

Lumin Modern Bathroom Bundle


Upgrade his shower routine with this all-encompassing set. Not only does it come with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but it also has a charcoal face cleanser and moisturizer.

$74 at Lumin

Malin+Goetz Saving Face Bundle


Give him a self-care skincare moment with this trio of products from Malin+Goetz. The gentle cleanser will remove dirt and oil from his skin, and the moisturizer will ensure that he doesn’t get dry and flaky. There’s even a purifying face mask he can use in the shower, no fancy ritual required: Simply put it on, wait five minutes, and rinse it off to reveal smooth, happy skin.

$95 at Malin+Goetz

Apple Watch Series 8


You don’t have to be a techie to appreciate the convenience of a smart watch. The newest Apple Watch will connect to his phone and other Apple devices with ease, and he can track his exercise stats, heart rate, and more just by wearing the watch on the daily.

From $379 at Amazon

Freefly Apparel Breeze Pants

Freefly Apparel

Molner’s a huge fan of these lightweight pants that have built-in sun protection and he took them on a recent trip to the Bahamas. They keep your legs covered but they don’t cause you to overheat, even in the summer months.

$88 at Freefly

Faherty Stretch Blanket Lined CPO


Keep him warm in this flannel-lined shirt jacket (or as Molner lovingly calls it, a swacket). It adds heat without being bulky, making it great for layering on extra cold days. It’s available in sizes up to 3XL, and it comes in three neutral colors.

$198 at Faherty

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The 50 Best Gifts for Any Man in Your Life

Graphic by KCM

The ultimate guide to successfully celebrating the men in your life.

Products you buy through our links might earn us a commission. We update links when possible, but please note that all prices are subject to change.

Step away from the tie clip — he doesn’t need another one. No more wallets, either.

Instead of buying him something impersonal that he doesn’t need or want and may very well return (or worse: he won’t, and it will just sit there unused collecting dust in the corner of his closet), it’s time to start shopping for men the smart way…that is, letting us do it for you.

If you find yourself stumped about what to get the men in your life, whether they’re fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, or coworkers, we’re here to help. We searched high and low (and asked Molner for help) to compile an expansive list of the ultimate best gifts for men. From tech gadgets to wardrobe essentials, there’s something for just about any man on our list. You’ll find classics (a great watch is a timeless gift, Molner always says) and some surprises that we know for a fact will impress any recipient.

If you’re short on time, there are plenty of awe-inducing presents available on Amazon (that ship in two days flat if you have Prime!). Or if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, we’ve got a few unique gift ideas that tick that box, too.

For those wanting to get him something he’ll love and actually use, read on for our 50 recommendations for the best gifts for men.

For more gift ideas, visit our complete 2022 holiday gift guide.

The Best Gifts for Men for the 2022 Holidays

lululemon Everyday Backpack


Hauling gym shoes, a laptop, and a change of clothes in the same bag can be tricky, but not when it has pockets in all the right places. With outer compartments that keep stinky clothes and shoes away from work essentials, this lululemon bag will become his best friend on days when he needs to go from a workout to work without his button down and training shorts smelling one and the same.

$98 at lululemon

Leatherman Bond Multitool


Anyone from the self-proclaimed handyman to an outdoor enthusiast knows the importance of a good multitool — they just may not have one of their own, yet. This 14-in-1 pocket wonder can do everything from tightening screws to filing nails, and it even comes in a convenient case so he can stow it away safely in his dash compartment or pocket.

$60 at Leatherman

Chaco Ramble Puff Slipper


If his worn-out slippers require shuffling to stay on, it’s time for an upgrade. This puffy pair from Chaco is heavy duty enough to wear outside around a campfire, yet comfy enough to don while sitting on the couch reading the paper. An elastic ankle band cinches for a custom fit, and the nylon material is lightweight on the foot.

$80 at Zappos

Apple Watch Series 8


This pick (almost) needs no introduction. If you’re shopping for a techie, they’ll probably already know what this bad boy is capable of. But the uninitiated should know that you can use this device to stream music, personalize your workouts, call, text, and use Apple Pay. Even better, you can use the watch to take on-demand readings of blood oxygen, track the quality of your sleep, and generate an ECG.

$349 at Amazon

72-Hour Merino Wool Polo


Merino wool is one of our favorite materials, mainly because it keeps you warm when you need it, wicks sweat away to keep you from overheating, and doesn’t get smelly — even if you wear it for 72 hours straight (hence the name of this shirt). This sharp looking polo is great for weekend errands or casual days at the office.

$78 at Huckberry

15-Piece Barware Set


It’s never too late for him to play out his Stanley Tucci Instagram bartender dreams, and he’ll finally be able to once he gets these tools in his hands. All housed neatly in a wooden stand, this bartending set comes with 15 different tools, including a shaker, spoon, jigger, muddler, ice tongs, pour spouts, and an assortment of strainers.

$58 at Amazon

Huckberry Mountain Range Whiskey Glasses


And what will he serve those cocktails he’ll be making in? Perhaps these mountainous rocks glasses. Sure, these are technically meant for whiskey, but we’d venture to guess any drink will look amazing in these. Ideal for the outdoorsman (or anyone who appreciates a vast view), there are six different mountain ranges to choose from, like the Rockies, which are pictured above.

$42 at Huckberry

New York Times Custom Golf History Book

Uncommon Goods

For the golf lover, this gift is a hole in one (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). Packed with 100 years of golf history and facts, he’ll love paging through this book, leading him to develop a deeper connection with and better understanding of the sport.

$80 at UG

Quince Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere for under $100 is basically unheard of, so snatch this deal up while it lasts. A basic crewneck is a versatile wardrobe staple, and having it made out of such a plush material makes it that much better. He can wear this alone or with a dress shirt layered underneath.

$60 at Quince

Disco Skin Starter Set


Don’t count out skincare gifts for men: Katie Couric Media’s site editor Maggie Parker will be gifting her husband this set for the holidays because he’s been using her products for the last few months. His skincare routine could be as easy as 1-2-3 with this set. In this set, a cleansing stick washes away grime and provides a light chemical exfoliation in one simple step, a gentle physical exfoliant removes dead skin cells and impurities, and a soothing moisturizer helps brighten and smooth skin.

$72 at Disco

Theragun Mini Massager


A massage gun is a popular gift, and we totally understand why. This powerful personal gun is great for athletes or anyone with tight muscles (which to be honest, is probably all of us). Theragun in particular has a reputation for making some of the best massage products out there, so despite its steeper price tag, it’s a great gift for just about everyone.

$159 at Therabody

Everlane ReNew Transit Bag


We argue that this would make a great gift for everyone, but it’s especially amazing for a fashion-forward guy. Made from 100 percent recycled polyester, it’s not only durable, but environmentally friendly. It can be worn sling-style or as a belt bag.

$32 at Everlane

Hedley & Bennett Apron

Hedley & Bennet

Barbecue sauce, grease, and hot grills are just some of the things this apron can protect a cook from. Pockets on the front are perfect for holding napkins and spatulas, and there’s even a tong holster on the side.

$76 at H&B

Rumpl Blanket


Help your favorite outdoorsman bundle up in style with this weatherproof, all-season blanket. We love this “easy rider” pattern because it pays homage to the golden age of vintage van designs — and because it features corner loops that allow you to easily stake the blanket into the ground.

$75 at Rumpl

Herschel Duffle Bag


Who doesn’t need a sturdy and stylish duffle bag? A duffle is easy to lug to work, the gym, or a weekend away with no fuss. Handsome faux-leather shoulder straps elevate this bag from being a functional workhorse to subtly striking arm candy.

$100 at Nordstrom

Apple AirPods Max


A lot of us have invested in AirPods only to lose the pesky pods when they roll under the bed. If you’re searching for a pair that are much harder to lose and also infused with classic retro charm, the Apple AirPods Max should meet your needs. Plus, they’re compatible with all Apple devices.

$450 at Amazon

Courant Catch:3 Charging Station


It’s no secret that chargers are kind of…ugly. Help your giftee spruce up their space with an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful charging station. This smooth, linen-wrapped valet tray is designed to organize accessories and charge multiple devices at once. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s confirmed that this bad boy can charge your AirPods with the case on.

$80 at Courant

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 Speaker


You truly cannot go wrong gifting a speaker. Everyone likes music (or podcasts or radio) but most people neglect to treat themselves to a new device when their old speaker is past its prime. We love this Wonderboom option because it has an “outdoor boost” button that will ensure you get great sound when you’re camping, hiking, or just relaxing by the pool. 

$80 at Target

Ember Temperature Control Mug


A fresh, hot cup of coffee is a very special thing. But if your favorite coffee fanatic is a slow drinker, they likely end up throwing away cold cups of brew. This temperature control mug will keep their coffee nice and warm — and they can use their smartphone to set the mug to a specific temperature.

$100 at Amazon

Vessi Everyday Classics


Seeking a waterproof shoe option that’s also unbearably striking? These 100 percent waterproof — yet totally breathable — shoes are the everyday sneaker you’ve been waiting for. They’ll provide arch support while walking around town, commuting to the office, taking a gentle weekend hike, or hitting the gym. 

$115 at Vessi

lululemon Down for It All Vest


A vest is an incredibly useful tool for layering during colder months. We like this down vest because of its versatility: Buyers say that it’s comfortable and appropriate for athletic activities, but can also be dressed up for casual jaunts about town. Plus, the neutral colors and smooth, unfussy texture pair well with a variety of other colors and fabrics.   

$148 at lululemon

Eberjey Henry Pajama Set


Give the gift of restful, cozy sleep with these soft pajamas. Made of jersey-knit, this midweight pair is incredibly warm but still breathable (because no one likes night sweats). Reviewers say that they’ve invested in multiple pairs to keep them comfy all winter long. 

$158 at Nordstrom

Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles


Most runners get annoyed by bouts of rain that interrupt their workout time. These running shoes make a wet run safer thanks to water repellent wool, all condition traction that grips slippery surfaces, and reflective details that increase visibility. Plus, these sneakers are pretty easy on the eyes.

$145 at Allbirds

Everlane ReNew Air Pant


Gently nudge him to finally let go of the ragged sweats he’s been wearing since college by getting him these sleek joggers from Everlane. Right now, they are 60 percent off, and they have outstanding reviews. One person even goes as far as saying they’re the comfiest sweatpants for men — period.

$30 at Everlane

Wax Buffalo Cocktail Candle

Wax Buffalo

This candle isn’t your average department store pick. Made from 100 percent soy wax for a clean burn, Wax Buffalo’s cocktail collection is inspired by classic drinks, from an Old Fashioned to a fresh limoncello, and each candle jar is meant to be used as a drink tumbler after the wax is gone. It’s a two-for-one kind of deal.

$32 at Wax Buffalo

SPGBK Silicone Band Watch


Constant vibrations and pressure to close exercise rings aren’t for everyone, and that’s OK. Sometimes a simpler watch is best. This chic watch has a comfortable, sweat-proof, silicone band, and a minimal, yet refined face. Despite the sporty strap, the dressed up face makes it appropriate for work and play. There are also nearly 20 different colors to choose from.

$80 at Nordstrom

Yeti Custom Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is a difficult task, but having the right water bottle can help. A double-walled, stainless steel bottle can keep drinks hot or cold for hours, and a screw-on lid makes drinking easy and creates a spill-proof seal when closed. For an additional $6, you can add engraved text or a design to the bottle, too.

$30 at Yeti

Malin + Goetz Best Sellers Travel Kit

Malin + Goetz

Men on the go (or the ones who always forget to pack face wash, shampoo, or other travel necessities) will appreciate this one-and-done toiletries set from Malin + Goetz. It’s full of fan-favorite items including the woodsy bergamot hand and body wash, tingly peppermint shampoo, fresh grapefruit cleanser, herbal conditioner, and vitamin-packed moisturizer.

$34 at Malin + Goetz

Ultimate Direction Comfort Running Belt

Ultimate Direction

Finding the right running belt can be a challenge, especially if you have a larger phone. This wide belt from Ultimate Direction can hold larger objects (like phones with cases, cards, and bills) with no trouble, and the thick shape keeps everything inside from bouncing while you move. If the man in your life is an avid runner, he’ll appreciate this no-chafe, no-bounce belt. Or, if he hikes, he can even store small hiking poles in the back loops of the belt.

$35 at UD

Electrohome Record Player and Speakers


Everything old is new again, including vinyls and turntables. The modern twist? This record player comes with two Bluetooth speakers that can also play music directly from your phone. For a gift that’s guaranteed to please, throw in a record or two so he can start listening right away.

$170 at Amazon

lululemon Men’s Running Gloves


These training gloves protect your hands during weight lifting — and will also provide full coverage when exercising outdoors in cooler months. Plus, the fabric is quick drying, which is perfect for sweaty workout sessions. 

$29 at lululemon

Sunday’s Finest Gold Fashioned Pre-Made Cocktail

Sunday’s Finest

The formulation of an Old Fashioned is a make or break situation. Striking the right balance between your whiskey, bitters, and sugar is a delicate process. Gold Fashioned took the guesswork out of it with their pre-made cocktail and sourced the best ingredients possible. Get this gift for the man who loves the drink, but never quite nailed the classic cocktail.

$150 at SF

Shinola Apple Watch Strap


If your guy already owns an Apple Watch, maybe it’s time to upgrade him to something a little chicer. This leather band is cut and sewn in America, and adds an elegant appeal to the techie gadget.

$150 at Shinola

Flickr XL Personal Fireplace

Bespoke Post

Consider this mini fireplace an ideal gift for both dinner party hosts and s’mores lovers alike. It’s an unexpected gift they’ll be excited to use, and it burns a clean flame with no carbon monoxide for up to an hour.

$150 at Bespoke Post

Beast Blender


Not all blenders are created equal. Some high-powered options take too much counter space, and certain handheld ones can’t make it through a milkshake. This personal blender is the best of both worlds. Not only is it a high-performance machine, but it’s so much quieter than some of its competitors.

$165 at Amazon

Aura Carver Luxe Photo Frame

Aura Frames

Are your friends and family dispersed across the country? A digital picture frame is the perfect for your long-distance giftees. They’ll be able to set this frame up within minutes of opening it, and they can invite their loved ones to upload their own photos so the memories will continue on.

$159 at Aura

Kilne Knife Set


There’s a big difference between a knife, and a good knife. Having the right tools will transform their cooking skills, so gift this to an aspiring chef. It comes with six essential knives set in a beautiful acacia wood block, so they’ll be proud to display it on their kitchen counter.

$210 at Amazon

Essentials Fragrance Set from Fulton & Roark

Long gone are the days of having to suffer random spray attacks and overwhelming-scent-inducing headaches at the department store to find your next scent. Independent artisans have made the process easier by crafting unisex, high-quality fragrances that smell great on anyone and can be purchased online. With Fulton & Roark, there are so many really specific options to choose from, you won’t be disappointed no matter what you select. Their scents are solid, so you rub them on lightly like a balm, and they also come in soaps and deodorants. Give them the gift of a signature scent with the Essentials set, which comes with a cologne, soap, and deodorant all in the same fragrance. We were unsure about the Sterling scent because, does anyone want to smell like tobacco? But the scent is not what we expected: It has a woodsy musk, balanced out with a hint of sweet vanilla.

$95 Fulton & Roark

Judy Mover Max Emergency Kit


An emergency kit isn’t the sexiest gift, but we consider it one of the best. This set is packed with all the essentials someone would need to survive anything from earthquakes to hurricanes, equipped with over 53 survival essentials. It’s a great family gift and one that just might save their life.

$195 at Judy

Vuori Echo Insulated Jacket


Gifting clothing can be tricky if you don’t know someone’s personal style, so it’s always safe to opt for a classic. This universally appealing jacket can be slotted into almost anyone’s wardrobe. It’s insulated and water-resistant for cold winter mornings, and it works well for both business casual events and workouts alike.

$198 at Vuori

Faherty Lined Jacket


If a down jacket isn’t his thing, consider this cotton jacket instead. This silhouette is inspired by traditional American workwear, and it’s lined in fleece so it’ll be a great transitional weather staple, too.

$198 at Faherty

SoloStove Ranger 2.0 Fire Pit


A firepit can upgrade your backyard from a regular outdoor space to the place everyone flocks to every weekend. But unlike other complicated or unwieldly pits, this one is portable and easy to use. The best part of this product? It’s smokeless, so your clothes won’t retain that bonfire smell ever again.

$180 at Solostove

Good Man Brand Edge Sneaker


If the man in your life has been sporting the same walking shoes for years, it’s time to surprise him with a comfortable yet stylish new pair. We love that these supple leather sneakers straddle the line between “office-ready” and “bar-ready.” In other words, this is prime “day to night” for men. 

$218 at Nordstrom

Our Place Home Cook Duo

Our Place

Shopping for a foodie? Help them take their home cooking game up a notch by gifting this multipurpose cooking set. The very elegant, hardy duo includes Our Place’s Perfect Pot and the Always Pan, which are both made of nontoxic, nonstick ceramic. You can use these tools to boil, crisp, bake, braise, roast, steam, strain, serve, and pour.

$200 at Our Place

Bean Box Coffee Subscription

Bean Box

Encourage your giftee to ditch the old Folgers can and celebrate variety. This coffee subscription sends four new, carefully curated samples of artisan coffee beans per month, starting at $68 for three months. Don’t want to commit to a whole year? A single box option is available for $24, too. 

$68 at Bean Box

bNutty Gourmet Peanut Butter Subscription


Peanut butter lovers will adore this fun subscription. Once per month, this service ships out peanut butter — but these aren’t your average jars. Instead, you’ll enjoy unique flavors like toffee, pecan pie, and salted caramel. Plus, one reviewer says that the package will often arrive with other treats: “​​There were other very nice items included, such as a mini donut maker and a recipe one month; a high quality dish towel, cookie cutter, and a large silicone spatula another month; and a stainless steel tumbler and metal straw the third month.”

$33 at Cratejoy

Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Maker


A Keurig is a great addition to any coffee-fiend’s kitchen — but they can also easily squeeze this little coffee maker into their office or workplace. Heck, since this coffee maker is only 5 inches wide you could fit it pretty much anywhere. Plus, who can deny the convenience of being able to make a single cup of coffee instead of brewing a whole pot that goes to waste?

$50 at Amazon

ReserveBar Liquor


If you’re still stumped on the perfect gift, remember that buying someone a bottle of their favorite beverage is a tried-and-true method for making them smile. Make your favorite whiskey lover’s day by gifting them a bottle of the good stuff. We love Uncle Nearest’s bourbon for its warm notes of granola, light brown sugar, and apricots. Plus, Nearest Green was the first known African-American master distiller, so a whiskey-drinking history buff will be extra intrigued. 

$40 at ReserveBar

Bespoke Post Subscription

Bespoke Post

Shopping for someone hard to impress and incredibly picky? Bespoke Post is a unique subscription box service because they designed a personality quiz to recommend a carefully curated selection of gifts with the recipient in mind and will send recommendations each month. Plus, they can easily swap one box for another. Perfect for chronic mind changers!

$55 at Bespoke Post

Minted One Perfect Year Photo Collage


We love our devices, but some photographs are too special to confine to Instagram. This photo collage accomplishes an analogue feel but nixes all the annoying parts of framing photos: Namely, getting your photos printed and framed. This service allows you to simply upload shots off of your computer, and once purchased, your photos will be printed, framed, and shipped to you.

$75 at Minted

J.Crew Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

J. Crew

You can never have too many pairs of warm, handsome gloves. We like this pair because they’re cashmere-lined, which puts an extra luxurious spin on basic winter wear. Use the code SHOPEARLY to get 50 percent off the full price of your purchase.

$98 at J. Crew

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Gift With Purpose Via These Special Finds From Katie’s Shop

Shop outside the box from brands we love and admire.

Products you buy through our links might earn us a commission. We update links when possible, but please note that all prices are subject to change.

You’ve probably heard us talk about Katie’s Shop over the last year, but if you need a refresher, here are the basics: Katie’s Shop is a collection of 170 purpose-driven brands hand-picked by Katie and our team at Katie Couric Media. Each and every brand has an ethos we’re proud to stand behind and products we’re excited to recommend to our friends, family, and of course, our readers. 

Whether you’re passionate about female entrepreneurship, supporting BIPOC-founded businesses, or choosing the environmentally conscious route when shopping, Katie’s Shop has it covered. And since our brands make everything from puzzles and hand-poured candles to wardrobe staples and high-quality skincare, it’s the perfect destination to find gifts for everyone on your list…especially if you struggle to come up with new ideas every year.

We’ve rounded up a combination of bundles and individual products that make for memorable gifts, and trust us when we tell you it was difficult to keep the list to only 25 items. Read on for gifting inspo that won’t disappoint, and support small businesses with big ideas in the process.

For more gift ideas, visit our complete 2022 holiday gift guide.

DIY Candle-Making Kit

Noted Candles

This kit is the ideal way to give a candle to the crafting pro on your list. Choose one of Noted’s signature scents (we recommend the Fireside Embers for a cozy winter vibe) and you’ll receive everything you need to make an 8-ounce candle in your kitchen — and support a female-owned business at the same time.

$46 at Noted Candles

Facial Boost Gua Sha Stone

Caire Beauty

If you’ve ever gotten a facial massage, you know just how calming the experience can be, and how lasting the results are. With a gua sha stone, you can reap many of those same benefits on a daily basis with a two-minute self massage. Simply follow the instructions on Caire’s website and use your favorite serum or face oil, or bundle it with Caire’s Theorem Serum to destress, depuff, and achieve more energized skin.

$28 at Caire Beauty

Pampering Sleep Mask


We all know a sleep enthusiast who actually gets their eight hours every night, and this mask from Eucalypso works just as well for them as it does for the people on our lists who are still texting at 2:30 a.m. It’s made of breathable, silky soft Tencel fabric that’s non-irritating to sensitive skin and won’t cause acne breakouts. Plus, it’s machine-washable.

$20 at Eucalypso

Lord Jones CBD Starter Gift Box

Lord Jones

If you’re buying for a CBD enthusiast, treat them to some of Lord Jones’ signature products. This gift box comes with soothing body lotion, a calming tincture, and hand-crafted gumdrops made with the finest quality CBD. 

$105 at Lord Jones

Bright Eyes Trio

True Botanicals

True Botanicals is known for their clinically tested, all-natural, and clean formulations that revitalize the skin and tackle common complaints like fine lines. This eye care set is great for people of any age and helps with puffiness and dark circles. It comes with a powerful but gentle serum, a roller to massage the product into your skin, and a cream to finish it all off.

$175 at TB

Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Box

Eastern Standard Provisions

If you ask us, soft pretzels are just about the ultimate comfort food. The best pretzels are crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, and Eastern Standard Provisions makes those available from the comfort of your couch. The artisanal pretzels ship frozen and can be stored in the freezer for up to a year…if you can hold off for that long. This gift box comes with four signature toppings, plus a butter brush for added indulgence.

$60 at ESProvisions

Radiant Detox Set


Allow us to introduce you to the next best skincare device hitting the scene: Droplette’s a small-but-mighty skincare infusion device that uses a method called micro-misting to deliver powerful skincare ingredients 20x deeper than normal topical products can reach. This package comes with the device itself, plus two weeks worth of collagen, retinol, and glycolic serum capsules formulated to illuminate, hydrate, and smooth fine lines.

For an exclusive 20 percent discount, enter code KCMDROP20.

$378 at Droplette

Matcha Moment Essential Tea Set

Mizuba Tea Co.

For the person whose matcha latte habit is causing them to rack up a pretty major cafe bill, allow us to recommend this set from Mizuba Tea Co., which includes a hand-carved chasen whisk and Mizuba’s Daily Matcha. Mizuba’s teas are sourced from family farms in Japan, matcha’s birthplace, making for an elevated sipping experience.

$45 at Mizuba Tea Co

Ultimate Oarsman Kit

Oars + Alps

If you’ve found out that your son, husband, brother, or boyfriend has been secretly mooching off your moisturizer, do yourself a favor and get them a skincare routine of their own. This one from Oars + Alps includes a solid face wash, gentle moisturizer, an under-eye de-puffing stick, aluminum-free deodorant, and a shine-free lip balm, all packed into a water-resistant travel bag. You’ll be stealing their products now. 

$100 at Oars + Alps

Handcrafted Customizable Brush


Anyone who’s misplaced a beloved brush knows it’s a massively under-appreciated part of haircare. Finding the right brush for your mane can take a lifetime. You want something that’s firm enough to feel good on your scalp without being too harsh on your hair or causing a lot of breakage. Prose offers four types of bristles — two of which are vegan and two of which are made of humanely harvested boar bristles — to match different hair types, and each brush is hand-polished and has the option to add engraved initials.

$72 at Prose

Winter Collection Chocolate Bundle


It’s the season of all things spiced, and this bundle from Hu captures those indulgent flavors in Fair Trade dark chocolate bars that are vegan, free of filler ingredients, and made without refined sugar. They’re a treat that doesn’t skimp on flavor, texture, or richness.

$29 at Hu

The Beacon Beanie and Mitten Gift Set

Sh*t That I Knit

This matching beanie and mitten set checks all our winter accessory boxes: They’re made of a soft wool blend, they add a pop of color to our admittedly boring winter color palettes, and the mittens even have small holes for your thumbs and index fingers so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. Add that they’re from a female-founded company that employs women in Peru and you’ve hit the jackpot.

$149 at STIK

Washbag Gift Set with VIP Thongs

Uwila Warrior

Thongs get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, but Uwila Warrior’s VIP Thongs are an exception. They’re made of a silky, nearly weightless fabric and sized to skim your curves rather than suffocate and leave panty lines. Protect your fave pairs with the Uwila Warrior wash bag included with this set of two.

$48 at Uwila Warrior

The Circle Chronicles Set of Hair Masks


Whether you get your hair colored, use a lot of heat to style it, reside in an area with hard water, or live with a heating system that has it out for your hair, odds are high that your hair could use a little boost in moisture and shine in the winter. Go with this set of three best-selling hair masks from the experts at Davines and gift them as a unit or separately. It’s one of those small luxuries that feels so much better as a gift.

$30 at Davines

Bestseller Edible Cookie Dough Pack


You don’t have to be a good baker to enjoy this cookie dough from Doughp, which is safe to eat raw or baked. Even better, Doughp donates 1 percent of all sales to efforts helping women battling addiction or seeking recovery. Gift it to your resident sweets enthusiast and/or mental health advocate.

$40 at Doughp

Eco-Friendly Spa Favorites


We’re here for anything that makes a normal shower feel like a treat, and this set of scrunchies, a hair towel, and reusable makeup pads from Kitsch is a definite upgrade to balancing an entire towel wrapped around your head and buying sleeve after sleeve of single-use cotton rounds. Plus, it’s made of eco-friendly, organic cotton and bamboo, so your indulgence is guilt-free.

$41 at Kitsch

Simone Convertible Shopper


This beautiful — and sustainable — leather bag from Nisolo is what you’ll reach for when a tote feels too big, a crossbody feels too small, and you have the feeling you might want to stash your sweater somewhere later. It’s roomy without being bulky and comes with both a long shoulder strap and shorter straps.

$136 at Nisolo

Christmas DIY Cookie Shot Decorating Kit

The Dirty Cookie

These festive cookie shots are a fun twist on your classic cookie decorating tradition. Once you’ve added additional chocolate, sprinkles, and decorations, just briefly heat the shot glasses in the microwave and fill them with milk or something a little stronger if it’s that kind of night. (When isn’t it?)

$40 at Dirty Cookie

Tinted Lip Oil


When it comes to gifting makeup, flexible lip color is always a winner. This one from Versed comes in at just $10, with a red, a medium pink, and a mauve berry to match any outfit and mood. They’re made with vitamin E, and jojoba, camellia, and sesame oils to keep your lips hydrated while adding a buildable wash of color. Plus, you can use them as liquid blush, too.

$10 at Versed

Best of Glow Kit


This set of three glow-boosting products revives dull mid-winter skin while ensuring you get your daily dose of SPF coverage. It includes Supergoop’s best-selling Glowscreen for use on your face, a Glow Stick solid sunscreen for added coverage and shine throughout the day, and a fast-absorbing body oil for lightweight coverage on other exposed areas. 

$48 at Supergoop!

Baggage Claim Eye Masks

Wander Beauty

No more putting sliced cucumbers on your eyes — these handy eye masks are loaded with hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe, and other botanicals intended to de-puff and brighten your under-eye area. 

$26 at Wander Beauty

Gorjana Huggies Earring Set


You can’t go wrong with simple, timeless earrings that go with everything, and this set from Gorjana comes with two pairs of gold-plated mini hoops at an unbeatable price. Gift them together or separately.

$75 at Gorjana

Facial Your Way: Triple Mask Set

Youth To The People

Gifting skincare can feel a little personal — it can be hard to know someone else’s skin type and needs — so masks are a great middle ground. This set from Youth To The People contains a pore-clearing clay mask, skin-smoothing exfoliating mask, and full-size hydrating mask meant for overnight use.

$40 at YTTP

Coffee SuperLatte


We all know a coffee enthusiast who’s constantly trying the latest and greatest latte at their favorite coffee spot. Give them the gift of better-for-you lattes at home with Clevr’s Coffee SuperLatte, which is amped up with adaptogens like stress-busting ashwagandha, brain-boosting lion’s mane, and probiotics to help with digestion. 

$23 at Clevr

Everyday Lace Brief Gift Box Bundle


Who says lace underwear has to be flimsy or special-occasions-only? ThirdLove’s Everyday Lace briefs are stretchy, colorful, line-free, and stylish without being skimpy. And at $48 for six pairs, you’re getting them for 40 percent off and in cute packaging.

$48 at ThirdLove

The Ultimate Travel Kit

Augustinus Bader

It’s no secret that your skin can really take a beating during travel, whether it’s caused by the drying air on the plane or switching to hotel toiletries. This incredible set from Augustinus Bader contains 30-milliliter sizes of the cleanser, toner, and signature moisturizer that are clinically shown to leave skin firmer and more even in tone and texture. 

$195 at AB

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What the Katie Couric Media Staff Is Gifting This Year

This might sound biased, but we have pretty good taste.

Products you buy through our links might earn us a commission. We update links when possible, but please note that all prices are subject to change.

To put together our 2022 holiday gift guide, we wanted to hear from all types of experts — purely for reporting purposes. (We’re not immediately stealing all their suggestions to buy as gifts for friends and family, we swear…)

And while we’re already drooling over Katie’s gift suggestions, we wanted to hear what others at Katie Couric Media will be giving and asking for this year. Last year, you were pretty curious, too: Our most popular gift from the 2021 gift guide was actually from this list of staff picks. (It was a set of pajamas from LAKE, and don’t worry — we have another PJs suggestion this year.) We don’t mind doing the research — it’s always fun to gather around the (virtual) water cooler and gush about our favorite brands, gifts from years past, and cool things we’ve discovered while hunting for inspiration for ourselves and others.

Below you’ll find everything the staff is giving or hopes to receive this year, from a hydrating body gloss to a pack of infused olive oils to a perfect everyday pair of hoops from Hey Harper. (And while you’re at it, check out more of the KCM staff’s recommendations and reviews.)

For more gift ideas, visit our complete 2022 holiday gift guide.

LAKE Pima Long-Long Weekend Set in Midnight Star


My mom is the kind of person who deserves to be treated like royalty year-round, but especially during the holiday season. She works tirelessly from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve preparing an elaborate feast for our family and outdoes herself by decorating the house to the nines for her six grandkids to enjoy. To treat her like the queen she is, I’m gifting her this 100 percent cotton LAKE set so she can unwind on her throne in ultra-comfy jammies after all the celebrations are over.” —Alaina Mancini, Managing Editor, Brand Content 

$124 at LAKE

Brightland Mini Artist Series Infused Olive Oil Set


I love infused olive oils, whether mixed into a vinaigrette, drizzled over fresh tomatoes or roasted veggies, or used as a finishing touch on soups (who knew how much of a difference that makes!?). Brightland’s Mini Artist Capsule is such a special gift for anyone who loves to cook — and you can opt to give the full size option or even individual bottles as well. It includes 100mL bottles of Brightland’s super-flavorful garlic, chili, lemon, and basil olive oils, all made with olives hand-harvested from a family farm in California. It’s a difference in quality you can really taste.” —Ciara Hopkinson, Katie’s Shop Associate

$85 at Brightland

Mini Projector


In the last couple years, my husband and I have spent more time outside than ever before. That includes having friends and family over to have drinks and hang around our fire pit. This year, I’m getting my husband this mini projector for the holidays so he can add ‘watching games with the guys’ to the list of activities he can do in the backyard. It’ll also be great for having company over to roast marshmallows and watch movies while bundled up in front of the fire!” —Mary Agnant, Senior Producer

$90 at Amazon

Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler


It was time to give in to the $40 water bottle trend. I resisted this one for a while, since the water bottle collection in our house is already excessive and absurd, but I finally caved and I’m so glad I did. They’re so handy, don’t spill, come in so many colors, and are a great gift for anyone on your list.” —Sara Sajadi, Director of Strategy and Operations

$40 at Amazon

KitchenAid Immersion Blender


I recently turned 30 and decided it was time to step up my kitchen tool game. I’ve been put off by recipes that involve a lot of blending because I’ve only had access to a mini smoothie blender and mini food processor (if you’ve ever tried making pesto in batches, you know my pain). Along came fall with its delicious recipes, and I saw @justine_snacks‘s butternut squash mac and cheese and thought, ‘Enough is enough.’ I promptly ordered this KitchenAid Immersion Blender and my world changed. Now I’m making all the soups, dressings, purees, and baked goods you can imagine. It’s so easy to use and clean and very easy to store.” —Julia Lewis, Producer

$60 at KitchenAid

Oui the People Featherweight Body Oil

Oui the People

“I’ve been a fan of Oui the People for years, not only because of its beautiful and effective safety razor design, but because of the company’s message. The woman-founded brand focuses on bucking traditional beauty standards and embracing what makes you feel beautiful, all while focusing on taking care of yourself. This quick-absorbing body oil feels great on the skin, but it also forces you to take a moment to connect with yourself. I’ll be giving it to friends as a reminder to take a second and give themselves some love and care.” —Katie Pittman, Commerce Editor

$65 at OtP

NuFace Toning Device


This portable toning device lifts and contours facial muscles, plus it feels pretty cool while you’re using it. The whole process takes just 5 minutes and you can use the NuFace while you’re watching TV, waiting for a load of laundry to finish, chilling in bed, etc. It’d make a great gift for any beauty lovers in your life.” —Sara Levine, Newsletter Editor

$209 at NuFace

Monogram Mary Customizable Fanny Pack

Monogram Mary

I’ve always been obsessed with monogramming, which is why I was ecstatic when Monogram Mary became one of our Katie’s Shop brands. Her fanny pack is great on its own, but the ability to customize it makes it the perfect gift. I tailor the colors to both the person I’m giving it to and the season I’m giving it in, and it’s so much fun to design.” —Stacey Stambleck, Vice President of Audience and Strategy

$58 at Monogram Mary

Natural Glow Essentials Dior Lip Set


This lip set has a pink gloss that looks good on nearly everyone and a hydrating lip balm, which you can never have too many of. It also comes with the cutest reusable makeup pouch, which you can use for much more than the products it comes with, so it’s essentially three gifts in one.” —Victoria Umpierrez, Partnerships Senior Associate