How to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

Because giving up working from home shouldn’t mean giving up your style

A recent survey shows that a pretty big chunk of the American population (40 percent, in fact) wants to work from home forever. Still, plenty of U.S. companies are welcoming workers back into the office this summer and fall. But if the idea of giving up WFC (working from couch) while wearing coffee-stained sweatpants is tough, there are ways to soften the blow a little. Whether you’ve got a windowed office or a petite cubicle, some carefully chosen office decor can turn your workspace into a way more welcoming and homey-feeling place.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to office decor. Deck out your desk with a mini poster, some sweet figurines, or even a new table lamp. Though you may never be able to wear those coffee-stained sweatpants to meetings, these picks will make any office feel a bit more like home.

Woodgrain Touch Table Lamp

Overhead fluorescent lighting can feel bleak, but the glow of a regular table lamp warms things up nicely. This one is a nice mix of retro and modern, and its small footprint is great for tight spaces.

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Gracie Oaks Wall-Mounted Bulletin Board

Put all your hopes and dreams — OK fine, your expense receipts and notes about tomorrow’s meeting — on this wall-mounted bulletin board, which is big enough to give you some good wall real estate for pushpins and paper, and small enough not to be in the way.

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Golden SuperLatte

A cup of watery pod coffee? It’ll do in a pinch, but why not make your break a little fancier with a golden milk latte? This probiotic and adaptogen-infused powder comes complete with warming turmeric, organic spices, oat milk, and coconut creme — just add water.

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ZZ Plant

Fact: Plants in the office have been proven to make workers more productive and creative. ZZ plants are hard to kill, tolerate low light, and (if you care) are very trendy right now. This gorgeous specimen will be a long-lasting desk pal.

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Rustic Farmhouse Diamond Patterned Throw

We can hear you saying, “Blankets? Seriously?” But at the office, you don’t have control over the thermostat, which can mean the super-powerful AC will have you shivering all day. Get a little cozier with a nice cushy blanket. (When you’re sitting with it across your lap, it’ll hardly be noticeable, we promise.)

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Woven Seagrass Basket with Leather Handles

Have a slight (or not-so-slight) clutter problem? Try a storage basket that’ll hold all the Post-It packs, hand creams, and headphones you’re hoarding. This elegant one is made from woven seagrass with leather handles, so it’ll convince all your coworkers you’re an interior design genius, to boot.

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Personalized Tree of Love Photo Frames

A framed photo of your kids, partner, or Labradoodle will make you smile every time you see it — even after your fifth meeting of the day. This one can be personalized with laser-etched names or initials and a date, to commemorate your wedding or the day you adopted Scruffy.

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Blue Granite Tumbler

A paper — or, horror of horrors, Styrofoam — cup for your coffee or water does not feel cozy and is an environmental no-no. This arty-glam marbled S’well Tumbler is triple-insulated and endlessly reusable.

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Bloom Fragrance Diffuser

A fragrance diffuser is a perfect way to cover up any weird office scents. (We’re looking at you, coworker who brings a lukewarm tuna sandwich for lunch every day.) A scented candle is definitely a bridge too far, but assuming your cubicle mates can agree on a favorite smell, a fragrance diffuser would be a super-homey touch at your desk.

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