In the Wake of Instagram and Facebook’s Outages, This Advice From Twitter’s Co-founder Is More Relevant Than Ever

Biz Stone reflects on what’s worthwhile.

At a time when we could all use a little inspiration, we’re looking back at Katie’s 2012 book, The Best Advice I Ever Got. In it, she examines her own experiences from the front lines of the worlds of politics, entertainment, sports, philanthropy, the arts, and business — and collects the ingenious, hard-won insights of countless leaders and visionaries. They tell us how to take risks, follow our passions, cope with criticism, and commit to something greater than ourselves. You’ll find thoughts from everyone from financial guru Suze Orman to Steven Spielberg to Salman Rushdie to Maya Angelou.

Couric also reflects on the sage advice that has guided her, from her early days as a desk assistant at ABC to her groundbreaking role as the CBS Evening News‘ first female anchor.

Biz Stone had a great day yesterday with Twitter being one of the only standing social media platforms (the memes were unmatched) when Facebook and Instagram crashed. He co-founded Twitter in 2006 and is an angel investor in apps like Square, Slack, and Pinterest. In 2012, he shared his best advice in just 140 characters. 

Biz Stone‘s Advice

Think About What Is Valuable

Think about what is valuable before thinking about what is profitable and know that there’s compound interest in helping others — start early!

(That’s exactly 140 characters including spaces and punctuation!)

Excerpt(s) from The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives by Katie Couric, copyright © 2011, 2012 by Katherine Couric. Used by permission of Random House, an imprint and division of Penguin Random House LLC. All rights reserved.