Remembering Those We’ve Lost to the Pandemic

The Faces of Covid-19

While this week marks the inauguration of President Joe Biden Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, it also marks the one-year anniversary since the first Covid-19 case was discovered in the U.S. 

Fittingly, Biden and Harris gathered to honor the 400,000 lives the United States has lost to the virus on the eve of their inauguration. We at KCM have been profiling these beloved mothers, fathers, husbands, sons, sisters and everyone in between throughout the pandemic. Read their names, and remember their stories…

Conrad Buchanan, 39, DJ. 

“He always sang “Three Little Birds” to our daughter, so when the nurse put us on the phone with him, we were able to sing that to him as he left us,” his wife told us. Read Conrad’s story.

Lisa Ewald, 53, Emergency Room Nurse.  

“Her middle name was Joy,” Lisa’s friend told us. “And that really describes her as a person. I want something good to come of this. She would want to save lives. I mean, that’s why she chose to be a nurse.” Read Lisa’s story.

AnnaMarie Leone, 31. 

“She was the life of the party,” AnnaMarie’s sister told us. “She was so selfless. She always looked after everyone else.” And although she had Down syndrome, “she didn’t like to be treated like she had special needs.” Read AnnaMarie’s story.

Israel Sauz, 22, Quiktrip clerk. 

“I didn’t feel real. I lost my best friend,” Israel’s wife told us. “He was so excited to be a dad.” Read Israel’s story. Read Israel’s story.

Paul Loggan, 57, Football coach. 

“My mom summed it up pretty well the other day,” Paul’s son told us. “We were lucky enough to call him dad 24 hours a day, but he was a father figure to a lot of students and athletes through his time.” Read Paul’s story.

Dr. J. Ronald Verrier, 59, ICU Surgeon. 

The doctor’s sister told us: “One of the doctors at the hospital said, ‘If you had a bad day and saw him, he’d make things better, because he’d have something positive to tell you.’” Read Dr. J. Ronald Verrier’s story.

Mohammed Jafor, 56, NYC Cab Driver. 

Whenever one of his kids accomplished something, Mohammed Jafor broke out in a grin. “He would light up,” Mohammed’s son told us. “One thing that stood out to me was his pride in everything that me and my siblings did.” Read Mohammed’s story.

AlTerek Patterson, 38, Police Sergeant. 

“Whatever the situation was,” AlTerek’s mother told us, “he would find a way to make it funnier.” Read AlTerek’s story.

Brent Green, 36, Manufacturing industry.

“From the time the children were born, she would completely just build everything around them,” Brent’s mom told us. “Making sure they were taken care of — that was her first priority.” Read Brent’s story.

Joshua Bush, 30, Nursing assistant. 

“I wouldn’t wish the pain I feel for my husband right now, and the pain that his mom feels right now, on our worst enemy,” Joshua’s wife told us. “I just wish more people would understand that.” Read Joshua’s story. 

Don Spitko, 81, Veteran and former Philadelphia electric employee. 

“My dad was one of those people who would stop at the side of the road and help anybody whose car broke down, and stay with that person until their family came,” Don’s daughter told us. Read Don’s story.

Mahmooda Shaheen, 71, Community organizer. 

“Grieving in quarantine is unbearable,” Mahmooda’s son writes. “Her death sent shock waves through our community, and thousands are mourning. As I write this, it’s been weeks since her death, and my phone won’t stop ringing.” Read Mahmooda’s story. 

Bill Mantell, 68, Pharmacist. 

Bill’s wife told us: “He said, ‘I own a pharmacy. My patients need their medications.’ He didn’t think twice about not going in, but it was definitely scary to him.” Read Bill’s story.

Mary “Cherry” Santiago, 44. 

“She’s the one that kept me going, the person I talked to about everything every day,” Mary’s friend told us. It’s a void that I know won’t be filled. I’ve never been that close to somebody in the way that we were close.” Read Cherry’s story. 

Dr. Sydney Joehl Mehl, 73, Cardiologist. 

“We had a particularly special father-daughter bond,” Dr. Sydney Joehl’s daughter told us. “Even with his demanding work schedule he always made sure to spend time and travel with me.” Read Dr. Sydney Joehl Mehl’s story. 

Christina Heim, 73, Teacher. 

“Teaching was my mom’s life passion,” Christina’s daughter said. “She used to meet some of [her students] at the NYC library on weekends to show them how to navigate it. She also used her own money to buy them school supplies.” Read Christina’s story.

Alan Silverman, 66, Small business owner. 

“He never said no to anybody,” Alan’s wife told us. “He was just an incredible partner… He was generous with his heart, his love, his time.” Read Alan’s story.

Bobbie Goymer, 79. Roy Goymer, 83.

“They had a very crotchety relationship,” Bobbie’s daughter said. “But the one thing that they shared was a common love of their family, and that’s what made them laugh.” Read Bobbie and Roy’s story.