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Sep 24

What happens when you have a cause greater than yourself? Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn explore in their book, A Path Appears. WATCH.

Sep 23

During our exclusive interview Attorney General Eric Holder explains that an al-Qaida offshoot, the Khorasan Group, was part of the reason air travel restrictions were enforced this past summer. How much of a threat are they? Watch the...

Sep 23

EXCLUSIVE: Attorney General Eric Holder tells me the Al-Qaida offshoot, #Khorasan, may be more dangerous than #ISIS. WATCH.

Sep 23

Does Bill O’Reilly think Roger Goodell should resign from the NFL? Hear what he has to say during our Yahoo News interview. 

Sep 23

Tomorrow at 8:45am ET I’ll be moderating a conversation on equality for #girlsandwomen at #CGI2014. What questions do you have for our participants? Ask me here!

Sep 23

Just finished speaking with Attorney General Holder about the latest threat… and it’s not #ISIS. Stay tuned for our Yahoo News interview.

Sep 23

Not all states have adopted the Common Core standards – but why? WATCH.

Sep 23

washingtonpost: You can register to vote on Tumblr! Just click on the flag for more info on how to make it happen. 

Sep 23

WATCH: My interview with Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn about the psychology of giving & their new book, A Path Appears.

Sep 22

Tonight! Laurie David, Dr. Robert Lustig and Stephanie Soechtig will be answering your questions about Fed Up and going sugar-free! Head to the Fed Up Facebook page at 8pm EST and get real about your food! 


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