Vice presidential candidates can make or break a campaign. Remember Sarah Palin? So do Katie and Brian. That sets the stage for today’s interview with Libertarian vice presidential candidate William ‘Bill’ Weld. He is one of the great characters in American politics. The former governor of Massachusetts discusses his long-shot race for the White House and his lengthy career — which he began working alongside Hillary Rodham Clinton. Governor Weld also talks about the strengths of his running mate, Governor Gary Johnson, addresses the campaign’s gaffes, and shares why he’s not swayed by criticism that his ticket could swing the presidential election.

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Expectations for Hillary Clinton heading into the first presidential debate with Donald Trump may be unfairly high, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine said on Thursday.


Ahead of taking the stage at the DNC, the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown sit down with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric to discuss their involvement in the Clinton campaign, current state of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and deaths of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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“The last few days have been really, really sad for me, because we’ve seen this powder keg develop over time,”
Rep. Gwen Moore told me when I traveled to Milwaukee after violent protests erupted in the city following the recent shooting death of an African-American man who, according to police, was armed. Watch our complete interview.

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Feminist icon and author Gloria Steinem joined me on Yahoo News to discuss women and the 2016 race, Steinem’s take on the latest Trump news, and the historic moment of a woman – Hillary Clinton – at the top of a major party ticket. Steinem addresses the disparity between Donald Trump’s public statements on women juxtaposed with a woman now running his campaign. Steinem also discusses her memoir, “My Life on the Road,” out in paperback this month.

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FED UP — Official Trailer

What if everything you think you knew about food is wrong? Once you know the truth about your food, you’ll be Fed Up.

How Music Is Helping Those With Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Katie Couric interviews Michael Rossato Bennet, the writer, director and producer of Alive Inside, a new documentary that focuses on how music helps with Dementia and Alzheimer.


Bob Woodward and Tina Brown are two living legends in the world of journalism. As an investigative journalist at The Washington Post, Woodward, alongside reporter Carl Bernstein, helped break the Watergate scandal that eventually sunk Richard Nixon. Tina Brown’s career has been no less storied. She’s edited Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, created The Daily Beast and written the best-selling book, The Diana Chronicles.

They chat with Katie and Brian about this historic election cycle, if we’re living in a post-factual political landscape, and if news outlets have been balanced when covering Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Under the cover of anonymity people feel emboldened to say hateful things online, which can be hurtful when you are the target. New York Times Deputy Washington Editor Jonathan Weisman explains why he quit Twitter over anti-Semitic bullying — and why he returned. And Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, says that for every big win against hate speech there is inevitably a backlash. Plus, we ask folks in Times Square to tell us their stories of being bullied online.

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It’s been a big season for women in politics – both in fictional worlds and real ones. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) talks about playing the fictional president Selina Meyer and Rebecca Traister (All the Single Ladies) digs into the moment and meaning of Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination. Plus, Katie takes a field trip to Times Square to find out what a woman nominee, and potential president, means to everyday Americans.

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Bob Costas is THE voice of the Olympics — the legendary broadcaster has hosted more than a dozen of the games. Today he talks with Katie and Brian about how he prepares to preside over the Olympics, and how a childhood passion for sports turned into a love of sportscasting. He also explains conflicted feelings over Caitlyn Jenner’s 2015 Arthur Ashe award, and weighs in on our current political climate. Plus, we hear some of your favorite Olympics memories.

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In one of the biggest drama buys for CBS this season, the network has given a put pilot commitment to a character-based procedural from writer Jenny Lumet (Rachel Getting Married) and producers Katie Couric, David Marshall Grant (Brothers & Sisters), Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin. CBS TV Studios, where Kurtzman’s new company Secret Hideout is under an overall deal, is the studio.

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NatGeo announced that the channel and National Geographic Studios will partner with Katie Couric Media to produce a two-hour documentary with the working title “Gender Revolution,” an in-depth look at the role of genetics, brain chemistry and modern culture on gender fluidity.  The doc will premiere on the National Geographic Channel globally in 171 countries and 45 languages, timed to the January 2017 Gender issue of National Geographic Magazine. (Photo credit Andrew Eccles)


Early on when Katie Couric was hosting the Today show, she was married to a lawyer named Jay Monahan. They had two daughters together. In 1998, Jay died of colon cancer, and Katie suddenly became a single parent.