Leading With Love

Meet the Save the Children Coordinator Changing the Lives of Children in Rural Tennessee

One person can change a child’s life — and for many children in Cocke County, Tennessee, Crystal Chambers is that person.

Crystal Chambers is someone who truly loves her job. As the community engagement coordinator for Save the Children in Cocke County, TN, an area in the state with one of the highest levels of poverty and lowest levels of education, Crystal sees the direct impact she makes on the lives of children every day.

Save the Children is a worldwide organization that offers programs addressing children’s unique needs, giving them a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. In a place like Cocke County, Save the Children is crucial in helping to meet the basic needs of hundreds of children and families. During the pandemic, one of those needs was access to essential health and hygiene resources: that’s where Procter & Gamble stepped in. The company’s Safeguard brand committed to donate millions of dollars worth of product to organizations like Save the Children, to provide underserved communities and families with hand soap and hygiene education. Crystal and Newport Pediatrics distributed some of that free soap at COVID-19 testing centers and went door-to-door teaching kids about proper hygiene and hand washing habits. As Crystal handed out books and necessities to grateful families, she says she “almost felt like Santa Claus.”

Born and raised in Cocke County, Crystal understands the community’s needs firsthand. “This is where I grew up,” she says, “and it will always be my home. I care about this community, about the kids, and about the families. They’re our future.” 

Crystal’s job goes well beyond a typical 9-5: In addition to working on after-school programs and helping provide families in need with food and supplies, she builds relationships with businesses, daycares and families going door-to-door to reach more people that may not be reached otherwise. “I just like being able to be available to them and even if it’s just to sit and listen,” she says. Crystal leaves a lasting impression and is clearly beloved by the families she works with. Says Cocke County resident Elizabeth Santillan, “Crystal has this contagious positive attitude that our county and our family needs — she made us feel like we weren’t alone.” Another, Brittany James, echoes that sentiment: “Crystal’s got so much love in her heart. It just explodes, all that kindness… And she does so well for our community.”

As adored as Crystal is by the community, she seems to get just as much out of her work as she gives. “I have the best job in the world,” says Crystal, beaming. “I’m extremely blessed.”

P&G and its brands believe they have a responsibility to be a force for good — through the products they create and the positive impact they can have. That’s why the Company committed to Lead with Love and do 2,021 Acts of Good in 2021. The Safeguard donation to organizations like Save the Children is just one example and you can learn more about how Safeguard is helping around the world here. And check back next week for another “Leading with Love” story, the fourth in a series of five new KCM videos produced in partnership with P&G.