Leading With Love

How One Small Tree Farming Business Is Making a Big Impact on Sustainability

Lockwin Limited, a tree farming company in Arkansas, has teamed up with Charmin to create paper products in a sustainable way

Stacey Locke’s love of nature started with her grandmother. Says her sister Charmaine, “Our grandmother planted the seed in Stacey of love and respect and ownership in the truest sense of the land, and that just grew in her.” When they were children, the sisters’ grandmother planted a grove of trees — Stacey remembers her grandmother saying, “We planted these trees for your future. We’re going to nourish and sustain you so that you grow to be strong and healthy, and we’re going to do the same thing with these trees.” Stacey promised her grandmother that she’d always care for the grove, and she’s kept that promise: She’s now the Forest Operations Manager of her family-owned tree farming and lumber business, Lockwin Limited.

Located on the Pine Prairie in Southwest Arkansas, Lockwin Limited sits on a stunning piece of land. It’s no wonder the Locke family has made it their mission to run their business in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Says Charmaine, “It just became instilled in our family as a kind of a genetic code of understanding that we did not have ownership of, but partnership with, the land.” They’re careful to only work with companies that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning those companies source material from foresters like Lockwin Limited, who are committed to replanting and growing their trees in a sustainable way. So, when the Lockes were approached by Procter & Gamble brand Charmin, they were thrilled to learn that the company respected and prioritized the environment just as much as they did.

Stacey appreciates knowing that her trees are being used by a company that’s committed to helping keep its environmental footprint as minimal as possible. Charmin only uses products that’ve been deemed sustainable by the forest industry, which makes Stacey proud: “When I go to the grocery store and I see that FSC label on the Charmin toilet paper, I think ‘One of my trees might be in here.’ It reminds me that we’re helping the environment and the world.”

P&G and its brands believe they have a responsibility to be a force for good — through the products they create and the positive impact they can have. That’s why the Company committed to Lead with Love and do 2,021 Acts of Good in 2021. Sustainable forestry is just one example and you can learn more about how Charmin is helping protect, grow and restore the forests here. And check back next week for our last “Leading with Love” story, the fifth in a series of new KCM videos produced in partnership with P&G.