Happy-Ish Hour

Nancy Meyers and Lindsay Lohan Had a ‘Parent Trap’ Reunion on My Instagram Live

Nancy Meyers is one of my favorite movie writer/directors. She’s the woman behind beloved classics like “Baby Boom,” “Father of the Bride,” “The Parent Trap,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” and “The Holiday.” I had a blast talking to her on Instagram Live.

A couple of highlights: 

Lindsay Lohan blew up the comments, sharing how Nancy, who directed her on “The Parent Trap,” was “a mother” to her. 

Nancy talked about her friendship with her longtime leading lady, Diane Keaton, and shares heartwarming stories about Diane’s daily calls and how Diane shows up to yoga in full-on fashion ensembles. 

Ina Garten also joined in the comments to weigh in on whether she and her husband, Jeffrey, would be good rom-com inspiration for a Nancy Meyers film. 

And finally, Nancy shared her movie picks for your quarantine.