Ian Somerhalder Shares His Weekend Recs

ian someheaulder

The actor and producer of the new Netflix documentary film “Kiss the Ground” on what he’ll be cooking, reading, and more this weekend

You may remember Ian Somerhalder for his roles on Lost or The Vampire Diaries, but these days Ian is keeping himself busy with much more than acting. Between building a new bourbon line, Brother’s Bond, and starting a nutraceuticals company, Immortal Ritual, Ian has produced a documentary film called Kiss the Ground about how soil may be the key to combatting climate change. Below, find Ian’s recommendations for what he’ll be up to this weekend- if he can manage to find a minute to spare!

What to Cook

My wife is an expert in the kitchen. As a family we believe food is medicine and we make most things we eat at home. If we didn’t grow it, chances are someone down the street did. My wife is an expert in baking so I’m having her teach me how to make her famous buckwheat sourdough, which is a full-day process. It’s amazing what you can do with four ingredients.

What I’ll Be Wearing

Here in southern California, the 6 a.m. walks with the pups require my jacket that I use in Idaho, but the real warm protection I need is a proper wetsuit for the ocean. That water is very chilly! 

What to Listen To

Like we all have, I’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts in the small bits of time I have when I’m not parenting our little munchkin. I always like to try to catch up on Joe Rogan episodes and I’ve really been loving Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History. Malcom is a huge hero of my mine and I’m grateful for him in the world.

What to Watch

We JUST released the 45-minute, educational version of Kiss the Ground! KTG is an environmental documentary I executive produced that I’m immensely proud of. The films is about how we can reverse climate change using large-scale agriculture. We will be watching this last cut as a family with our 3-year-old daughter. She gets very little screen time so it’s a treat!

What to Read

I’ve been obsessed with understanding how and why our society, especially in the United States, is experiencing a concerning spike in child neurological disorders, what experts are calling an epidemic. Children are being born with these disorders, often misdiagnosed, and how this poses a serious problem to become one of the greatest threats to our society that no one is talking about. Dr. Frank Melillo has written a book called Disconnected Kids that is based on a system of helping bring balance to a child’s brain and help these little ones live happy and normal lives. It’s fascinating work and I’m rereading it.