Don’t Believe in Miracles? You Will After Trying Jones Road’s Miracle Balm

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Here’s a primer on the hero product of makeup guru Bobbi Brown’s clean beauty brand.

Legendary makeup pro Bobbi Brown invented the “no-makeup makeup” look, so we trust her to recommend products that enhance, rather than cover up, our natural beauty. When Brown launched her clean beauty line Jones Road in 2020, it instantly became one of our favorite makeup brands. Offering a complete collection of indispensable beauty products for all skin tones and types, here at KCM, we view Jones Road as one of the most exciting beauty brand launches in recent years.

The brand’s Miracle Balm instantly became a cult fave in the collection when it first launched. The multi-tasking balm is loaded with good-for-you skincare ingredients like jojoba seed oil and it instantly adds a healthy glow to your skin. There are tons of different ways to use the product, so we asked Brown to give us a crash course: What is Miracle Balm? How should it be used? And why is everyone, including Katie, obsessed with it? Find out below.

(Btw, Katie’s a huge fan of the Dusty Rose shade.)

What is Jones Road’s Miracle Balm?

Miracle Balm is a high-performing, multi-purpose balm that’s a makeup and skincare product all in one. It’s full of clean, moisturizing ingredients like jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and Vitamin E so it nourishes your skin, but it also instantly makes you look healthier and better when you apply it. “It adds a wash of soft-focus moisture to enhance your skin,” says Brown. “And it reflects light so it adds a hint of glow wherever you need it.” Plus, it comes in nine different shades so everyone can wear it.


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What makes Miracle Balm unique?

There’s a reason this is called Miracle Balm, and that’s because it’s a true hero product. “To me, a hero product is an essential product that you can use every day,” says Brown. “It serves multiple purposes in your beauty routine and it delivers immediate results.”

This hybrid product soothes, moisturizes, and gives your skin a lit-from-within glow. “If your skin is drier, you can apply it over a moisturizer. If it’s a bit oily, use it on your cheeks and neck, as well as your lips and eyes,” says Brown.

And since Miracle Balm is available in shades for all skin tones, this tinted balm can be used as an alternative to your foundation or even tinted moisturizer. It can also add a glow to your eyelids when you use it as an eyeshadow, and give your cheeks a nice glimmer when you apply it like a blush. “And don’t forget your neck,” says Brown. “I use it on my neck to be sure the color blends with my skin.”

Depending on the look you want and the season we’re in, Brown recommends choosing a few shades. “If you want to use it as your blush, you might want to try Flushed, which is a wash of pink with a little bit more pigment. And since we’re in the height of summer, I’m obsessed with our newest shade, Magic Hour. It’s a warm peach with gold shimmer and it gives the perfect summertime glow,” says Brown. “In the summer, the balm is also beautiful on the legs to add a little glow. Or, if you’re going out to a summer party, dab some onto your shoulders or decolletage to add a little festive sparkle.”

How do you use Miracle Balm?

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“You want to ‘break the seal’ when you first open it,” says Brown. “Take your index and middle fingers and press down to release all the emollient ingredients in the balm so you get the maximum benefit. Then start by putting a little bit of it on your fingers and then rub your hands together to warm up the product. Lastly, use your fingers and gently tap it onto the top of your cheekbones, swipe it across your eyelids, or dab it on your lips to add a flush of color.”

If you don’t like to use your fingers to apply it, you can also use a brush to apply Miracle Balm. “It’s incredibly versatile and buildable so you can achieve the look you want,” explains Brown.

How Bobbi Brown uses her Miracle Balm

Miracle Balm is the most-used (and loved) product in my makeup routine,” says Brown. “I use it on my face and neck as a tint, to correct the lighter areas (under my neck), and to address any unevenness on my face,” says Brown.

Here are all the ways you can use it in your daily routine:

  • On your face and cheeks: “I love using Miracle Balm to add natural definition and a subtle wash of color to the face and cheeks. It blends seamlessly onto the skin, and you can apply it with your fingertips, palms, a brush, or a sponge. Miracle Balm can be layered on top of foundation for an instant refresh or can be worn alone for a dewy glow,” says Brown. “Just don’t forget to break the seal!
  • Lips: “Miracle Balm is made with jojoba seed oil and argan oil, so it’s super moisturizing and great on the lips,” says Brown. Bonus: You don’t need a mirror to reapply.
  • Eyes: “I’m a huge fan of a glossy lid, which gives your eye a shiny, hydrated look. Miracle Balm gives you all the sheen without the heaviness or or stickiness that can come with an eye gloss, and it’s a low-effort way to get a high-impact look,” says Brown. “I like to pat it onto eyelids as a final step in my routine.”
  • Taming flyaway hair: Yep, it can even help with flyaways!

How to pick the Miracle Balm shade that’s right for you

It’s so hard to choose just one! But to help get you started, Jones Road created a shade matching quiz you can take that will help you pick a few to add to your lineup.